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WHAT’S NEW? Thank you first responders

The past few weeks have presented our global community with lots of challenges, as well as plenty of opportunity to grow and support one another.  With the destruction of Hurricane Irma and the anniversary of September 11th falling in the same week I have had our first reponders on my mind. I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all of those who have served, or are currently serving, in this capacity along with their families.

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Magical, Mysterious London England!
Oct 28th – Nov 2nd 2017
Optional VIP extension Nov. 2nd -5th

Are you a heart-centered nerd craving a mystical adventure filled with fun, thrills and out-of-the-norm experiences?

  • Ready to live a more magical life?
  • Tired of hiding your enthusiasm for the things you really love?
  • Does the world of Harry Potter intrigue you more than your everyday life?
  • Wish that you were around people who really GOT you?
  • Want to have some bragging rights that would impress even Sheldon?

If so join Pat Tallman, (star of Night of the Living Dead, Babylon5, Star Trek, Army of Darkness) for a fantastic adventure in fabulous London plus an incredible visit to experience the sacred sites of Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill.

Plus we’ll have dinner in the Great Hall of Hogwarts for Halloween! It’s a special event like no other. We’ll be spending the evening in the sets and amongst the actual props from the Harry Potter films! In addition we’ll visit the Tower of London, have lunch in a haunted Inn, and best of all – we have tickets to the sold out Harry Potter and The Cursed Child show and so much more!

Trip tuition: $5,299 USD single occupancy – many meals included.
VIP Extension Experience – $1997.00 USD

Details for London on Pat’s Website

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Mastering the Tao Nature Within:
Wudang Mountain, China
November 6–18th, 2017

wudang-chinaJoin Terry Hodgkinson for a powerful journey to China where you’ll learn ancient methods for inner balance. We’ll be focusing on the art of Tai Chi, which will bring clarity and calm to your mind.

The art of Qigong will be introduced into your lifestyle, enabling you to find your true self and place in this world. And Taoist meditation will clear your energy body and have you feeling more rooted to the earth.

Wudang is located in Central China’s Hubei Province and this location houses thousands of years of Taoist practice. The atmosphere is ripe with Tao and finding your inner Tao is easily grasped in this ancient place with so much support. The complex was specially designed to fit the Taoist principle of harmony between man and nature.

Magnificent buildings of ancient Chinese design and thought and are located all over the mountain and there are more than 2,000 Palaces and Temples, making this complex the world’s largest Taoist center.

Trip tuition: $2,497 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy: $3,197 USD – many meals included.

Details for China on Terry’s website!

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Personal Intensives –
Your Private One-on-one 3 day retreat!
Custom Dates Available

brandt morganFeeling trapped or stuck in your own life? You know that life shouldn’t have to be so difficult. But even though you know that deep in your heart, do you still: Wake up wondering whose life you’re living? Feel like you’re lacking clarity? Find yourself short-tempered, frustrated or unhappy? Wish your relationships were more supportive and loving? Want to forgive and move on, but can’t?

If this sounds like you – join me (author Brandt Morgan) for a Personal Intensive. It’s a powerful experience and is a great way to jump-start your life. Imagine what life could be like if you were calm and centered no matter what situation you faced in life, rather than emotional and unclear. What if you no longer took people’s actions personally? Or if forgiveness came easy to you? Or even if you never got in another argument for the rest of your life?! Believe me – it is possible.

Details for Intensives here!

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Igniting the Dormant Spiritual Energies Within Us!
by Sharee James

As a leader of transformational retreats in the Himalayas of Nepal, I am a big believer in the potential that certain natural places have to inspire, awaken and ignite dormant spiritual energies within us. The Divine Intelligence manifests itself everywhere in nature. Trees, leaves, water, flowers, sky, they all resonate with the vibrant energy of Life.

Though it is easy to forget in our modern, urbanized lives, we humans are part of this natural world, this energy is also a part of us. The more time we spend in nature, whether walking in the woods, swimming in the ocean, gardening, or gazing at the sky, the more we are reminded of who we you are at a deeper level. We are a part of this inter-connected web of life, and like the cycles nature, we too have the potential to transform.

While we may not always have the luxury of jetting off to a far-flung retreat, we can always seek out the power of healing places closer to home, here are some of my favorites:

The Ocean

Whether it is the negative ions in the air, or simply the salty sea breeze, for many people the ocean is a place of cleansing and tranquility. The constant lapping of waves helps us to reconnect with the reliable pattern of our own breathing, and reminds us how life always moves in a state of ebb and flow, and it’s much easier to embrace that inherent rhythm rather than resist it.

Forests and Trees

Whether you have access to a whole forest or just a few trees in a park, spending time with these leafy giants can be truly rejuvenating. Taoist energy master Mantak Chia recommends sitting with your back against a trunk and allowing your energies to merge with that of the tree, after 10 or 15 minutes you will feel more grounded and energized.


One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to lay out on a huge rock on a spring day and feel the warmth radiate through my body. Rocks are strong and stable, and according to inspirational writer and author SARK, rocks remind us that “growth and change can be microscopic and result in something solid”.


There is something magical about waterfalls; I especially love feeling the silky surfaces of rocks near flowing water that have been perennially pounded smooth. It reminds me that even the hardest things in life can be softened with time.


Nepal Spiritual journeyFrom seedlings to leafy stems and flowers, working in a garden is immensely therapeutic. In our rushed lives, watching and tending to growing things brings us back to the cycles of nature and the changing seasons of life. Many people find even weeding to be highly therapeutic, there’ s a certain pleasure in getting your hand’s dirty and putting in a hard day’s work out in the elements.

Hilltops and Lookouts

Maybe one of the reasons I run retreats in the Himalayas, is because I love the feeling of being on top of the world and seeing how small everything looks down in the world below, it gives me a whole new perspective on everything. When not in Nepal, I like to seek out hilltops and lookout points and just gaze at the horizon and the tiny towns and cars.

The Starry Night Sky

Perhaps one of the most mystical aspects of nature is the shining constellations that turn above us each night. It is so easy to think are own lives are the center of the universe and our own problems are so huge, but when we look at the night sky and see the immense magnitude of the universe, the perfection and the divine order of our massive solar system, we are reminded that we are part of much bigger, more mysterious divine plan than we could ever have imagined.

When is the last time you have allowed yourself time to just enjoy nature? What are your favorite healing places and why? And most importantly, when will you be returning to one next?

I invite you to join Sharee in Nepal and Discover the Peace within on a Spiritual Journey in the Himalayas
– October 11 – 20th, 2017!


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