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WHAT’S NEW? Happy New Year!

For all of my Jewish friends – I just want to wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. So many folks have had a challenging few years and hopefully this is the beginning of a new cycle. 🙂

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal xox

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From Geysers to Glaciers: Tap into the Sacred Soul of New Zealand
November 3–13th, 2015


Spiritual journey to Queensland New Zealand

Open to the sacred magic of your soul as you uncover the wonders of majestic and magical New Zealand. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the country nicknamed “The God Zone” while immersing yourself in meditations and spiritual activities aimed at heightening your intuition and unlocking your spirit.

Make no mistake: this will be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, one that will rejuvenate your senses and set free your playful and powerful inner child—all while having loads of fun in one of the most magnificent places on the planet! Surrounded by diverse natural wonders, from lush rainforests and sandy beaches to spouting geysers and steaming volcanoes, this journey will pull you into your own vast wonderland of spirit.

Imagine exploring the splendors of unspoiled New Zealand, a jaw-droppingly beautiful country that is home to vibrant cities, volcanic landscapes, peaceful fjords, and whimsical wildlife. Picture yourself cruising through the magnificent, unspoiled wilderness of Doubtful Sound; gazing at playful penguins frolicking on the ice or at a colony of New Zealand fur seals at Ohau Point; strolling through the Waipoua Forest flanked by giant kauri trees; gawking at the world-famous Pohutu Geyser, which shoots up 70 feet into the sky every hour; or marveling at Mother Nature’s light display as you glide silently through the starry, cavebound wonderland called Glowworm Grotto. Trip cost: $5,597 USD per person double occupancy, Single occupancy supplement: $1000 USD – many meals included.

Details for New Zealand on Gayle’s website!


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“Connecting with Spirit Guides & Angels”
by Gayle Franceschetti

springWe do not walk alone in this life, with us walks our greatest and most loyal friends. We are all blessed with spirit guides and angels from other dimensions who surround us and support us. Spirit Guides come in many forms, some are animals, some are people, but all are spirits of lives that once were.

Within each of us is the capacity to connect with the spiritual energies that surround us at any given time. Yet, many people assume that contacting and working with their spirit guides and angels requires an extra special talent. But in reality it does not – It is simply a matter of being open to receiving the guidance that is always available to you.

In order for this to happen, you must be in a receptive, trusting and open state. This “openness” is what allows you to feel the love and support your guides want to bless you with.  One of the most important things that you can do to become a clear channel is to relax and trust in the process.

The calmer our emotions are, the more detail with which we can receive inner communications. The stiller you are emotionally, the clearer you can inwardly “perceive.” That is why it is frequently suggested to maintain a practice of daily meditation which helps us to reduce stress and bring a stable place of peace.

>lakeAfter a while, working with Spirit will be so natural to you, you’ll be able to successfully call upon your Spirit Guides or Angels in the middle of a busy store or in the center of Times Square if you feel like it!

Spirit sends us dozens of messages throughout the day but we have a tendency to ignore them or think of them as our own imagination or coincidence. Don’t have expectations and don’t read into things. Just ask for guidance and allow it to happen. Be specific in your requests for guidance or assistance. Ask your guides to show you a sign that they have heard your request.

Some examples of the many different ways that Spirit gives us an answer or sign may be:

The first song you hear when you turn on the radio. Or a song that keeps repeating in your head over and over.

You turn on the television and someone is speaking about the same concern that you are having.

You are thinking about a person and suddenly the phone rings and it is that person calling you.

You may see or hear something repeatedly. An example is constantly seeing the number “11”. You may see “11” on a clock, a label, a license plate. Seeing “11” many times means that something spiritual is happening or about to happen in your life.

You open to a page in a book and your eyes fall upon a paragraph that has meaning to your current situation.

Signs can often come from the animal world or nature. Ex; butterflies or cardinals or a specific animal consistently shows up when you are thinking of a loved one who has passed over. You are in the book store and a book falls off a shelf near you onto the floor. You pick up the book and realize that it is just what you needed!

Not everything you see or hear is a sign. But, if you are open and receptive, the signs will be clear. The more often you ask for guidance and follow the guidance given, the stronger the connection will be, and the guidance and symbols will become much clearer.

bambooBy universal law, as an honoring of Free Will, Beings in one dimension cannot assist beings on another dimension unless the request or invitation comes from the dimension wishing to receive the assistance. Consequently, Spirit helpers are extremely “limited” in the extent to which they can help you and/or interact with you UNLESS you invite and ask them to help.

When you ask for their assistance, you literally open the floodgates for their glorious Light to reach you! All we have to do is to remember to ask for help. Always remember thank them with much gratitude for having been with you.

Allowing ourselves to listen to our Spirit Guides can be a very beneficial experience for us. All we need is a clear mind, desire and the will to connect with them. They are always available and willing to help, no matter what the problem is. Open your mind to these divine beings of love and know that they are always there to assist, guide, heal, protect and above all, love you.

If you would like to learn more – join Gayle in her amazing journey to New Zealand: From Geysers to Glaciers: Tap into the Sacred Soul of New Zealand and the Heart of Your Intuitive Spirit – November 3rd-13th!

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Spiritual Journey to SedonaAmplify Your Energy: A Woman’s Journey into Sedona’s Sacred Vortexes
Trip Leader: Julie Lewin
October 18-24th and October 25-31st 2015

Spiritual Journey to NepalRe-Discover the Treasure Within” A Spiritual Journey in the Himalayas of Nepal
Trip Leader: Sharee James
Oct 28–Nov 6, 2015

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