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WHAT’S NEW? Are We Living in a Jar or a Bubble?

I saw a meme last week which I will share with you! It was intended to be funny and it is, but it got me thinking about when I was a child and I would go into deep thought – Wondering where we came from.

It said ” What if they’re not stars, but holes poked into the top of the container so we can breathe.”

It reminded me that there is so much more out there, something we tend to lose sigh of.  That we are a piece of puzzle with a destiny and a purpose, which we learn throughout our lives.  A reminder that we live on this great big planet, with so much to see and learn. Regardless of whether you believe we are in a jar, to be thankful that you don’t have to live in a bubble.

Take advantage of the many opportunities we have to travel and see and explore. There are always going to be answers we seek and better answers to come, and hey if we are all in a jar, at least we are in it together 🙂

With laughs and blessings!


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VORTEX- Connect. Learn. Play
Miches Playa Esmeralda, Dominican Republic
May 2nd – 7th, 2020

Join Dr. Sheri Rosenthal and Meghan Gilroy as you converge with your tribe of entrepreneurs with heart in this 5 day wanderlust adventure that will leave you feeling loved, recharged and inspired to launch your business & self to the next level.

Breath in the fresh Caribbean morning air with the warm sun beating on your shoulders, as you head over to your first group gathering excited to get your creative juices flowing! Pop into Sheri’s online business building session, followed by Meghan’s special meditation ceremony to get you aligned with your souls purpose. You are going to align and expand yourself and your online business all while having epic FUN!

This experience will allow you to decide what you want to do and most need and everyday you will have a smorgasbord of choices.  Choose how to run a small business, or be a better marketer so you can attract your ideal clients for your events, retreats or programs using the latest online strategies. Perhaps you are looking for the spiritual side- how to use your divine guidance, nurture a positive mindset and how to bring your sacred work into the world to create a business that is sustainable for life. You will even have the opportunity to express yourself creatively and physically through art, yoga and movement!

This amazing experience allows you to craft your own personal agenda because only your souls knows exactly what you need!

Trip Tuition: Early Bird Special ends December 1st.  Price options and payment plans available! See website.

Details for Dominican Republic

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The Ultimate Relationship Workshop,
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa, Costa Rica
September 12th – 19th, 2020

Journey Forward to Costa Rica for the Ultimate Relationship Workshop with Joree Rose, and life partner and colleague, Dr. John Schinnerer. Explore beautiful Costa Rica on daily excursions while also delving into relationship tools that will be sure to provide you with the tools to create and maintain your best relationship ever!!

Whether you are newly dating, been married for a long time, or are recently dating after divorce, these relationships skills will benefit you and your partner in all areas of your life. Learn effective communication, how to create ongoing connection and intimacy, turn down the volume on anger and resentment, build a lasting connection that can weather any life challenge, and so much more!

Having the Ultimate Relationship doesn’t happen by chance; it happens with awareness, attention and intention. When you learn how to implement and integrate these scientifically proven skills, your friends will be jealous at all the sex you’ll be having and the smiles on your face! Don’t let past hurts, disconnection or lack of time (especially due to parenting or your career), or growing apart make you think that you just can’t be happy. You can!!

Trip Tuition: Coming soon!

Details for Costa Rica

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Living Life in the Shadow of Death

In the Toltec tradition the angel of death plays a significant role in a warrior’s life. If anyone can be depended upon to set our priorities straight and keep our minds clear, it’s death. Why? Simply because we have a habit of proceeding in our lives as if we have forever to live, acting as if things can wait until tomorrow to be resolved. But this is not truth. We have no idea when our last moment will be.

Years ago, one of my apprentices didn’t show up for a group class that I was teaching monthly in Atlanta. I was unable to reach her by phone or by email. Luckily, I had her work number and was able to communicate with a lovely woman in her office. With all the kindness in her heart she informed me that my apprentice had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I felt so blessed to be able to know this angel, even if it was for a short period of time.

Her death touched me deeply. I again pondered what it means to live as a warrior rather than a person sleep-walking through life. Since I started the Toltec path I’ve changed so many of my nonchalant behaviors and attitudes. I created a will so that my family has instructions as to my wishes. My business is in neat files so that anything that is needed can be easily found. Bills that have not been paid are in a “to be paid file,” and those that are paid are neatly filed with the credit card that paid for them. At the end of every day I clean my desk so that everything is in order. These are some of the work things I do so that all transactions are completed by days end.

In addition, I no longer leave life’s issues unresolved. Back in the old days if I had an argument with someone I would wait until I calmed down to address the situation and often stewed about it for long periods of time before I felt able to forgive and communicate again. Now all scores are tallied and debts are paid at the end of each day. A warrior never leaves business undone for others to follow up on as he takes total responsibility for his or her life.

Ask yourself this question: Why argue with the people you love if there is a possibility that you cannot make amends before you die? Certainly any of us would be saddened if we had a fight with a friend and one of us died before we could say “I’m sorry.” If we lived our lives as if they could end at any moment we would be very careful about what we said and did. We wouldn’t be working under the assumption that we had forever to atone for our words and deeds.

As an experiment, spend one day pretending that you are going to die tomorrow. For one day communicate with people as if it were your last day. Do your best to live your life fully and completely for the day, savoring the sweet taste of life and those you love. What you may find is that you aren’t fully present in your life and that you’re waiting for a better day to come. Well guess what, today is that better day and you might not get to experience tomorrow. Living life from this point of view will empower you to find your happiness and peace in every moment because who the heck wants to waste their last day on earth in conflict with others? Not me!

With all my love! Sheri

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