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Dear Friends,

WHAT’S NEW? Have you hurt or offended anyone this year?


I want to wish all my Jewish friends an easy Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) fast today. For those of you not familiar, Yom Kippur is a day of fasting that occurs 10 days after the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah. These are the days we repent for any hurtful words or actions we have taken in the previous year, a time to forgive and let go, and to ask for the forgiveness of others.

Although I’m not what I’d call religious by any means – I do enjoy reflecting on who I might of offended in the past year, and how I could make reparations (if I haven’t already). The real kicker here is that it isn’t just about asking for forgiveness, but making a commitment to never behave that way again!

So given that little qualification – consider how often you say you’re sorry for treating your friends, loved ones, co-workers or even total strangers unkindly – but still feel that you were entitled to be that way given the circumstances in the moment. But according to Judaism – it’s important not only to apologize, but to promise to never treat anyone one badly again. It’s about making kindness a non-negotiable life value – to treat both ourselves and others with the highest respect regardless of how right we think we are. (Otherwise, why bother to ask forgiveness for something you are going to do again?!)

No matter what the spiritual tradition, we can learn something from it – so I’m curious what you think about this (please post below). And if I’ve offended or hurt you in any way this past year – please forgive me. 🙂


We’ve got two wonderful journeys coming up fast. So if you’re interesting in joining any of them – IT’S LAST CALL!

Teotihuacan spiritual journey

Dreaming Heaven!: Teotihuacan, Mexico – Oct 15-21st. We invite you to experience the mysterious essence of transformation revealed in the profoundly life-changing film, Dreaming Heaven. Your guides, Gini Gentry, Francis Rico, and Lee McCormick will share ceremonies and practices from the Toltec wisdom tradition that Teotihuacan was built to serve – a dream filled with peace, grace and love.

Dalai Lama spiritual journey

The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile: Dharamsala, India – Oct 16-Nov 1st. On this special journey of the heart, Tibetan Lama Buga and Lisa Tully will be leading our group to McLeod Ganj, India to attend public teachings by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Following our time with the Dalai Lama is a 10 day silent retreat run by the internationally renowned Tushita Meditation Centre. This is a serious retreat that will provide the tools needed to begin or enhance a daily meditation practice and to learn more about Tibetan Buddhism.

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Allowing Abundance!

For all you local St Pete, FL folks I want to share a fabulous day of awareness and personal growth taking place on Sunday Oct. 21, 2012, from 9am-5pm. It’s the ALLOWING ABUNDANCE WORKSHOP. There will be 4 powerful presentations, a group healing session, free lunch, fun gifts, live music, a free BioMat and healing sessions – plus book signing with all presenters!

If you’re wondering who’s speaking – here’s the line-up!

  • Emily Rivera Andrews, Angel Healer, MANIFESTING WITH THE ANGELS, Let the angels guide and inspire as you clear, cleanse and awaken!
  • Sheri Rosenthal, Author, Speaker, ROOTING OUT THE FEARS THAT SQUELCH THE FLOW, Nip those fears in the bud and reopen to abundance.
  • Jim Del Veccio, Author, Investor and Debra Loran, Healer, MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE, Practical tools for realizing your potential and creating abundance.
  • Terez Hartmann, Author, Performer, ALLOWING PROSPERITY! Tools and insights for LETTING prosperity happen while ENJOYING the journey.

The pricing is great – only $89 – IF you register by Oct 1st. Even lunch is included! (Regular price $99) To register go to: www.SuncoastTransformation.com/awaken.html or call: (941)-479-0323

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Exploring the Divine Feminine…

Living a passionate and purposeful life brings an inner confidence and self-love that is deeply felt when doing exactly what you desire. See, our needs can be met and filled daily, but our dreams and desires, are the ones that escape most people’s lives and continue to be just a dream.

Bali Spiritual Empowerment Female Entrepreneur Summit

Long ago, I realized that our Earth is a playground and one that I can explore, at my own choosing, so I did. For twenty-eight years I have been traveling to sacred sites and learning about our ancient cosmology, origins and expanding my spiritual self into possibilities that exists when in sacred trust and communion with the Divine, you’re most precious self.

Your Divine self is the original seeding of perfected self, she lives within and I believe it is our job and purpose to extract who she is from the inside out to bring awareness to our human being: freedom, self-love and integrity. Integrity to your truth, freedom to be and experience your potential and a love that is rejuvenating, deeply healing and truthful to our feelings and needs, as we all have them.

Traveling brings these three key points Divine life into order, to be felt, experienced and explored. Bali to me is one of the most feminine Divine spiritual landscapes we have on our planet. She opens up a space within you to be nurtured by her environment, dancing and singing is part of the culture as is sacred spiritual practice that unveils inner healing potential, we all have it, most don’t discover it others explore it and pursue it daily.

Bali Womens Retreat

It is such a gift to be surrounded by a group of like-minded, open-hearted women who embark on a powerful intention, to be spiritually empowered and to live life fully with no limitations to what is possible. Our Bali retreat in April is built upon this model of diving into your most precious and expressive self. She is yearning to be explored, cared for and revealed, we all feel the calling to love more, exploring our spiritually empowered self deepens this inner knowing, the wise one that lives and breathes through sacred wisdom and ceremony.

I invite you to join me as we uncover your sweet spot, your powerful place of voice, movement and purpose. We will bring all of these together during our summit on the weekend, into a business platform and open up all of your possibilities to live passionately and on purpose doing your great work, exactly why you came here at this time, to share your inner wisdom.

I am honored to be your guide during our Spiritually Empowered Female Entrepreneur Summit; it will change your life, guaranteed!

Deborah Skye King
Blessings & Love, Deborah Skye King

Deborah Skye King is a bestselling author of Discovering & Living Your Soul’s Purpose: The Keys To Your Future, President of Soul Therapy™ International, Creator of The StarPower* System for Female Entrepreneurs and 8 Weeks To Discover Your Soul’s Purpose.
Deborah Skye has been facilitating workshops and leading classes worldwide creating positive changes in people’s lives for over seventeen years. She shares her enthusiasm, her expertise and her dedication to world transformation with others who are willing, desiring and expecting to live their lives to their highest and fullest potential!

**Want to experience Deborah Skye’s teachings in a
deeper and more profound way?

Join her in Bali for her upcoming Spiritual Empowerment! Female Entrepreneur Summit – April 5-15th, 2013. Early registration is critical for this retreat!

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Teotihuacan Spiritual Journey

Dreaming Heaven!
Teotihuacan, Mexico – NEW & FILLING FAST!!
Trip Leaders: Lee McCormick, Gini Gentry, Francis Rico
October 15-21st, 2012


The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile
Dharamsala, India – TIME TO REGISTER!
Trip Leader: Lisa Tully
October 16-Nov 1st, 2012


Guatemala spiritual journey

Skanda Yoga, The Art of Transcendence
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Trip Leaders: Ken von Roenn III & Lina Vallejo
December 9-15th, 2012

Peru spiritual journey

Awakening Solstice at Willka T’ika
Trip Leader: Carol Cumes
December 13-24th, 2012

Bhutan spiritual journey

Reawakening to our Deeper Purpose
Trip Leader: Wendy Palmer
December 15-21st, 2012

Swim with the dolphins

Awakening Your Divine Joy – Wild Dolphin Trip
Bimini, Caribbean
Trip Leader: Joe Noonan
Dec 9-13 & Dec 19-23, 2012


Cambodia Volunteer Journey

Unconditional Love in Action
Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Cambodia
Trip Leader: Rev David Ault
Jan 23-Feb 2nd, 2013


Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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