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You know you’re a good person and deserve the best in life.
And you know that life shouldn’t have to be so difficult.
But even though you know that deep in your heart, do you still

  • Doubt yourself and your purpose in life?
  • Wake up wondering whose life you’re living?
  • Feel like you’re lacking in clarity?
  • Feel anxious, fearful, or depressed?
  • Find yourself short tempered and frustrated?
  • Wish your relationships were more loving?
  • Find yourself unable to forgive and move on?
  • Crave freedom from the criticism of your own mind?
  • Feel confused and unclear about what you really want?


Brandt MorganAre you ready to break out of the box you call reality? If so – join me (click here to read about Brandt) for a Personal Intensive.

The Personal Intensive is a powerful experience and a great way to jump-start your life. Having worked with hundreds of folks over more than fifteen years, I’ve found that the root of most people’s issues is a belief system that’s sabotaging their life instead of supporting it.

Imagine what your life could be like if you were calm and centered instead of emotional and unclear, no matter what the situation!

Imagine what your life could be like if you no longer took people’s words and actions personally! Or if forgiveness came as easily to you as your next breath? Or even if you never got into another argument for the rest of your life?! Believe me, it is possible!


“Brandt taught me how to love myself. He gave me back my life.”
—Caron Coke, Network System Administrator, University of California San Diego, California

“What Brandt has taught me can only be given by true spirit. He is a masterful teacher and a dear friend. My life has changed forever.”
––Michael A. Roth, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Whiting, Kansas

How will you benefit, you wonder? You’ll learn to…


  • Clearly identify and release limiting beliefs, empowering you to make healthier choices and go for your dreams.
  • Let go of judgments of yourself and others, freeing up enormous amounts of wasted energy.
  • No longer feel victimized by the past or by other people or situations.
  • Let go of the burdens of yesterday and move on today, with joy and gratitude in your heart.
  • Come to a place of self-acceptance here and now, regardless of what actions you took in years gone by.
  • Reclaim your self-esteem and discover your true purpose in life.
  • Write a new story for yourself—one that embraces the truth of who you are.
  • Use powerful new tools for setting healthy boundaries in your life and business.
  • Deal with people openly, without taking what they say or do personally.
  • Turn fear of confrontation into an act of self-love and learn to speak your truth clearly but without negativity.
  • Shift the energy of anger into the energy of focused clarity and intent.
  • Take positive action in your life, in spite of anxiety and fear.
  • Utilize specific tools to help you live courageously and boldly, with your head held high.
  • Live your life with a smile on your face and a song in your heart!


Who would NOT benefit from a Personal Intensive?


  • Anyone who’s strongly invested in being a victim, or in being right instead of happy.
  • Someone who’s lazy and won’t do their “homework.”
  • Anyone who’s unwilling to make an investment in themselves because they don’t think they’re worth it.
  • Anyone who thinks I have a magic wand and will “fix” them, rather than getting the support they need to change
  • Someone who doesn’t have the faith that their life can actually be great!


What’s the schedule?

Figure we’ll spend around three to four hours together in the morning, after which you’ll do your journaling/homework in the afternoon. Then we’ll get together again for about an hour in the evening to recap.

You’ll fill out a questionnaire before the event sharing what you feel is holding you back from living your best life, what you’ve done to try to change things, and what you ultimately envision your life to be.

 “Brandt led me into my own heart, where I had never dared to venture before.”
—Annick Hollender, Chiropractor, Montreal, Canada

“Brandt teaches real things that really work. How easy it is to find answers if only we dare to ask!”
—Olivier Clerc, Writer/Editor, Burgundy, France

Where are the personal intensives located?

The Intensives take place in Temecula, California, about halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles. Nestled in the valley with gorgeous mountain views and all the amenities, this bustling town in the heart of Southern California’s wine country is a lovely spot to take time to reflect on your life. Temecula offers a wide variety of hotels and restaurants, shopping galore, and an endless variety of activities ranging from wine-tasting and yoga to hiking and hot-air ballooning. Beaches, mountains, and desert are only an hour away, and you can make it to any of the big-city attractions of San Diego or L.A. in under two hours.

During your Intensive, you’ll stay in one of the many hotels in the area. We will do most of our sessions in a private hotel space, with the option to do some less formal work in nearby parks and coffee shops.

How do I get there?

You either drive to Temecula, California, or you fly into the San Diego or Ontario airports, both about an hour’s drive away. Ideally, you would either have your own vehicle or rent a car, which will give you the mobility you need to enjoy your stay.

How long should I stay?

Commonly, folks stay three days, but that’s up to you. It’s often helpful to take a day or two extra to internalize the work, to simply be with it all after several days of intense processing. Whatever your intuition suggests will probably be just right!


What are the costs involved?


You have to figure in your transportation to Temecula, as well as your food and lodging. You can either eat out or, if you have a stove and fridge in your hotel room, you can pick up food at the nearby grocery store.

As for the cost of the program, it depends on how we set it up, including the number of days and hours. I suggest filling out this questionnaire and emailing it to me immediately so we can discuss creating something that’s just right for you. If you are not planning on arriving for a few months, you are welcome to pay for the Personal Intensive over time.

Whatever the costs, you must feel like you are worth it! I value you and your time very much, and you must value yourself as well. Also, if you are not planning on arriving for a few months, you are welcome to pay for the Personal Intensive over time.

 “If you feel unhappy, broken hearted, burned out, shut down, full of longing, or you just wonder if it’s possible to be free or happy in this world, Brandt’s energy will take you on a walk toward freedom—a walk down a path with heart.”
—Charlene Adkins M.D., Emergency Physician, Columbia, Missouri

“Brandt gave me back my power and filled my life with love and light. His teaching is the most magical thing I have ever experienced.”
—Monica Navarrete Mastache, Psychotherapist, Acapulco, Mexico

**This is the bottom line – and please read this carefully:

You can do one-hour sessions once a month for a year, like in therapy, or you can invest in twelve hours over three days and have the time to work deeply through what you need to without being interrupted by the clock. This is extremely important!

After all, who wants to take a year to resolve something that can be resolved in one weekend? Hopefully not you!

But you have to want to change with every cell in your body, because if you don’t have a deep desire to move past the blocks in your life, as soon as you come up against something that’s even mildly inconvenient, your mind is going to say no. I say your mind because your heart and spirit want to be free and happy. That’s what drove you here—it’s your mind that’s afraid of change. It will justify any excuse to stay in the same place, and it will sabotage your entire life. It will say things like:

  • Well, that’s more expensive than I’d planned on.
  • I can’t really take the time for a program like that.
  • If I have to fly there, that’s going to be too much.
  • I don’t know if I can spend that much money on myself.

If you listen to excuses like these, you are going to stop in your tracks, and that will be it. This is a time to drop the excuses, throw away the crutches, imagine your ideal life, and fly toward it with all the strength and commitment you can muster!

So please, send in an application or email, but only if you are serious. Then we can have a profound and worthwhile conversation about your desires and goals, about how you can make your life the most amazing creation.

Please remember: you and your well-being should be the number-one priority in your life. If you are not happy and fulfilled, everyone and everything in your life will suffer as a result: your partner, your kids, your family, your work, your abundance—everything. So what are you going to do? I hope you’re going to say yes, but please don’t say yes for me, because this is not about me. It’s about and for YOU!


 “Brandt’s teaching planted in me a small flame of light that is now growing into a fire of love. My only wish is to share this beautiful gift with the world.”
—Natalie Ulrich, Swiss Mission to the United Nations, New York

“How lucky that there are teachers like Brandt who can lead us into a deeper, more authentic connection with ourselves and our own true nature!”
—Shasta Cruchet, Art Promoter, Carcassonne, France

Still interested? Here’s what you can do:

Fill out the application, along with several dates that would work for you and please email it to me. I would be happy to chat with you for 30 minutes about what you want to accomplish and how I can help!

Recommended Books:

These are a few books that I feel will help you prepare for your upcoming Intensive. Please enjoy these recommendations. If you click on the book itself it will link you to Amazon.com.


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