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WHAT’S NEW? Next April with the Ruiz Family!

The Gathering of the Shaman’s retreat event in Sedona this past April sold out so fast and it’s going to do so again for next April 2017. Because I will be teaching again there next year they are allowing me to promote the event to all of you EARLY!!

So if you are interested I would register NOW or by the time normal registration comes around the event will be filled again.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to retreat from your usual patterns of living and learn how to harness your inner power in entirely new ways. You’ll return to your life with fresh vision and know how to create your own reality as the work of art it was meant to be.

Can’t wait to see you there April 2017!


Blessings & love, Sheri

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Miracles and Magic on the Big Island of Hawaii
With Pat Tallman and Sci-Fi Celebs!
September 11 – 20th, 2016

Womens Retreat Kauai Hawaii

Are you ready to live a bigger, more adventurous life?

  • Are you tired of hiding your enthusiasm for the things you really love?
  • Does the world of science fiction intrigue you more than your everyday life?
  • Do you ever wish that you were around people who really GOT you?
  • Are you ready to change your life?

If you are a big-hearted nerd craving a tropical adventure filled with fun, thrills and out-of-the-norm experiences you will love this retreat. We will enjoy fantastic adventure excursions with: Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Tahmoh Penikett, Aaron Douglas, Rod Roddenberry, and more to be announced! This Quest Retreat is happening during HawaiiCon the best science fiction convention!

Trip cost: $4,400 USD based on double occupancy – see website for all the amazing inclusions!

Details for Hawaii on Pat’s website!


Refine Your Art – A Yoga Mentorship Retreat: Ibiza, Spain
September 10–17th, 2016, 2016

Spain Yoga Retreat

If you are a yogi who has a lust for learning inspiring ways to structure your classes, give hands on assists from a place of total confidence or market your business with ease, join Delamay Devi for a week dedicated to refining your art in Ibiza, Spain!

The transformative power of Ibiza is over looked by many who visit the island but not by us! Tapping into and harnessing the energetic magic of this place during our soul excursions to the most potent and vibrant spots on the island, you feel doubts fade away and your confidence increase as you step into your brilliance by bringing conscious change to the way you practice and teach yoga.

Connecting with like minded yogis during the daily themed practice labs and creative study sessions, you dedicate time to refining your teaching skills, learn about different elements of marketing your business, how to hold space for your students and how to formulate incredible workshops in synch with the natural cycles of life.

Details for Ibiza on Delamay’s website!

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What If??

shamansbowlI am often bereft of words to explain the many deeply transcendent spiritual experiences I have had over the last ten years. I say bereft, because I cannot speak about what is conceptless, beyond human language, and formless. The best I can do is share inspirational stories and weave mystical imagery never knowing if I will trigger the deep inner wisdom of the one consciousness free of illusion that resides within each of us.

So I invite you to imagine that the one consciousness has a deep desire to create and expand its consciousness just because it can, but not for any reason, since it does not think with concepts. It simply knows and desires. The one consciousness as white light passes through a prism representing the process of manifestation and “birth” into this reality or illusion.

I say illusion because when light refracts it splits into an infinite number of wavelengths each with its own unique vibration and color – yet there is still only one white light with the illusion of many. And each vibration becomes a plant, animal, human – everything  that exists on this plane of existence.

And so it is with each of us. We come into this world with the same ability to create as the one consciousness – because we are that consciousness. When we are born we become confused because we see all the other wavelengths that are different from us, and we become frightened and forget who we are. We think that we have to compete with those wavelengths and we become protective, jealous, petty, limited and afraid that they can hurt us.

beam-of-lightOn this plane of reality, wavelengths of light must enter a body and animate it to function. Wavelengths need to communicate with each other so they use the body’s brain to create the language to do so. The brain gives birth to an ego-mind so the wavelengths can think and speak.

The mind takes on a life of its own – it creates a personality and begins to believe that it is what it thinks. The wavelengths forget that each vibration is an aspect of the one consciousness containing specific creative abilities which have nothing to do with a “personality.” (The personality being the behavioral characteristics the ego-mind has developed to defend itself.)

When the body can no longer serve the purpose of the wavelength, the wavelength moves back through the prism and becomes part of the one consciousness/white light and then passes through the prism again into a new body to continue the process of creation and the expansion of consciousness.

So what if, as a wavelength of the one light, your purpose is simply to create by vibrating your “song” along with all the other wavelengths to create a perfect harmony we call life? What if there are no deep agendas, nothing to be resolved, no contracts, no dark purposes to be revealed? (We humans love to make up mythologies about everything.)

Divine lightWhat if you have been called forth to vibrate boldly – to spend your time on this plane  expanding consciousness through the process of creation – free of the illusions of this plane (your body & mind)? Would that change the way you conduct your life? Would you still allow yourself to be hooked by the illusions of this reality? Would you look at other people, plants and animals differently? How would YOU sing your song? What if?………

With all my love & blessings, Sheri Rosenthal


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