Gratitude is one of those spiritual concepts that we talk about a lot but don’t always put into practice in our lives. I’m not saying that we don’t have gratitude – certainly we express in conversation how happy we are about this or that, or that we are grateful for the way something turned out, a good medical diagnosis, or a fabulous date.

But from my point of view this is simply giving gratitude lip service. Saying we have gratitude is often like saying the “right” thing so that we are validated by others for being a good spiritual person. The key is to learn how to express your gratitude in way that causes your feelings to impact your life.

For example, let’s say you truly are grateful for something that has happened in your life. If you close your eyes and actually feel the gratitude moving through you to the point where you feel your heart open and tears come to your eyes – that is what I am talking about. One expression of gratitude is simply a mental concept or thought form and the other is the true expression of the blessing of life moving though you.

The feeling is what we want to focus on as that feeling is the true expression of gratitude rather than the mental concept. When you have that feeling moving through you, your life evolves to express that feeling in the material world. It changes the way you perceive what is happening in your life and you find that you are opening your heart more rather than behaving defensively as if life is something you must fight, be in resistance to, or judge to be wrong.

When you have the point of view of gratitude you’re not in judgment, you don’t feel defensive and you start to become in love with life – regardless of whether it’s bad, good or ugly according to the point of view of your mind or even if the situation is physically unpleasant according to your body. When you are in this state you are grateful for everything – no matter what – and you become a more humble and peaceful person.

I invite you to give this a try. Close your eyes every morning for 5 minutes and feel everything in your life that you have gratitude for. And if you cannot imagine anything then that right there is your problem. Since you cannot feel gratitude – gratitude does not come into your life. After all, what we think we manifest – not the other way around.

Some questions you can answer below!

1- What do you feel most grateful for right now in your life?
Do you find it hard to find gratitude these days?
3 –
What is your favorite technique for having gratitude that you can share with others to help them?

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