In our March Newsletter this year, I have shared my experience of the amazing journey to Iceland I took with my son last year in Autumn.

If you have a few days of vacation left, October and November are great months to spend some time rejuvenating in this awe inspiring place. There are some really low fares on Icelandair from all of their gateways in the US. Whether you live in the East or West Coast you can fly to Iceland for less than $ 500.00 and we can create an unforgettable experience for you spending a few days visiting Geysers, the Blue Lagoon and enjoying the pristine nature and atmosphere.

I promise that you will come back with your senses rejuvenated, your spirits high and your body energized.

If you have a little extra time to spend, why not add a few days and see one of Europe’s cities you have always wanted to visit? For just a little more you can add London, Copenhagen or Paris to name just a few. October and November are not busy in Europe because most people prefer visiting in Spring or Summer, however you will find that the places you’ll be going to will be quiet and peaceful. Imagine walking into one of the beautiful cathedrals with almost no-one except you in it.

There is something very special and serene walking into an old church during the Fall and Winter months. It’s lit with candles and filled with a silence that just thinking of it gives me goose bumps.

If you feel inspired and excited or have any questions, simply call; 604-204-0444 or e-mail me. I am planning another trip for my son and myself this Autumn, maybe we’ll meet in Iceland or one of the beautiful cities in Europe.

With Love, Ales
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