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Dear Friends,

WHAT’S NEW? A Beautiful Prayer by Chief Seattle…

Earth mother, star mother,
You who are called by
A thousand names.
May all remember
We are cells in your body
And dance together.
You are the grain
And the loaf
That sustains each day.
And as you are patient
With our struggles to learn,
So shall we be patient
With ourselves and each other.
We are radiant light
And sacred dark
~the balance~
You are the embrace that heartens
And the freedom beyond fear.
Within you we are born
We grow, live, and die.
You bring us around the circle
To rebirth,
Within us you dance


Bhutan spiritual journey

Reawakening to our Deeper Purpose: Bhutan – Dec 5-20th, 2012. Join author and aikido master Wendy Palmer for this sacred pilgrimage of meditation, chanting, prayer and ceremony – where we expand our consciousness and cultivate the compassion of Buddha within us. This trip is designed in the context of spiritual practice and our intent will be to strengthen our connection to wisdom, energy and compassion. Anyone with a committed and regular practice is welcome to participate.

swim with the wild dolphins

Awakening Your Divine Joy: Wild Dolphin Trip: Bimini, Caribbean – Dec 10-14 & Dec 19-23, 2012. Join Dolphin Whisperer Joe Noonan for an amazing, retreat to beautiful Bimini, Bahamas, in the Caribbean Sea. On this Nature-based retreat, we will be swimming in the vitally alive and healthy waters that surround Bimini, and we will visit pods of wild dolphins in their home, on their terms. Wild dolphins have an almost magical ability to activate us into heightened levels of joy and awakening; most everybody describes the experience as profoundly inspiring and life-changing!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Skanda Yoga, The Art of Transcendence
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala – Dec 9-15th, 2012

Ken van Roenn III

Are you looking to purify your mind and Spirit in Mayan country for the Galactic Alignment of 12-2012? Deepen your yoga asana practice and enhance your meditation skills? Utilize the Mayan calendar as a daily oracle to align with the Universal energy? Practice the art of Dream yoga and develop techniques for lucidity? Participate in shamanic ceremonies in the power place of Lake Atitlan?

Join us for 7 days of Transformation at the Villa Sumaya at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Each day Skanda Yoga teachers Ken von Roenn III (ERYT 500) and Lina Vallejo will lead an inspiring, challenging, and informative asana classes. There will be meditation sessions and ceremonies to prepare for the most pivotal time in the history of humanity. You will leave feeling renewed and empowered with new skills to take your life and your community to the next level of possibility.

Skanda Yoga is the integration of many spiritual traditions. It is the co-creation of Lina and Ken after many years of exploration and navigation. Synchronicity revealed itself and they aligned with the guiding power of Grace. Lake Atitlan is the epicenter for 2012 and the Mirror of the Gods. It is the perfect setting to dive deep into yoga, Mayan calendar, and the spirit of rebirth. Trip cost: $1875.00-$2165.00 USD per person triple-single occupancy, all meals included. Details for Guatemala here!

**Want to experience Ken’s teachings on a deeper level and immerse yourself in the energy of the Mayan people?

Join him in Guatemala for his upcoming yoga retreat.

Early registration is CRITICAL for this retreat!
Do watch the video on the right –>

You need to get a flight during holiday season.

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Got a group trip coming up that you dread planning?


The best thing about JOTS is that our journeys bring together like-minded people from all different walks of life, looking for inspirational and perspective changing experiences. By the time the last day arrives, spirits are high and wonderful new friendships have been made.

Sometimes however, the spiritual journey end up being – YOU planning your next family group journey, special trip with your closest circle of friends, or trip for the affinity group that you’re a member of.

Now maybe you are one of those people who love digging into the research of it all and managing your group’s travel plans.


But then again, maybe just the sound of that makes the hair on your arms stand up.

Making arrangements for a group tour can often be a daunting task, and who would be better qualified to help you than someone who has had years of experience in planning group travel worldwide (like us!)? So how can we help? Well…….

  • We can do the research and make sure the best options are presented to you
  • We can find accommodations best suited for your group
  • We can coordinate everyone’s flight schedule and arrange transfers
  • We can make suggestions and arrangements for activities and excursions
  • We are available 24 hours a day to offer assistance to your group (just in case!)

Whether you are looking for a spiritual retreat, a visit to some of the world’s most awe inspiring sites or just a few days with your best friends getting pampered in an awesome spa, we can make it a blissful and effortless event.

Ales & Isaac

If you’ve got a trip coming up that you could use some help with – contact us and we can chat about all the different options and how to make your journey an absolutely unforgettable (and EASY) adventure.

Blessings & Love, Ales Struna
Director of Custom Travel
Phone: +866.866.5566 or if you’re local: 604.204.0444
Email: Ales@journeysofthespirit.com

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Guatemala spiritual journey

Skanda Yoga, The Art of Transcendence
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Trip Leaders: Ken von Roenn III & Lina Vallejo
December 9-15th, 2012

Peru spiritual journey

Awakening Solstice at Willka T’ika
Trip Leader: Carol Cumes
December 13-24th, 2012

Bhutan spiritual journey

Reawakening to our Deeper Purpose
Trip Leader: Wendy Palmer
December 15-21st, 2012

Swim with the dolphins

Awakening Your Divine Joy – Wild Dolphin Trip
Bimini, Caribbean
Trip Leader: Joe Noonan
Dec 10-14 & Dec 19-23, 2012


Cambodia Volunteer Journey

Unconditional Love in Action
Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Cambodia
Trip Leader: Rev David Ault
Jan 23-Feb 2nd, 2013


Peru spiritual journey

A Journey of Light to the Heart of Peru: Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca
Trip Leaders: Pat Crosby, Reverend Mel Morishige, Karen Yue
Feb 18th-Mar 2nd, 2013


Peru spiritual journey

The South Island & Soul of the Maori: New Zealand
New Zealand
Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal
March 2-10th, 2013


Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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