# 1 – Using Duct Tape When Traveling!


Duct tape is a handy item to bring on any journey. It works especially well for preventing blisters and fixing fanny or backpacks – or anything else for that matter. As an ex-podiatrist I can tell you that duct tape is just as good as a bandaid – perhaps better since you can cut it to fit any size or shape!

# 2 – Tagalongs Disposable Panties!

We women need to be prepared on our journeys. I love this product: Tagalongs disposable panties! Tagalongs wear-once panties are available in thong and bikini with cotton gussets. Wear’em for a day and toss’em away. They come individually wrapped made from non-woven polypropylene. Visit the website: www.mytagalongs.com

# 3 – Unlock Your Cell Phone!


If you have a cell phone that has a SIM card in it – make sure your phone is “unlocked” before traveling. Then buy a SIM card locally in that country and enjoy their low rates rather than paying international roaming rates.

# 4 – Preserving Your Batteries!

When traveling, take the batteries out of your i-Pod or CD player and put them back in reversed. Just in case something turns on, your batteries won’t go dead.

# 5 – Getting the Best Airline Fares

Consider calling your airline before taking your journey to see if the cost for your trip has gone down in price. If it has, you may ask for a refund for the difference in price and you might just get it!

# 6 – Oops! I left my computer in security by mistake!!!

Tape your name and phone number someplace on your laptop computer. That way if you go through security and forget to pick it up by mistake, they can call you asap!

# 7 – Don’t Get Charged High Luggage Fees!

If you have a lot of luggage coming home from a trip, you are better off sending it in a priority mail carton then you are getting charged high fees for taking home an extra suitcase.

# 8 – Packing the Proper Shoes!

Shoes make a suitcase extremely heavy – especially hiking shoes. Decide on two pairs of shoes in a neutral color and plan your entire wardrobe around them. If you are bring hiking shoes – make sure you wear those and keep a lightweight fold-up pair in your carry-on bag to wear once you are on the plane.

# 9 – Never Travel Without this!

Always travel with a copy of your passport and passport pcitures in a separate location in your bags. It comes in handy when you need a quick replacement overseas. Without these two items it could take days to get a new passport ruining your trip.

Picture of shoe with duct tape thanks to anomalous4

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