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WHAT’S NEW? Are you fulfilling your visionary purpose?

We often feel called to travel when searching for insight into our challenges, mission or purpose in life. That’s why we love to go on journeys of the spirit!

sinfonia-shamanicaYet sometimes we don’t need to leave home to discover our visionary purpose. It might come to us in a dream or vision, as a whisper urging you to listen to your heart.

My dear friend and business partner Meghan Gilroy has been listening to those dreams and visions and whispers for years. Whether it was that nudge that urged her to go on a transformational destination retreat with shaman and international bestseller don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements…

Or the vision that showed her getting married to her husband (two weeks after their first date!) on top of a pyramid in Mexico…Or the whispers that urged her to combine shamanic healing with business coaching to become a soul-powered entrepreneur with a mobile, freedom-based business…

It can be hard to know what to do with those whispers and nudges or how to interpret them or whether they are aligned with your mission and purpose…That’s why she’s sharing an 8-point checklist to determine whether you are on purpose with the mission Spirit has for you!

>>> Download the Visionary Purpose Checklist here: <<<

(P.S. Meghan will also be a featured guest on the Modern Shaman Summit Nov 2-12th… stay tuned! More info coming your way.)

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Voicing Your Feminine Power and Wisdom: Israel
November 12 – 22nd, 2016 – LAST CALL!!

If you’re a hard-working woman ready to live your truth and share your gifts with the world, then join me for a transformative Immersion into the Holy Land. Over 10 replenishing and restorative nights and 11 days we’ll be reawakening the power of your authentic voice through ancient feminine sound healing techniques.

Descending 300 stairs into the belly of the earth, and then winding through a narrow tunnel reminiscent of a birth canal, you emerge to join the rest of your friends around an ancient well. In this still, silent womb of the earth, surrounded by the spirit of wise women across the ages, you surrender yourself to the space and reconnect with the ancient source of your feminine power.

Mystic Feminine Israel. Enjoy the biblical landscapes, as the wells of Miriam and Mary Magdalene replenish through the echoes of their sacred feminine power. Celebrate sacred Sabbath with an insider’s visit to Jerusalem. Visit Galilee, Safed, the Dead Sea, a Bedouin feast, a camel trek, myrrh and frankincense, fresh cinnamon and clover, the essence of fresh persimmon and olive oil, and so much more!
Trip tuition: $5995 USD per person double occupancy – all breakfasts included and several dinners.

Details for Israel on Eliana’s website





Every once in a while I come across a movie that has me sitting in silence, praying deeply for the enlightenment and redemption of humanity. The Stoning of Soraya M is one of those movies. On the most superficial level this movie is based on a true story of a woman who was stoned to death in Iran and was published as a book by the same name in 1994 by French-Iranian journalist Freidoune Sahebjam. On the deepest level it is a story about each of us.

While stranded in a remote village having his car repaired, Freidoune is approached by Zahra who shares the horrific tale of her niece’s stoning the day before in her village. Her prayer is that her voice is heard around the world and that other women do not suffer such a cruel and unjust plight. Soraya’s husband wanted to divorce her and marry a 14 year old girl, but Soraya did not want her children to starve without a father and refused.

When a village woman dies, both the local mullah and her husband encourage her to cook for the widowed husband who has a young son. She does so with an open heart – but unbeknownst to her a plot is unfolding to accuse her of adultery so she can be stoned to death freeing her husband of his responsibilities to her.

Some people have complained that the movie is gruesome and an exaggeration of the worldwide abuse of women. Others use the movie as an excuse to point fingers at the inhumanity of Sharia Law and Islam. Still others claim it uses sensationalism to hook people’s attention and accomplishes nothing.

You might watch the movie and ask how can good people be moved to take such vile actions – how can anyone bury a person halfway in the ground and then stone them to a bloody death? But I ask you now to be very honest in this moment and look deeply in your heart and admit to yourself when you most recently stoned someone verbally or emotionally because you believed you were right.

I understand that the magnitude between my question to you and what occurs in the movie is different. But it is the exact same process of justifying what we believe to get what we want and that is what is at issue. Once this type of thinking is considered normal – that we all do it – where do we draw the line between a simple argument with a spouse and the stoning a human to death? Either way we are killing the spirit of that person, focusing our poison at them for our fear-based purposes.

It is not about what belief system is right or wrong, better or worse. It is about the ultimate process of enlightenment – freedom from being compelled to take actions based on “wrong perceptions.” Whenever we take this path we will always find suffering and hell on earth.

I invite you to watch this movie (you can watch it below), and rather than watching it at the very basic level of an entertaining story, go deep inside and see how you too have manipulated what you believe and those around you to get what you have wanted. Once you have clarity, gift yourself and those in the movie with your forgiveness based on your compassion knowing that we have all behaved this way in our ignorance and we all deserve redemption.

Peace on earth starts in the minds of each human – so please join me on this path of truth, forgiveness and love.

Blessings & love, Sheri


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