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Are You Living From The Heart?

As people who are walking a spiritual path, we’re all familiar with the idea of living our lives from our hearts rather than our minds. However when faced with a choice in life, more often than not – we defer to our mind. So much so that we often convince ourselves...

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What is YOUR Motivation?

We are motivated by many things in life; desire, anger, vengeance, monetary gain and fear. But truly, if we are to create beautiful lives for ourselves, we must look towards the highest source of motivation there is – and that is unconditional love. When we are...

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Got Balls to Bones Gratitude?

Gratitude is one of those spiritual concepts that we talk about a lot but don’t always put into practice in our lives. I’m not saying that we don’t have gratitude – certainly we express in conversation how happy we are about this or that, or that we are grateful for...

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Think You Need An Apology to Forgive?

After working with hundreds of folks about forgiveness you start to see some significant patterns in the way people deal with the process. One particular aspect in the healing process between people is the desire for the person who has been hurt to obtain an apology...

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