Why should I travel with your company?

Simple! Our intent is for your personal growth and development and your spiritual transformation. We travel to beautiful places like most other travel organizations but unlike them, we focus on hours of time working with you during your process. Inner peace is what we endeavor to share with you, and by experiencing this on your journey we hope you become inspired to live your life in this way.

We teach you not just with words, but by example how this is possible. In other words we live what we teach and our hearts are with you 100%. You will feel cared for, respected and loved unconditionally because this is how we treat ourselves. We are at your service and in service to spirit.


How do I know you’re reputable, what do you do to protect your participants?

First and foremost we are members of ASTA, the American Society of Travel Agents, the world’s largest and most influential association for travel professionals. In addition, we are accredited by IATAN who sets stringent business standards that travel agencies must meet. Sheri A Rosenthal DPM, Inc. dba Journeys of the Spirit® is registered with: The State of Florida as a Seller of Travel – #ST35968, The State of Washington – as a Seller of Travel #603-050-619, The State of Hawaii – Travel Agency #6748, The State of Iowa – Travel Agency #986, The State of Washington – Travel Agency #TAR6748, CST 2102811-50. You can also check us out at the Online BBB.

Not many Spiritual Journey businesses protect you in this way! We only travel to areas that we feel are prudent choices. In today’s world there is no corner of the planet that is not susceptible to violence, so we do our best to choose as wisely as possible and partner with companies that are dependable and have served us well. Also, we carry Tour Operators Travel Insurance (errors and omissions) and take out a Medical Insurance policy for each participant on every spiritual journey and retreat outside the US. Since the owner of this company was a physician, it is very important to her that we be protected overseas.


How do I know what clothing and medicines to bring or vaccinations I should have before these trips?

The information we supply to our participants is quite thorough. We let you know for each particular spiritual journey what things you should bring to make you absolutely comfortable. For us to concentrate on our spiritual work it is essential that our rational mind be at ease and our physical bodies well taken care of.

We also have a complete list of medications and vaccinations that we recommend; although we clearly state that it behooves each participant to discuss this information with their own travel physician or the local board of health office in their home town. The Center for Disease Control website is also an excellent resource for up-to-date travel health information.


Do I need a passport to travel?

Absolutely yes! We require that you travel with your passport even to Mexico and Canada. Most countries today require you travel with a passport that is due to expire more than 6 months from the date of your departure. It is also advisable to make a copy of your passport and pack it into another section of your baggage just in case you lose it while you are overseas. It makes it much easier to get a new passport when you have all your information readily available.

These journeys seem a bit time intensive. Will I have any down time to relax and get some shopping done or journaling?

Balance is the key for creating a lovely, healthy and supportive life dream. We endeavor to do that on own sacred journeys and retreats so you can see for yourself how in our busy lives we can do our spiritual work, have fun and still have time for ourselves and what we need to do. Yes, we do process work and have group gatherings, but we also have time to have fun, relax, socialize and be private and quiet!


I’m not sure what you mean by transformational journeys and what does that mean for me?

Our spiritual journeys and retreats are designed to shift your level of consciousness slowly over the time of the trip without you even realizing it. We exist in a hectic “dream” filled with many things that hook our attention away from our inner selves and divine aspects. We spend a lot of our time in our heads rather than in our hearts.

Our integrity is channeled from our hearts and these spiritual journeys give us the opportunity to shift our point of view from mind to heart so that we can have clarity about our lives and selves. We help you be able to create a new life or yourself with awareness, love and self respect.


Why do I have to sign all those trip release forms? It seems very legal to me and if this is a spiritual journey can’t we trust each other?

As I mentioned in an earlier question, we carry Tour Operators Insurance and they insist certain requirements be fulfilled before they will insure us. I do agree that it is a lot of legalese, but the insurance is beneficial for us to have and in exchange for it we must in good faith follow their instructions. We hope you can find it within yourself to cooperate with this request since you will be unable to join us if these forms are not signed.


How are you and the other teachers qualified to teach any kind of spiritual work? Do you have a degree in Religious Studies?

Sheri does not have a degree in Religious Studies although she has on her own done extensive reading in the esoteric traditions and studied with a spiritual teacher for 8 years. She is the author of two books: The Complete Idiots Guide to Toltec Wisdom, WITH Forgiveness – Are You Ready?and Banish Mind Spam! Our other teachers have varying backgrounds which you can see in their bio’s. One of the main qualifications for teaching with Journeys of the Spirit®, is that the teacher have studied extensively with a spiritual teacher and be able to teach from the heart, not from a curriculum – although we do give teachings for the rational mind too.

It is the truly spirit moving through us that pushes the student to experience that same truth within themselves. We will never tell a student what to do in their life, nor do we want that responsibility. Simply put, we are just mirrors, reflecting back to you the limitations in your mind that are preventing you from living the life you have always dreamed of. No teacher is better or worse, or above their students. This kind of relationship only fosters abuse and the type of situation where the student is giving their power away to the teacher. And this is just not acceptable under any conditions on our spiritual journeys and retreats!


What happens if I absolutely have a terrible time, can I get my money back?

Thankfully for us, that experience is not one we have had! But in such an event we would be happy to refund our teaching fees for the journey. In other words we have to pay for your hotel room, transportation and other hard costs. These we cannot refund. But everything over and above the costs we have incurred, we are happy to return to you.


What if we are a group of friends or family coming together, can you give us a discount?

We think it is great to come as a group and encourage this strongly! If you are bringing a group we are happy to extend a discount to you. It does depend on which trip you are referring to since they all have different cost structures involved. Just e-mail us with your details and we will do whatever we can to help!


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