There is a lot of talk about love these days. No matter whether you are working with your psychologist or you are on a spiritual path…love is the word. But truly, how many of us honestly understand the meaning of love? We often say we love our car, a particular food dish or the new electronic wonder we have just purchased.

But is this love or do we really mean that we enjoy those items? For sure there is a huge difference. When we speak of love in this way we are objectifying love. In other words there must be an object of our love for us to be able to express our love. But what if instead, we understood that we are love? From that point of view we would not need to have an object of our love, we could simply walk through life in love, being love.

When we need an object to be able to express our love to, then that becomes a condition in and of itself. But every spiritual tradition clearly shares that love is unconditional not with conditions. When we withhold our love as a means of controlling our partner or getting what we want from our parents or children, this is not love.

If we could walk through life every day with our hearts completely open not afraid of being hurt from others – we would be living and giving our love unconditionally. I’m not saying that would be easy, I am saying that this is absolutely possible and that it is our innate nature to do so.

It is important to look deeply into what you believe about love. Take some time to meditate on this and honestly ask yourself how you prevent love from moving through you. Notice how you objectify love, how you create conditions for love and how you deem who is worthy of your love and who is not. Then ask yourself how can you change that? Let’s do our best to express our love abundantly, fully and boldly and be the best humans we can be in our lifetime!

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Blessings & love, Sheri

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