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If you’ve been asking yourself this question – don’t feel bad because you’re not the only one. There comes a point in most people’s lives where they look at their life and start to question what they are doing. Sometimes a crisis of sorts precipitates the inquiry and other times it is simply that we are mid-way through our lives and realize that we are not living the life we thought we would be living by this time in our life.

Some of the common questions you might be asking yourself are:

  • Is this what I really want?
  • Is my life fulfilling and joyful?
  • Am I living an old dream or perhaps someone else’s dream?
  • Is this going to be my life until the day I die?
  • Is this relationship really working for me?
Stressed out

Is this my life?!? Help me!

Good grief! For many of us all we can say is – God help me! I can definitely relate since I was asking myself the same questions back in 1998. The answers were not pretty but they were certainly motivating! The truth was I was not happy, nor was I doing what I wanted in life, my relationships were not successful and I was always bickering with my mom. Yuck.

Unfortunately I did not know what to do so I just bailed out of my life without having a clue as to what direction I was going to go. As it happens, the universe responded and I began my studies with don Miguel Ruiz. I began to unravel the mystery of my mind and heart and began the healing process on my spiritual path.

The most critical aspect of all this is that I asked for help. Now this is coming from someone who would rather drop dead than to ask someone for something (sound familiar?). Thankfully I received help, love, support and encouragement despite myself – all of which I fought tooth and nail. But in the end I surrendered to life and decided that it was time to lay down my sword and be in service to life.

On June 2nd I gave a teleclass in which I asked for a volunteer to be in the hot-seat so I could take them through the process I used to heal myself and to get clarity. I was surprised to receive around 60 emails sharing the most painful and difficult stories. I felt sad to know that there is so much unresolved pain and suffering out in the world – pain that could be healed if folks would take a chance and reach out.

I’m not saying it’s easy to talk about the things that hurt us – but either we work through them, feel the pain and then become happy – or we suffer that pain for the rest of our lives. So what is worse – delving into our demons for a short time and then living a fulfilling life (ultimately uplifting those around us) – or staying miserable every day of our lives (and making everyone else around us miserable too)?

Personally, I feel our new one-on-one Intensives program is excellent for working through these difficult issues – but truly, it doesn’t matter if you utilize my help or your local neighborhood therapist, spiritual teacher or life coach. Just do something, because there will be no peace on this earth until each of us creates peace in our own hearts and minds first. Until that time all we will do is keep projecting our fear-based and pain-filled emotions out into the dream and nothing will change.

I encourage you to be strong and if the answers to the questions above are not what they could be – then take action and know that you are loved and you are worth it. I know I am worth it and I’m no better or worse than you are. If by some chance you are reading this and are awesomely happy – please pass this along to someone you love who is not. Invite them to listen to my Living With Clarity, Leading With Power & Loving With Awareness teleclass – and maybe it will inspire one heart to open.
I hope so…

With all my love, Sheri

Photograph complements of Alanna Ralph

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