One of the best gifts I ever gave myself in this lifetime was the opportunity to study with don Miguel Ruiz – who most of you know wrote The Four Agreements. Truly that experience changed my life and set me traveling upon a new road and path in life. So it’s very exciting to be able to announce his new book, co-written with his son Jose Luis.

At first glance you might feel a bit confused as to what don Miguel means by “be skeptical.” To be clear, he does not mean to be skeptical from the point of view of a rebellious mental position – but instead to be open and question any mental proposals, whether those proposals come from another person or from your own thinking! It’s important to listen carefully to your own story and everyone else’s, without judgment and with respect. At the same time we can recognize that it’s simply a story – the creation of the human dreaming mind. That helps give us some separation from both our creation and others creations – which in turn gives us the clarity to see the truth of life without getting emotional and reacting to everything!

In the book, Don Miguel asks us to help him to change the world. But the world he is referring to is the one inside our head – not our planet. All the great spiritual masters knew that to have peace on our planet we must first have peace in each individual mind. We can only project what we are dreaming, and the reason why there is so much pain and suffering in the world is because all of us are projecting the pain and suffering that exists in our own minds. But if we take the time to focus inwardly, we can change that inner world and everything around us will shift in kind.

That’s challenging for most folks because it takes away our ability to blame others for the way things are in our world. It’s easier to point our finger elsewhere – but truly, the spiritual warrior always takes responsibly for his creation and never victimizes himself. In the end as don Miguel suggests, we are all messengers and only we can decide what kind of messenger we want to be.

I think the biggest challenge is to dream a dream of love, free of the fear society surrounds us with and to live boldly without excuses. To accomplish this we must embrace the truth as only the truth can set us free. When we understand that we cannot speak the truth as no concepts can be truth – we take to living the truth in the highest way. The result of living the truth is peace, joy and blessings. Of course the book shares so many wonderful gems – and I cannot begin to cover them in this little post. But I can encourage you to pick up a copy today! Do let me know what you think by posting below.

With all my love, Sheri

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