Most of us who are studying a spiritual path would agree that the world would be a better place if we could stop arguing and fighting, express our compassion fully, and love boldly. The reality of this is that we talk a lot about these beautiful ideas but are challenged to follow through on them. It’s very easy to discuss these thoughts with friends and family, however all the talking in the world will not do a thing if we are not walking our talk. And not just walking – but doing so without judgment.

By that I mean – let’s say you are doing your best to act kindly and you decide to volunteer your services and do a good deed for someone. You feel like you are walking your talk. However, inside you are feeling quite smug about yourself and judging others for not taking the same actions that you are. So although you look really good on the outside, you’re not looking so good on the inside.

When we take kind actions but do so with judgment we are still exalting the ego rather than working to make it small. The whole concept behind being in service is to do that very thing! It’s important to recognize this kind of strategy of the ego, because it will use your spiritual path against you in any way it can – if you do not have awareness of what it is doing.

Gandhi once said; “To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.” Do we really want to deceive ourselves or do we want to be honest and evaluate our actions truthfully without judgment? We’re not bad people because we often fall asleep and allow our ego mind to take over. We are simply people who are in the process of de-programming ourselves and learning to live from our divine inspiration and humbleness.

The key is to stalk yourself with kindness and compassion and do not be afraid to tell it like it is to yourself. If you do not judge yourself it will be very easy to admit to yourself what is going on. If you hold a lot of self judgment it will be easier to default to denial. I encourage you to live an honest life, believe me it feels really good!

So post below and let me know what you are thinking!

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