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Join Terry Hodgkinson for a powerful journey to China where you’ll learn ancient methods for inner balance. We’ll be focusing on the art of Tai Chi, which will bring clarity and calm to your mind. The art of Qigong will be introduced into your lifestyle, enabling you to find your true self and place in this world. And Taoist meditation will clear your energy body and have you feeling more rooted to the earth.

Wudang is located in Central China’s Hubei Province and this location houses thousands of years of Taoist practice. The atmosphere is ripe with Tao and finding your inner Tao is easily grasped in this ancient place with so much support. The complex was specially designed to fit the Taoist principle of harmony between man and nature.

Magnificent buildings of ancient Chinese design and thought and are located all over the mountain and there are more than 2,000 Palaces and Temples, making this complex the world’s largest Taoist center. Trip tuition: $2497 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy: $3197 USD – many meals included.

Details for China on Terry’s website!

Blessings & love, Sheri

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FREE webinar — How to Become a Certified Aromatherapist

Have you ever thought about becoming a Certified Aromatherapist?

Do you have questions about what’s involved in Aromatherapy Certification, or whether it’s even right for you?

If you have, I’m excited to send you this email because my friend, Andrea Butje from Aromahead Institute, has an exciting free webinar that will answer your questions! Andrea is an internationally recognized Aromatherapist who is changing the educational paradigm through her inspired approach to teaching and creating community with the use of essential oils. For almost 20 years she has helped aspiring Aromatherapists become certified.

There are many reasons people who love essential oils want to get their certification.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

• You have used essential oils, but want to take your knowledge to the next level so you can help more people live healthier lives…
• You already make your own body products, but want to feel more confident choosing the most effective oils for each product…
• You’re new to essential oils, but already know you want to work with them professionally…
• You want to know how to tell if an essential oil is pure, if there are any safety considerations you should be aware of, and how to make the best oil choices for your blends…

Andrea’s webinar will give you all the information you need to decide whether Aromatherapy Certification is the next step for you. She’s going to outline what it takes to be recognized as a Certified Aromatherapist by two of the most prominent organizations in the Aromatherapy industry—the AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists) and NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy). She’s also going to teach you how to understand essential oil chemistry (really)!

The webinar will run for about an hour and a half, and Andrea will stay on afterward for a Q&A session.

CLICK HERE to register.

The webinar will be offered multiple times so you can choose the date that works best for you.




Voicing Your Feminine Power and Wisdom: Israel
November 12 – 22nd, 2016

israel1If you’re a hard-working woman ready to live your truth and share your gifts with the world, then join me for a transformative Immersion into the Holy Land. Over 10 replenishing and restorative nights and 11 days we’ll be reawakening the power of your authentic voice through ancient feminine sound healing techniques.

Descending 300 stairs into the belly of the earth, and then winding through a narrow tunnel reminiscent of a birth canal, you emerge to join the rest of your friends around an ancient well. In this still, silent womb of the earth, surrounded by the spirit of wise women across the ages, you surrender yourself to the space and reconnect with the ancient source of your feminine power.

Mystic Feminine Israel. Enjoy the biblical landscapes, as the wells of Miriam and Mary Magdalene replenish through the echoes of their sacred feminine power. Celebrate sacred Sabbath with an insider’s visit to Jerusalem. Visit Galilee, Safed, the Dead Sea, a Bedouin feast, a camel trek, myrrh and frankincense, fresh cinnamon and clover, the essence of fresh persimmon and olive oil, and so much more!

Trip tuition: $5995 USD per person double occupancy – all breakfasts included and several dinners.

Details for Israel on Eliana’s website

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Last night I watched an old favorite movie of mine – The Tale of Despereaux, about a brave and honorable little mouse.

Tale of Despereaux

Sometimes the most powerful messages are found in the simplest of stories – this one included. Despereaux, a small but unusual mouse, cannot understand why all the other mice are so afraid of everything – over and over again he is reprimanded for his inability to fear cats, cower, and scurry. Early in the movie the school-master states that we don’t start out afraid, they must be taught to be  properly afraid – indeed!

Watching the movie it seems obvious that it is utter silliness to cower and hide – life is magical when you get out there even if the situations you are challenged by are a bit scary. We can see how adventurous life is for Despereaux and how fulfilled he is.

How many of us can say the same?

If we don’t feel passionate, excited and challenged by life then why bother living? Someone had to teach you exactly what to be afraid of in life and you took that to be truth. Since then you have lived your life in some level of fear, never fully expressing your integrity and purpose in life.

I never realized how afraid humans were until I began to examine my own justifications for all the things I avoided doing in my life. I came to realize how creative I was at avoiding all the experiences I judged to be painful, stressful, overwhelming, too much effort, over the top, time consuming, etc. The number of excuses I had were infinite. Well no longer.

As an example of what I am sharing, and because my focus has been on travel, I have had the opportunity to hear every excuse known to man not to travel these days. I cannot tell you how many people tell me it is dangerous to travel to Mexico, Israel, South America, Europe, etc., the list goes on. But according to whom?

Not traveling to Central Mexico or the Yucatán is like not flying to Texas because someone got robbed in NYC. Israel – is probably one of the safer places to be these days with more military presence than most places! But we hear things and we immediately get scared and create an excuse due to the danger. Well let’s wake up to the fact that it’s dangerous everywhere if you want to see it that way. You take your chances in any urban city in the US as much as you do in any foreign country.

Tale of Despereaux

So what’s really going on here? Again, you have to be taught to be afraid, to change your direction in life because of something you hear, or something you read in the paper.

It may be a long time before the world becomes a more compassionate and safe place and if you are going to hide within the borders of the good old USA – truly you may be fooling yourself. Yes, you have the illusion of safety because everything around you here is familiar. However familiarity is NOT safety – it is simply smoke and mirrors.

I am passionate about new and unusual experiences that inspire and change me. That’s what life is all about. If you are hiding behind familiarity, maybe it is time to be honest with yourself. That goes not only for travel but for long worn out marriages, uninspiring jobs, old irritating friendships, or any situation you find yourself in that is way too comfortable.

Fear in any shape or form is not your friend. And if it is your intent to live your life in love, that intent begins with loving yourself enough to get out of your old routines and start taking chances. Meet new humans, stop cowering and definitely stop scurrying away from experiences that scare you. After all, if a little mouse can be so brave, so can you! 

Blessings & love, Sheri

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