MADAME PELE’S GIFT: Unlock Next-Level Personal Power & Connections
August 1st – 10th, 2024
The Big Island of Hawai’i

If you’re a woman ready to stop playing small and want more confidence in all parts of life, join us for this intensive retreat where we will create the future you desire. Feel the satisfaction of being validated, in control, and confident in all parts of your life, not just work. Imagine the immense relief as you let go of the resentfulness and anger that you’ve been holding from situations that didn’t work out. Accept a new freedom as you silence your inner critic, trust people, and know that everything is working out perfectly.

Your home for this intensive is The Center at Kahuna Falls, a retreat perched on a scenic ridgeline above the Pacific Ocean, at the edge of the rainforest, on the slopes of Mauna Kea. Thoughtfully located on 46 acres of conservation ‘Aina (land), the property is abundant with flowing power and healing energies. We intentionally chose this space, far from noise and air pollutants, where you would be in a cocoon: a haven for rest, contemplation, and transformation in the midst of the last vestiges of old Hawaii.

We will start each day with a combination of breathwork, guided and non-meditation will release pent-up, stuck emotions enabling you to let down your guard, face your deep fears and start living more freely. You will surrender all memories and beliefs held by your ego identity that is blocking your ability to connect authentically with other women and to magnetize a man who will truly value all of you. Each day will have protected time for you to be alone.

Wander the tranquil property, journal or just sleep! Grounding with the powerful energies of this island, you will witness profound healing through energy and sound rituals. Each day will include a combination of healing, and practice to encourage the adoption of new beliefs and attitudes to awaken new thinking, feeling, and actions, ultimately creating your future.

Trip Tuition: Single Occupancy $9,200 (limited availability). Private Room with shared adjoining Jack & Jill bathroom. Secure your spot with a $500 deposit.

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Go Slow to Go Faster
August 14th – 19th, 2024
Vandelicourt, France

If you’re a forward-thinking entrepreneur or corporate professional transitioning to the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, then journey with us to the picturesque French countryside. Here, you’ll gain invaluable insights and practical strategies to overcome indecisiveness, confidently navigate uncertainties, and effectively discern your path forward, even amidst setbacks or rejections.

Imagine breathing in fresh air and exhaling a sigh of relief as you step into the quiet open space and slowness of your own private estate surrounded by farmland, country trails, and the forest. Located just 44 miles North of Charles De Gaulle Airport, you’ll feel your body immediately relax as you reset from the daily hustle of your home-life. Slow French culture in the countryside is the perfect setting to be present to discover the strategies and solutions you’ve been seeking.

We’ll start each day with a traditional French breakfast buffet followed by half-day workshops designed to empty your mind and manage your inner saboteur, so that you can make wiser decisions for business success. Afternoons are spent exploring nearby landmarks such as Chateau de Compiegne & Gardens, Chateau de Pierrefonds & lake, and Compiegne Town to awaken your senses and encourage mindfulness. Meals are slow, multi-course, relaxing affairs all about connecting with each other and the local food. Our local yoga master will provide breath work, movement, sound baths, and energy balancing to release stress, overwhelm, and frustration.

By the end of this 6-day transformational journey, you’ll have acquired practical tools to reframe fear-based thoughts, overcome obstacles, and tap into your inner resilience, enabling you to confidently envision your entrepreneurial goals and navigate your path with clarity and conviction. You’ll emerge equipped to manifest your dream reality and forge ahead with assurance, knowing you have the support and resources to succeed.

Trip Tuition: $5,896 (single), $5270 (double). Secure your spot with a $1,000 deposit.

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Pleasure & Prosperity, Venus Activation
June 9 – 18, 2025

Are you a spiritually attuned woman ready to blow the lid off the cauldron and be in your full potency, so you can express and create from your most peaceful, playful, turned-on self? Then join us for this magical liberating adventure in Sicily, as you activate and unleash your inner Venus… Goddess of Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity.

Imagine you feel a calm energy… it ripples through you. The pleasure of the moment washes over you… You feel your body in a way that feels like the first time. You gather for morning meditation and movement with your new sisters. Goosebumps move up your arms. You feel a deep knowing in your soul. This feels ancient and familiar, glimpses of Priestess Temples from another time.

Sister, join us for this powerful healing and activation. Ignite divine connection with your sexuality, pleasure & prosperity. Unleash the deepest layer of your feminine life force that’s been simmering inside you. Return home ready for your next level of expansion in the creation of the precious work you do… your divine calling, and in the expression of your love & intimacy. Your life will be forever changed.

Our private Sicilian Goddess villa temple comes with a glorious oversized pristine swimming pool. It’s located on Vulcano island, the ancient seat of Vulcan, the God of Fire… a surreal backdrop to other worlds, nestled in the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with views of an ancient dormant volcano. We’ll explore other islands with a boat excursion, starting with a dip in the Piscina di Venere—the Pool of Venus, where Goddess Venus came to bathe and wash away the essence of past lovers before joining her husband, the God Vulcan. The elements of fire and water are prevalent here.

We will bask in the warm Italian sunshine during Fall Equinox… a time of letting go and new empowered creativity, expression, and prosperity. Here dance and breath are your medicine; women’s wisdom is your expansion; love and connection is your liberation. We will dive deep and play hard grounded in love.

Trip Tuition: Early Bird Pricing is $6400 for the first 3 registrations, then the price increases to $7000. Payment plans are available.

Trip Tuition:  Book a Call with Jaitara here.

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Emotional Liberation Breakthrough: From Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace
Your Choice of Two Sacred Psilocybin Medicine Paths
October 6th – 12th, 2024
Lagos, Portugal

If you’re a perceptive, soulful person who’s ready to move beyond your emotional challenges, learn how to manage your feelings, and enjoy a much richer emotional life, then join us in captivating Southern Portugal for this powerful and never-to-be-forgotten spiritual adventure! This isn’t just a week that will make you feel better while you’re here. Oh no!

The tools and expertise you will come away with will equip you with a template for how to walk in the world of chaos without becoming a part of it. You’re going to get the whole overflowing package of goodies uniquely designed to help you overcome challenging feelings and find a path towards emotional growth and resilience.

About the Sacred Medicine Paths: You’re offered two profound healing journey options: Under Becca’s careful and trained support and facilitation, participants will have the option to experience microdosing psilocybin for subtle continuous inner growth OR two full sacred journeying ceremonies for a more intense experience. Dosing for the journeying ceremonies is customized to the participant’s needs and circumstances – generally a medium dose journey (1.8-3.5 gm).

During our time together your total wellbeing will be supported in all ways possible: nourishing vegetarian/vegan food, cozy bed in a deluxe room, sacred medicine, our curated activities to stroke your soul, unleash belly laughs, and nurture meaningful connections. Rest assured you’ll also have plenty of me time to savor however you please.

The retreat’s program harmonizes with your needs whether there are areas in your life that simply need tending to or there are deeper issues you would like to explore in order to process and release.

Trip Tuition: Early Bird Pricing until May 31, 2024 – Double Occupancy: $2697; Single room options available. Secure your spot with a $500 USD deposit.

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Wisdom of The Masters
Deepen Your Divinity While Learning how to Run Awesome Retreats
October 20th – 26th, 2024
Teotihuacan, Mexico

If you’re a retreat leader who’s ready to elevate your impact while diving deeper into your own spiritual awakening, then this journey to Teotihuacan is designed just for you. There, you’ll not only witness the mastery of Wanderlust coaches showing you how to facilitate transformational retreats, but you’ll also be immersed in the alchemical energy of an ancient mystery school.

As you walk the sacred grounds of Teotihuacan, each step will be like a conversation with history, a dance with the divine. The stillness of this timeless city will whisper secrets of spiritual mastery, inviting you to dive deeper into your own divinity. Here, amidst the echoes of enlightened ancients, you’ll feel a powerful resonance with your soul’s passion and purpose.

Each day, the spiritual power of Teo will embrace you, helping you to tap into your own divine wellspring of peace and inspiration. This connection in turn will deepen your self-confidence and leadership abilities, preparing you to handle any retreat challenge with clarity and focus, even under pressure.

Through a graceful mixture of instruction and story, the Wanderlust coaches will also demonstrate how to weave into your retreats the magic and mythology of location. Every day in different ways, you’ll see that this experience is not just about enhancing your skills; it’s about learning how to connect more deeply with your participants and guide them through their own transformations.

As the retreat comes to a close, youll be amazed at the changes within you. You’ll feel more confident about meeting unexpected challenges, more able to trust in divine timing and your own intuition, and more able to lead with empathy, insight and emotional intelligence. In sum, this journey is a testament to the power of personal transformation, intended to make you the best retreat leader you can possibly be!

 ### Are You Ready to Embrace Your Transformation?

Step into a new dimension of leading and living. Say yes to this opportunity to become a more impactful, insightful, and spiritually connected leader. Teotihuacan is ready and eager to help you unlock your true potential, and so are the Wanderlust coaches!

Trip Tuition: Double Occupancy $5997, Course member $5497

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