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Are You Guilty of Projecting on Others?

One of the more confusing concepts that we speak about on our spiritual path is that of projecting. Before we speak about this more lets clearly define projection. We could say it is the process of: externalizing and attributing (an emotion or motive, for example)...

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Sheri’s Favorite Travel Tips!

# 1 – Using Duct Tape When Traveling! Duct tape is a handy item to bring on any journey. It works especially well for preventing blisters and fixing fanny or backpacks – or anything else for that matter. As an ex-podiatrist I can tell you that duct tape is...

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Love!

There is a lot of talk about love these days. No matter whether you are working with your psychologist or you are on a spiritual path…love is the word. But truly, how many of us honestly understand the meaning of love? We often say we love our car, a particular food...

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Conformity is the jailer of freedom

Many of us grew up in the era of the “60’s” when we were encouraged to express our authentic self and not adhere to the conformity of society. At the time we felt like we were exploring new territory and opening doors to new possibilities and adventures. And of course...

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Wondering whose life you’re living lately?

<< back to Sheri’s Blog If you’ve been asking yourself this question – don’t feel bad because you’re not the only one. There comes a point in most people’s lives where they look at their life and start to question what they are doing. Sometimes a crisis of sorts...

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