As people who are walking a spiritual path, we’re all familiar with the idea of living our lives from our hearts rather than our minds. However when faced with a choice in life, more often than not – we defer to our mind. So much so that we often convince ourselves that we really are making a choice from our heart and not our mind.

For an outside observer, it doesn’t necessarily look that way. I can tell that someone has mentally deliberated over a choice when they can give me a list of pros and cons regarding their choice, a list of objections and justifications as to why they can or cannot take an action in life. We know deep inside exactly what we want and do not want. But we’re so afraid of making the wrong move, we’re so afraid of our own self-judgment that we keep mulling over things until we have beaten that choice to death. In the end we often make the exact choice we wanted to make in the beginning but we weren’t able to allow ourselves the freedom of acting on that feeling – instead having to find all the reasons to justify our choice to make ourselves feel safe.

We don’t need to feel safe in life. If that’s the path you’re going to take then you’ll never have adventures that are miraculous and new. You don’t need to know how something is going to turn out; you don’t need to know how to do something you haven’t done before – before doing it. You don’t need to have everything defined before taking action. You don’t need to be so concerned about your every comfort. You will survive. Don’t you have any faith in your ability to extrapolate, be creative, and solve problems? I do.

Since I own a travel business – Journeys of the Spirit – I’ve had the opportunity to hear so many people share with me how scared they are about traveling someplace on their own. My goodness! People are people no matter where you are in the world and they are happy to assist you even if it is with hand gestures. It is like that in everything in life. People are there to help you if you open your heart to them.

I encourage you to be honest with yourself and see if your choices are being made by your fearful mind or your limitless heart. There is a huge difference! What you truly desire is a feeling not a thought form. It is not rigid either – but fluid and changing. Quiet your mind, open your heart and picture your situation – not the steps you think you need to do to get there. Just picture what you desire and feel what that feels like – and trust your inner wisdom.

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