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Dear Friends,

WHAT’S NEW? How about some LOVE during election time?

I’ve always loved Bobbie McFerrin’s heavenly voice and I thought while the political insanity was doing it’s thing I’d share something that could transcend the madness and ground us in what really matters. Notice the feminine twist on the words – so sweet! Hope you enjoy this. 🙂


Bhutan spiritual journey

Reawakening to our Deeper Purpose: Bhutan – Dec 5-20th, 2012. Join author and aikido master Wendy Palmer for this sacred pilgrimage of meditation, chanting, prayer and ceremony – where we expand our consciousness and cultivate the compassion of Buddha within us. This trip is designed in the context of spiritual practice and our intent will be to strengthen our connection to wisdom, energy and compassion. Anyone with a committed and regular practice is welcome to participate.

Yoga Retreat to Guatemala

Skanda Yoga, The Art of Transcendence: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala – Dec 9-15th, 2012. Are you looking to purify your mind and Spirit in Mayan country for the Galactic Alignment of 12-2012? Deepen your yoga asana practice and enhance your meditation skills? Utilize the Mayan calendar as a daily oracle to align with the Universal energy? Practice the art of Dream yoga and develop techniques for lucidity? Participate in shamanic ceremonies in the power place of Lake Atitlan? Then you won’t want to miss this trip!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Allowing Abundance – LAST CALL!

For all you local St Pete, FL folks I want to share a fabulous day of awareness and personal growth taking place on Sunday Oct. 21, 2012, from 9am-5pm.

It’s the ALLOWING ABUNDANCE WORKSHOP. There will be 4 powerful presentations, a group healing session, free lunch, fun gifts, live music, a free BioMat and healing sessions – plus book signing with all presenters!

If you’re wondering who’s speaking – here’s the line-up!

  • Emily Rivera Andrews, Angel Healer, MANIFESTING WITH THE ANGELS, Let the angels guide and inspire as you clear, cleanse and awaken!
  • Sheri Rosenthal, Author, Speaker, ROOTING OUT THE FEARS THAT SQUELCH THE FLOW, Nip those fears in the bud and reopen to abundance.
  • Jim Del Veccio, Author, Investor and Debra Loran, Healer, MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE, Practical tools for realizing your potential and creating abundance.
  • Terez Hartmann, Author, Performer, ALLOWING PROSPERITY! Tools and insights for LETTING prosperity happen while ENJOYING the journey.

The pricing is great – only $99.00 . Even lunch is included! To register go to: www.SuncoastTransformation.com/awaken.html or call: (941)-479-0323

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How to Replace Fear with Unconditional Love
Using a Gift from the Ancient Lemurian Grid

Today, more than ever, it is beholden upon you to replace any shrinking and tightening of your energy field – any fear – with the higher happy vibration of unconditional love. Fear makes you feel tight, stressed, old and tired. It makes you reactive instead of proactive. It makes you stuck in old destructive patterns.

Spiritual Journey Peru

How do you replace fear with unconditional love, you ask? Would you believe it is incredibly easier than you can imagine? I’m going to reveal a secret from the long-resting and now re-awakening Lemurian Grid to help you with this. This secret can help you in many aspects of your daily life.

The Lemurian Grid is the blueprint for the fabled ancient lost continent of Mu, aka Lemuria. This continent is said to have filled most of the present day Pacific Ocean as well as the western coasts of North and South America ~ from Mt Shasta, down the California coast and into Peru. The Hawaii Islands, said to be the “Mountaintops of Lemuria”, are considered “The Healing Capital of the World.” Most people report a very special feeling in Hawaii and call it Paradise. This feeling is part of the Lemurian energy.

The Lemurian Grid is an ancient energetic pattern which holds uplifting emotions, memories, ideas and feelings such as happiness, joy and unconditional love. Think of the Lemurian Grid as a divine blueprint or plan for all things uplifting and positive.

Approximately 50,000 years ago the Lemurian Grid went to sleep. Now, it is newly awakening as part of what the Mayans call “The New Dream” which begins in 2013. 2013 indicates the beginning of a new cycle of time, experiences, energy and frequency on planet earth. And a new beginning for our relationships.

How Can I Use the Energies of the Newly Awakening Lemurian Grid
to Heal Relationships, Old Hurts and Wounds?

The Lemurian Grid is very high frequency – it is of the frequency of love. Its color is magenta with a beautiful golden tinge around the edges. Other high frequency feelings include laughter, happiness, contentment, peace, harmony, etc.


Here is a little visualization you can do anytime, anyplace, to bring these high frequency feelings into a relationship which suffers from lower frequency disorders such as anger, resentment, bitterness, regret, pain and suffering.

Imagine an arc of beautiful magenta light emanating from your heart. Enrich your mental image with as much light and vibrancy as you can muster. Next, imagine this magenta arc of light connecting to the heart of the person you are thinking about. Now, the two of you are aligned on a high frequency pattern. Think of this as a sort of Lemurian Wifi.

When you actually see the person you have imagined in this little vision, just breathe slowly while in that person’s presence. No need to talk about the problem ~ unless of course you want to. This high frequency connection will elevate both of you to a happier, more fulfilling relationship in which you enjoy a higher frequency connection.

It is fine if you cannot see or imagine a vision. Your beautiful intention is enough to carry the Lemurian grid energy of unconditional love wherever you want to send it to replace a constriction of fear or other negative emotion. You can also always call upon your divine friends such as angels and guides as well as Source to help you. These beings are always available when you ask for them and they love to be of service in this way.

What is a good way to deal with fear in relationships?

Whenever you notice this strange and abnormal tightening feeling of fear arise, imagine this beautiful Lemurian magenta arc of color connecting your heart with the heart of whomever or whatever you fear.

Spiritual Journey Peru Willka T'ika

You could also fill your mind with the words or thoughts of “unconditional love” or similar high frequency words to replace any noisy negative words that may be flooding your mind. Find words you like that ignite your passion and holds your interest and attention.

You can just pretend too, if you are not aware of any feeling or passion inside yourself. All methods will work equally well to transmute fear into love. Just as heat melts ice into water, unconditional love transmutes fear into love.

You can freely call upon the Angels of Forgiveness to help you anytime you feel stuck or notice tight blocks. These angels are specialists in removing tight blocks from old memories, events and experiences. Just ask them for their help and they’ll be there!

Improving with practice

The more you practice this simple thought exercise, the easier it will get for you. You will begin to see your relationships transform and vibrate at higher frequencies. These transformations will make you feel a lot happier and also bring positive feelings to the person you are thinking about. The Lemurian grid energies of unconditional love have the ability to transform and transmute all they touch into a higher divine loving vibration. And that, my friend, will make you feel a lot better – and help heal our world!

I hold you in the Beautiful Lemurian Light of Unconditional Love, Pat Crosby


Pat Crosby has studied many aspects of spirituality since her awakening in 1981. Leaving her PhD program in Clinical Psychology, she was guided to many trips to India for deep immersion in soul transformational energies, initiations and decades of deep meditation under the supervision of masters. She began a now 30+ year course of serious study of the knowledge and direct experiences of the doorways to higher consciousness described, and encoded in the ancient spiritual writings of enlightened masters.

Pat’s most recent call to service was 4 months in Hawaii during the dawn of 2012. There, Pat was initiated into the resurrection of the Lemurian Grid, and shown its beautiful treasure chest filled with the gems of unconditional love as well as multidimensional and quantum consciousness. She was guided to many sacred portals and began consciously connecting with the Golden Spirit of Lemuria and a collective known as the Lemurian Council.

**Want to experience Pat’s teachings on a deeper level and visit the sacred ruins of Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca?

Join her in Peru for her upcoming A Journey of Light to the Heart of Peru
Feb 18th-Mar 2nd, 2013

Early registration is CRITICAL for this retreat! Those pictures above are from Peru – awesome aren’t they? Do NOT miss this trip – it will be very special.

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Guatemala spiritual journey

Skanda Yoga, The Art of Transcendence
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Trip Leaders: Ken von Roenn III & Lina Vallejo
December 9-15th, 2012

Peru spiritual journey

Awakening Solstice at Willka T’ika
Trip Leader: Carol Cumes
December 13-24th, 2012

Bhutan spiritual journey

Reawakening to our Deeper Purpose
Trip Leader: Wendy Palmer
December 15-21st, 2012

Swim with the dolphins

Awakening Your Divine Joy – Wild Dolphin Trip
Bimini, Caribbean
Trip Leader: Joe Noonan
Dec 10-14 & Dec 19-23, 2012


Cambodia Volunteer Journey

Unconditional Love in Action
Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Cambodia
Trip Leader: Rev David Ault
Jan 23-Feb 2nd, 2013


Peru spiritual journey

A Journey of Light to the Heart of Peru: Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca
Trip Leaders: Pat Crosby, Reverend Mel Morishige, Karen Yue
Feb 18th-Mar 2nd, 2013


Peru spiritual journey

The South Island & Soul of the Maori: New Zealand
New Zealand
Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal
March 2-10th, 2013


Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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