Shift of the Ages – 2012 Mayan Prophesy video

Many scholars and contemporary writers are speculating on what the Mayan Calendar end date actually means, with diverse theories ranging from the end of the world to the initiation of one-thousand years of peace. The Maya were an advanced people at the time Europe was...

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Santa Fe – a magical & spiritually based town!

Join Sheri for a special retreat to Santa Fe for her Healthy, Spiritual & Conscious Relationships Retreat (dates coming soon!). We’ll be having lot’s of fun while we explore our important relationships – first and foremost with ourselves. After...

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Ernesto Ortiz’s Upcoming Spiritual Journeys!

Ernesto Ortiz shares with Sheri Rosenthal of Journeys of the Spirit® about his upcoming spiritual journeys for 2012 and about himself. He shares what you can expect on his spiritual journeys, the different kinds and curriculum’s he offers, and why it is...

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Peru & Machu Picchu

On this spiritual journey, we will be using the energies of this amazing country to assist us in experiencing the divine within. Peru is the perfect place for this adventure of ceremony and inner exploration of the heart.  Please watch the video and do join us!

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Atmananda Yoga Sequence

The Atmananda Yoga Vision Our center was inspired by a vision of community: A vision to create a place, nestled in the metropolitan hum, that people can quiet the mind by having a place to take your shoes off and curl up with a book. A place to build a strong...

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