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Dear Friends,

WHAT’S NEW? Keeping it short and sweet!

Two people who I love and adore very much have special projects that I absolutely must bring to your attention.

Teotihuacan Spiritual Journey

First, I want to mention Lee McCormick who owns The Recover Ranch in Tennessee. He is launching a fabulous movie-book-CD combination project that will open your heart and bring awareness to your consciousness – called Dreaming Heaven. This project features a group of people just like you and me, who go on a spiritual journey to the sacred site of Teotihuacan and change their lives. Watching them, you’ll go through the process too which is reinforced by the accompanying book and CD. But if you really want to be there in person – you can join him at the ruins of Teotihuacan, Mexico this October 15-21st and experience Dreaming Heaven for yourself. I’m not sure what could be much better than that.

Spiritual Journey to Dharamsala

Next. Lisa Tully who is the facilitator for our bi-yearly journeys to Dharamsala, India (to see the Dalai Lama and experience silent retreat) has decided to jump out of a plane to raise money for the Tibetan monks in India. She is deathly afraid of heights, I mean deathly – so this is no small project on her part! PLEASE read her article below and consider donating to her project. And if it touches your heart – go see the situation for yourself on her next trip to India October Oct 16-Nov 1st! Every person who goes with Lisa to Dharamsala comes back changed and utterly heart-struck.

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Dreaming Heaven!

Many of us have been to workshops, seen films with various spiritual experts, and read books explaining how we can find happiness. However, NOW is the time to have the experience.

Dreaming Heaven is an innovative package – a film, a book, and a music and meditation CD – based in the ancient traditions of the Toltecs which states that our lives can be a dream of heaven on earth. A dream filled with abundance of peace, happiness, grace and love. But how do we actually attain that?


Your guides, Lee McCormick, Gini Gentry and Frank Hayhurst, along with author Kelly Walden take you on mystical journey that will awaken the authenticity of who you really are. In Dreaming Heaven you’ll learn that a beautiful life is open to anyone willing to take the first step.

In the film you’ll join in with others who are on the same journey and share in their experiences. These aren’t experts, but everyday people asking the same questions you are. Travel with them as they embark on their journey, and share in their stories as they emerge from their transformation.

In the book, author Kelly Walden is your guide, walking you through every step of the process. She’s there to help you take your first step, laugh and cry with you along the way, and watch you as you emerge alive in your own waking dream.

The music and meditations are tools to help you step into the world of the Toltecs – taking you deep into the temples and plazas of Teotihuacan, Mexico, and into the depths of your own magical dream. This is a complete experiential package – each piece working together to allow you to transform your life.

Are you ready to begin the journey? Excellent! Come over to the Dreaming Heaven website right now and gift yourself this amazing movie, book and CD!

Want to go beyond the movie and experience Teotihuacan for yourself?
Join Lee, Gini and Francis on their upcoming Dreaming Heaven Journey to Teotihuacan October 15-21st.

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Skydiving Into Your Fear to be in Service to Others!


October 6th at 12pm on a windy airstrip on the east coast of Ireland I’ll be taking off to do a 10,000ft skydive which includes a heart wrenching 35-second freefall. The mere thought of it has me shaking as I write this. I once did a treetop assault course in Austria (where the trees are REALLY tall) and I cried the whole time. Yet, there’s a voice within urging me on this time. A clear voice that I know Tibet desperately needs me to share – for I have an insider view of their struggle.

Finding the courage within to take on the risks of death, imprisonment, torture, rape, starvation, and loss of  limb through frostbite – seems to be a regular occurrence for the people of Tibet – including children. For each time a refugee takes on the challenge of fleeing Chinese occupation by walking across the Himalayan plains – these are some of the issues they face.

Those that make it across the Nepali border carry with them memories of companions who died en route, photos of families they may never see again, and fears that upon reaching this nation they will simply be handed back to the Chinese.


This is a journey of weeks, sometimes months. The shoes and clothes they wear are insignificant in comparison to their Western counterparts who climb this region of Mount Everest for recreation. Climbers have at times come across these fugitives and posted videos on Youtube of Chinese soldiers shooting them dead on sight.

Tibetans that remain in Tibet are treated as second-class citizens. Nomadic tribes are forced to take up residence in cities so their land can be used for mining. This causes them to plunge into poverty and starvation – for their new housing comes with mortgages and jobs are only given to people who speak Chinese, which Tibetans naturally don’t. Arrests happen on a regular basis, particularly of monks and nuns, resulting in decades of life lost to the toils of forced labor camps. Famine is a constant threat forcing local people to crowd around these prisons to beg for food from prisoners.

When working and traveling in India with my spiritual tours, I’ve experienced first hand the actual process of their escape. When (and if) they make it past the Nepali border checks and into India – they are given food and shelter, have an audience with their leader the Dalai Lama, and then they join a monastery, go to school or search for work.


India is generous to give Tibetans a home in their already over-crowded land, but refugee life is still difficult. Beds so filthy I wouldn’t let my cats sleep on them – let alone caring and charismatic monks. Bathrooms so lacking in facilities I struggle to figure out how exactly they wash. They suffer the soaring temperatures of India using rusty fans and still find the heart to generate funds to feed their monasteries.

I remember as I sat at a temple in Delhi witnessing all of this, my instinct was to leave – for I don’t have the resolve to exist in such conditions. Then the idea came, albeit a reluctant one at first – for it involved much work. I decided to raise £3000 (~$4800.00 USD) to create a cleaner, more equipped temple and home for my Tibetan friends. And in doing so I am facing one of my BIGGEST fears – heights. The project will be managed by myself in conjunction with the monks who will hire and deal with the local workmen. As I am in India running my tours anyway – so every single penny raised shall go directly where it is needed.

Please – if you have it in your heart to help – come over to www.gofundme.com/freetibet to sponsor my plane jumping madness for these beautiful people.

Love & Blessings, Lisa Tully

Lisa Tully & monks

Feeling miffed at corporate life and all its samsara trappings – Lisa handed in her notice. Money was tight, people were pessimistic, but her heart was smiling. For she had a deep calling to go to India and the money for a ticket fast burning a hole in her pocket.

On returning back to Europe from this incredible trip she found it difficult to settle back into the spiritual poverty of the west – for so much had changed inside her. So after witnessing the stress and anguish of her Western brothers and sisters with new eyes she decided more people need to experience what she experienced. As a result she found her passion and has committed herself to running journeys to Dharamsala, India and has been blessed ever since. ♥

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Spiritual Journey Peru Willka Tika

Journey to Machu Picchu – Authentic Spiritual & Cultural Wonders
Peru – LAST CALL!!
Trip Leader: Carol Cumes
September 13–24, 2012

Equine Therapy

Reconnecting to Truth through Horse Wisdom
Tucson, AZ – LAST CALL!!
Trip Leaders: Ezra Marrow, Briana Lorenz-Marrow & Judy Askins
Sept 19-23rd, 2012

Sedona Women's Yoga Retreat

The Awakening! a Women’s Intuition, Yoga & Life Mastery Retreat
Sedona, AZ – LAST CALL!!
Trip Leaders: Kathy Knowles & Joy Kochmer
Sept 29-Oct 4th, 2012


Costa Rica Spiritual Retreat

Mayan Vibrational Alignment – Embracing the Cosmic Shift
Trip Leader: Ernesto Ortiz
October 14-20th, 2012

Teotihuacan Spiritual Journey

Dreaming Heaven!
Teotihuacan, Mexico – NEW!!
Trip Leaders: Lee McCormick, Gini Gentry, Francis Rico
October 15-21st, 2012


The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile
Dharamsala, India – TIME TO REGISTER!
Trip Leader: Lisa Tully
October 16-Nov 1st, 2012


Uxmal Yucatan spiritual journey

Mayan Mysteries of the Heart
Uxmal, Yucatan – TIME TO REGISTER!
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal & Rev Frankie Timmers
November 10-17th, 2012


Guatemala spiritual journey

Skanda Yoga, The Art of Transcendence
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Trip Leader: Ken von Roenn III & Lina Vallejo
December 9-15th, 2012

Bhutan spiritual journey

Reawakening to our Deeper Purpose
Trip Leader: Wendy Palmer
December 15-21st, 2012


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