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WHAT’S NEW? Another Season with Another Reason!

What am I talking about? You ask!  The seasons change, the climate changes, astronomical changes are happening, and all of this has an effect on the changes happening within us and around us.  Fall is a symbol of harvest or reaping the rewards of growth, and not just in the vegetable garden. 

You see we go through the seasons and some of us are not taking note of what is actually happening in each season. Instead we look at the weather associated and carry on with our daily activities.  We all have a favorite season which is usually chosen for its temperature, or perhaps the ability to take part in specific events, hobbies or activities.  For example lots of folks love summer because they love the beach, socializing and the warmer temperatures. 

In summer months, we are making the most of what mother nature has offered us, and that one simple appreciation starts our day. We wake up in a better mood when the Vitamin D is shining in the window and our spirits are up! In fall we start to feel somewhat cooler temperatures, we reap the rewards of our vegetable gardens, but we also reap the rewards of a busy summer and being able to find comfort in our cozy sweaters, warmer blankets, and of course we still are at awe with the beautiful colours that begin to surround us as the leaves change colours.

The reward we are actually getting is the ability to calm the mind and slow down from a season of excitement in the months prior!

I wish you all a fabulous first week of Fall!

Blessings & love, Sheri

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The Bosnian Pyramids: A Sacred Spirit Journey
September 29th – October 8th, 2019

Harness The Energies of the Bosnian Pyramids to accelerate your ascension process, Ignite Your Soul With Passion And Purpose; Awaken To Greater Consciousness. Imagine standing on top of the Sun Pyramid, the tallest Pyramid in the world, where it has been scientifically proven an energy beam spirals up into the sky. Standing in this vortex of electrifying and transformative energies they’ll infuse your mind, body and energy field with the highest vibrations.

Spend time exploring and meditating inside of Ravne, a network of tunnels and chambers running under Visoko Valley believed to connect the pyramids. The Ravne Tunnels contain a high concentration of negative ions which help the body to move into a natural state of health and wholeness physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality.

Trip Tuition:  $3847 USD double occupancy.A non-refundable deposit of $500 USD is required to reserve your spot. (deposit is applied towards the total trip cost) $540 – single occupancy supplement

Details for Bosnia

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Journey Forward to Self-Compassion Women’s Retreat,
Miraval in Austin, Texas
October 13th – 16th, 2019

Journey Forward to the incomparable Miraval Resort with other like-minded women seeking to deepen their self-care, soul-care, nourishment and renewal of their mind, body and spirit.

These 4 days/3 nights retreats are the perfect getaways for women to step outside their daily roles and allow themselves to unapologetically create time to indulge in relaxation, delving into tools of mindfulness and meditation, spa treatments, and culinary adventures in the kitchen.

Our retreat will culminate with a challenge course that will demonstrate your growth as you put the tools you’ve gained into practice. These retreats are sure to provide ongoing gifts, not only in the bonds that are formed but in the lessons learned that you can apply to all aspects of your life.

Trip Tuition:  $2614 USD based on double occupancy, $2914 USD Single Occupancy

Details for Miraval in Austin

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Something Bigger Than What We See On The Outside
By Rabab N. Hammoud

How the stars are placed in ordnance so perfectly in the sky,
You think of who created them and all the reasons why.

Besides the science of the universe, there must be a poetic side.
An artist much more articulate than you and I.

I sometimes watch them for hours and hours at a time,
Hoping to see a shooting star to wish away the pain held inside.

To think of how beautiful the light disappears into the darkness of the night
And how the next morning will bring back the light.

A reoccurring circulation that every day we watch arise.
Every day we see it happen, but only a few of us realize.

It’s almost become human nature to let this beauty pass us by.
We almost never take the time to admire the art that stands before our eyes.

A perception that is only seen through the vision of the wise,
Knowing there’s something bigger than what we see on the outside.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/something-bigger-than-what-we-see-on-the-outside

With All my love & blessings. Sheri Rosenthal



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