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Dear Friends,

Horse therapy

WHAT’S NEW? The healing power of horses! – It’s nothing new that animals are wonderful companions helping children and adults to heal and open up emotionally. We’ve seen the effect of dogs on the elderly in nursing homes, and the effect of horses on autistic children for many years now.

But rather than me talking about this – let’s hear from the experts: Briana, Judy & Ezra from Equus Elemental. For years they have been working with horses for transformation and healing. Don’t miss their article below and find out how YOU can experience reconnecting with truth through horse wisdom!

**Ladies, interested in joining me for my Prayer Beads & Altar retreat November 9-15th? We’ll be celebrating 11.11.11 on the full moon in the southern Yucatan at one of the most pristine locations in Mexico – Akalki on Lake Bacalar? (Gentlemen, I suggest you join our Palenque Shamanic Portal journey for 2012 in December!)


If you intend to join us for our Santorini, Greece: Inspire Your Creative Soul!
OR our Dharamsala, India: The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile
journeys please let me know ASAP!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal
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Mar de Jade, Mexico: Trance Dance – Opening the Chakras to the Energies of 2012 – March 3-10th, 2012

Tantric Shamanism Retreat Mar de Jade

Join author and Shaman Ernesto Ortiz for this powerful Trance Dance retreat to Mar de Jade in Chacala, Mexico! The energy of 2012 is upon us, the time is short and we must prepare for the vibrational alignment that is already taking place. We have seen huge natural challenges and changes, within ourselves and in our mother earth. Are you vibrationally, mentally and emotional ready to ride this wave? Are you a Lightworker whose mission is to uplift the energy and help people on this planet?

This is a highly experiential workshop that will open the doors to new possibilities as you connect with your Shamanic Self through Trance Dance to integrate your spiritual experiences. In this retreat we will explore the magical self, the mystical self, the wild self, the sensual self. We will use highly evocative music, sounds and drumming to induce trance like states and explore the inner potential of Trance.

If you love to enjoy life, if you like to celebrate freedom, if you are passionate about the world we live in and want or does contribute to a better world, this retreat is for you! At Mar de Jade delicious and nutritious meals are served three times a day, in the breezy open-air dinning pavilion overlooking the ocean. The majority of vegetables and fruits come from their own Organic Farm. They make their own yogurt, granola, tofu, hummus, breads and baked goods, pastries, desserts, peanut-butter, and marmalade’s! The 2012 trip cost is: $2295.00-$2875.00 USD per person double occupancy, all meals included.

Details for Trance Dance here! And do watch the video on the right –> to learn more!

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~Sheri is taking a little break! ~

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It’s rare that I share anything that is close to a “rant” – but this weeks video could definitely fit the bill! But I’m talking about something I am very passionate about. As always I would love you to post below and let me know what you are feeling.

The way that we communicate with others reflects the level of consciousness that we are operating from. It is important when expressing our perspective to be careful and speak as close to the what is as possible, instead of giving opinions based on beliefs that have nothing behind them. In the end asking if what you are communicating is coming from fear or love is a great way of distinguishing if what you are about to share – is worth sharing!

I’m curious what you think about this message – please post below and let me know!
PS: If this video is glitchy – press the button to see it directly on their site.

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Healing with Horses

Equine therapy

Getting objective feedback on our personal growth work from a non-judgmental source is rare and invaluable! Working with animals, horses in particular, affords us this unique and profound opportunity. Animals do not possess the ability to be judgmental – they simply display preferences about their experiences and the world around them without qualifying them as “good” or “bad.” They simply perceive and then take action.

You will never find an animal thinking that it would be happier if it were taller, prettier, had more hair, or more money like we do. Animals are nonjudgmental regarding themselves, other animals, and you!

Horses mirror our inner emotional landscape and how we are moving through the world moment by moment. Outwardly, we might seem calm and confident, but horses see deep beyond that and reflect to us the exact issues we need to work on. A horse might nudge & push on a person with boundary problems or might not be able to stand still next a person with nervous, scattered emotions. If we approach this unique process with an open mind, we can gain enormous clarity about ourselves and our inner wounds.

Therapeutic horseback riding

Horses are prey animals and humans are predators. A prey animal’s very survival depends on their innate ability to read and perceive changes in every aspect of their environment, especially the non-verbal communications from predators. A horse needs to know what your intentions are and what your energy is like for their safety and survival. They know what they like and dislike, what feels safe and unsafe.

Unlike humans, horses cannot feel one way and act in another way. They have no choice but to react only to what they perceive without opinion or point of view. Humans on the other hand, perceive through a multitude of self-judgments, self doubts, and past or future fears – all affecting their every decision. We perceive, process and make judgments using abstract concepts, which horses do not use. Then we have an emotional reaction to our judgments and react to our situations from a fearful or confused state, rather than coming from an intuitive and empowered place.

Briana, Ezra and Judy of Equus Elemental have seen people experience profound results and astounding insights from working with these majestic and powerful creatures. It’s truly amazing what they can teach us. So if you love animals, put our Tucson, AZ: Reconnecting to Truth through Horse Wisdom Retreat on your calendar for Sept 19-23rd, 2012. It’s an experience not to be missed!

Much love, Ezra Marrow, Judy Askins & Briana Lorenz-Marrow

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The Yugas: Keys to Understanding Our Hidden Past, Emerging Present and Future Enlightenment

The Yugas

So much of our focus has been on the end of the Mayan calendar – yet there are other systems of describing the ages. In 1894 Sri Yukteswar gave us an explanation not only for our hidden past, but for the trends of today and for our future enlightenment – the 24,000 year yuga cycle. If the cycles of humanity interest you, this book surely will. The quote below was taken from Chapter One of the book.

An understanding of the cycle of the yugas reveals that, like sides of the same coin, the development of mankind is inextricably bound together with the development of every man’s consciousness. The yugas are a unique contribution to the world’s knowledge because the unite the study of the inner and outer man. Historians have long sought a key with which to unlock the secrets of the past. But the key has eluded them because they have looked only to the outer man. Only when we make the correlation of inner consciousness to outward behavior, does the seeming chaos of history fall into a discernible pattern.

The yugas describe a cycle of human development that not only predicts highly advanced ages in the ‘future,’ but indicates that they have occurred in the ‘past’ as well. The yuga cycle includes ages less advanced than our own, ages full of ignorance and darkness, and ages so much more advanced than our own present age that we cannot fully comprehend them. And, as is implicit in the meaning of the word “cycle,” we learn that once mankind’s peak is reached, there is inevitable decline: and once mankind’s darkest point is reached, there is inevitable advancement.”

So, pick up of The Yugas today! When you purchase a book through Amazon.com a small percentage of your dollars come back to JOTS to support our free teleclass series.

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SANTORINI, GREECE: Inspire Your Creative Soul!
Trip Leader: Linda Jacobson
October 14-21st, 2011

DHARAMSALA, INDIA: The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile
Trip Leaders: Lama Buga Tire & Lisa Tully
Oct 21-Nov 7th


MAYAN RIVIERA: 11.11.11 Women’s Prayer Beads & Altars
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal & Kathy Benson
Nov 9-15th, 2011


TULUM, MEXICO: Atmananda Yoga Retreat NEW!
Trip Leaders: Jhon Tamayo
Dec 3-10th, 2011

PALENQUE, MEXICO: A Shamanic Portal to 2012
Trip Leaders: Fu-Ding Cheng & Linda Jacobson
Dec 8-13th, 2011


ANGKOR WAT, CAMBODIA: Unconditional Love in Action
Trip Leader: David Ault
January 30 – February 9th, 2012 (price goes up Oct 1st, 2011!)


DELRAY, FL: Honoring & Healing the Goddess Within!
Trip Leader: Shanti Gilbert
February 9–12, 2012


MAR DE JADE, MEXICO: Trance Dance – Opening the Chakras to the Energies of 2012
Trip Leader: Ernesto Ortiz
March 3-10th, 2012

EGYPT: Remembrances, Exploring the Mysteries
Trip Leader: Samvedam Randles
March 8-18th, 2012

AGUA NICARAGUA: Soul*Full Sisters – Spirituality & Photography by the Sea NEW!
Trip Leader: Catherine Just & Sheri Rosenthal
March 29-Apr 3, 2012


TEOTIHUACAN, MEXICO: Skanda Yoga Retreat – Portals of Power! NEW!
Trip Leaders: Ken von Roenn III & Lina Vallejo
April 11-18th, 2012

SEDONA: Goddess Healing Spiritual Retreat NEW!
Trip Leader: Shanti Gilbert
April 29-May 4th, 2012

Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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