Many scholars and contemporary writers are speculating on what the Mayan Calendar end date actually means, with diverse theories ranging from the end of the world to the initiation of one-thousand years of peace.

The Maya were an advanced people at the time Europe was in the dark ages. They were superb mathematicians and astronomers who devised one of the most accurate and sophisticated calendars known to man. One of the most mysterious and fascinating aspects of the Mayan calendar is that it has cycles that do not correspond to any known astronomical cycles, such as the 260 day Sacred Calendar that has been followed by the Mayan Day-Keepers for thousands of years in which each day has a spiritual quality and symbolic meaning. Mayan astronomers knew, through yet unknown methods, the exact location of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy along with many other precise details of our cosmos.

Shift of the Ages

There is no question that the Maya had a different perspective of time than modern man. Some Maya were – and still are – able, through deep meditation, to exit the apparent constraints of time to access wisdom and knowledge crucial for our time.

Grandfather Cirilo speaks of vast and accelerating cycles contained within the Mayan Calendar. “The Calendar’s knowledge was bequeathed to the Maya by the Abuelos, the Grandfathers who came from the stars.” In other words, according to the Maya our ancestors have celestial origins, and their timely message has cosmic implications. This is why he refers to his message as the Maya Cosmo-Vision.

The Maya approached “prophecy” by deeply studying the nature of fundamental cycles, as well as astronomical cycles, and their synchronicity to human events. They were aware of the role human consciousness plays in connecting to, and obtaining information from nature. They speak of a year “zero” approaching soon, thought by some scholars to be in the 2011-2012 time frame. This “zero” time period, is the transition between epochs of creation, what the Maya refer to as the change of Suns.

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