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As always, I want to make sure that Journeys of the Spirit is meeting your spiritual travel needs.

So I am asking for YOUR help. If you did not take a moment to fill out our survey last week – PLEASE help us by doing so today. 🙂

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NEXT: There are only 2 spots left for my Women’s Retreat to Uxmal this Nov 9-16th. This journey is an invitation, from me to you — an opportunity to explore the quality of what you put forth in the world. The lightness + luminosity of your own audacious projection of love + creativity. And, if you’re looking for a chance to escape the ordinary + step into a life of rare adventure — this is the program for you.

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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The Empower + Enlighten Women’s Retreat: Uxmal, Yucatan
November 9-16th, 2013


Uxmal Spiritual Journey

Are you looking to explore your current life direction and transform it with passion + purpose, learn focused tools to help keep a sense of Zen in your hectic life, unwind your creaky muscles and quiet your feisty mind with delicious spa services and experience some of the most striking Mayan ruins + cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula?

If so join inspirational speaker and author Sheri Rosenthal and New Thought teacher Frankie Timmers for a very special journey to the Mayan Heartland for 7 delicious days of deep clarity, inner peace + fierce self-love.

You’ll gently illuminate the sneaky inner dialogue that’s limiting your success in both your business + personal life.

Our focus will be on the aspects of spiritual nourishment and clarity in our lives:

  • HEART (Empower)
    Self-love. Spirituality. Rejuvenation. Inspiration. Philanthropy.
    Key question: “How can I nourish my heart & soul — every single day?”


  • CLARITY (Enlighten)
    Beliefs. Limiting agreements. Perspectives. Internal dialogue. Your point of view.
    Key question: “Do I have an aerial view of my life — or just a narrow perspective?”

Uxmal Spiritual Journey
Uxmal was a university of sacred spirituality and cosmic harmony whose information is stored in the stones ready for us to access and embody.

Through powerful ceremonies and spiritual practices we’ll connect with universal wisdom and truth residing within – beautifully reflected in the design and purpose of these ruins.


Highlights of Your Adventure:

  • Travel home with your passion renewed – committed to creating a love-based life for yourself
  • Become prepared to take positive action in your life with clarity and acceptance.
  • Learn powerful ways to move beyond the old fear-based societal paradigms.
  • Marvel at the most beautiful frescoes and architectural designs in the Yucatan peninsular.
  • Participate in powerful ceremonies and spiritual practices to live your purpose and passion!
  • Seven lovely nights at the 5 star Lodge at Uxmal – located steps from the pyramids!
  • Create balance between the sky-earth, sun-moon, and masculine-feminine energies within you.
  • Swim in the crystal clear sacred waters of Yucatan’s cenotes (sinkholes).
  • All meals, ceremonies, entrance fees, transport, tours and excursions on our itinerary are included!

Uxmal Spiritual Journey


We’ll be staying at the 5 star Lodge at Uxmal located at the very entrance to the Archaeological Park in the mist of the sacred energy of this magnificent site in the Puuc Hills.

Wonderful spa services are available to relax, be pampered and rejuvenated. Enjoy regional cooking and a wonderful terrace bar where you can relax under the stars in the magnificent shadow of the ruins.

Trip cost: $2995 USD per person double occupancy, all meals. Details for Uxmal here!

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Can you Really Justify That?

One of the more interesting qualities of the human mind is its ability to justify anything it wants according to what it believes. This particular ability is exceedingly important for students of spirituality since it is one of the traps that we fall into time after time with little to no awareness. So it is critical that we investigate some of the ways we get caught in the pitfalls of justification.

When we justify something that we have said, done or thought – what we are doing is making that thing valid and acceptable. Something deep inside of us knows that what we are doing or saying is not truly appropriate and so we feel we need to defend ourselves. After all, the truth certainly does not need to be justified – it is what it is and you can say what you want about it and it still is the truth. The only thing that needs to be defended is what is not truth. That needs to be justified so that we can make what we know is not okay – acceptable.

Let me give an example of what I mean. Imagine that you are out together with friends and you overhear a couple of your buddies talking about you at the end of the table. They are talking about one of your less than perfect qualities and having fun with that. You on the other hand take it very personally and shoot them the “death look.” Then you mutter under your breath in a way that everyone sitting next to you can hear that they are rude and stupid.

Clearly you feel justified to behave that way because you feel you have been wronged, they were rude, they were talking about you, and they hurt you. You are justified in giving them “the look” and insulting them in front of others – right? Wrong. You are not justified to behave that way. Your friends may have behaved in a less than considerate way – but how does that justify your ill behavior?

Part of one’s spiritual path is the process of transcending the ego mind and every moment of our lives is an opportunity to practice doing so. To take others actions or words personally is to indulge in egoic behavior. What those folks said at the table is nothing for you to get upset about. It doesn’t matter if they were saying you are an utter creep – there is still nothing for you to get upset about. No amount of ill behavior on their part can justify you doing the same.

I have addressed this issue many times in workshops and immediately folks start justifying to me why “in this particular situation” it was okay to do what they did. And my answer is – you can argue all day long and you still are not going to convince me that you are “right” (or that in this case treating people rudely is going to ever stop others from treating you that way or that they deserve it).

Of course there are many ways that we can justify ourselves – this is just one example. We can justify stealing from work (I don’t care what they are paying you – it does not justify stealing), yelling at those we love (I get that they are behaving in a way you don’t like – but that does not justify yelling either), or even eating another piece of cake (no amount of talking about how you had a bad week and deserve it is going to change the fact that you just took in an extra 300 calories)! I think you get the picture here!
Sheri Rosenthal

I encourage you to see if you can wake up in the moment and gain awareness of when you are defending your right to be anything other than the divine wonder of creation that you are! Do let me know how you feel about all this and your personal experience with justifying.

Blessings, Sheri

Registration is open for Sheri’s: Empower + Enlighten Women’s Retreat to the Mayan Yucatan, Mexico – November 9-16th. Email me immediately if you are interested.

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Whales & Wild Dolphins

The Heart Wisdom of Whales & Wild Dolphins
Trip Leader: Anne Gordon de Barrigón
October 6-11th, 2013

Travel to Nepal

Kindfulness – a Healing Retreat in the Himalayas
Trip Leader: Sharee James
October 16-25th, 2013

Teotihuacan, Mexico

Revealing the REAL You – Journey to the Pyramid of the Sun
Teotihuacan, Mexico – NEW!
Trip Leader: Brandt Morgan
October 18-24th, 2013 (email us ASAP if you’re interested)

Swim with the Wild Dolphins

Oneness Awakening Wild Dolphin Trip
Bimini, Caribbean
Trip Leader: Joe Noonan
October 21-25th, 2013


Uxmal, Yucatan

The Clarity + Heart Women’s Retreat
Uxmal, Yucatan
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal + Rev Frankie Timmers
November 9-16th, 2013

Spiritual retreat Assisi

Access your Dreams Retreat
Assisi, Italy
Trip Leader: Mami Veza
Nov 15–21st, 2013

Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile
Dharamsala, India
Trip Leaders: Lisa Tully
Nov 16-Dec 6th, 2013


Volunteer Journey to Siem Reap

Unconditional Love in Action: Volunteer Journey to Siem Reap, Cambodia
Trip Leader: Rev David Ault
Jan 22-Feb 1st, 2014


Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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