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Dear Friends,


Joel Boggess

TODAY, my good friend Joel Boggess, radio host and life coach – is announcing his latest book – Finding Your Voice – a definitive guide for those of us who want to get back in touch with our true selves and live our best possible life.

This book contains the message Joel feels he was put on this earth to write about, share, and deliver. He and his wife Pei recently spoke on Finding Your Voice at Ziglar’s morning devotional and received rave reviews!

In support for a healthy relationship, prospering business, Joel is offering a library of bonus goodies when you pick up his book online November 5 and 6th.

Think of the bonuses as being in three “buckets” – family and relationships, personal growth, and entrepreneurial and business. When you buy the book, you’ll get full access. You can check out the bonuses here: www.fyvbook.com.

Click to purchase: www.amazon.com

12% of the book sale during November 2013-14 will be donated to Mercy Ministries.

PS: After you buy the book, go to www.fyvbook.com. Select as many bonuses as you’d like. (You’ll be asked to enter some quick information before you download.)

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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The Enliven + Energize Women’s Retreat
Maui, Hawaii – March 18-23rd, 2014

Get it now.

Womens Spiritual Retreat Hawaii
Join Sheri Rosenthal (your Transformational Life Coach) + and Deborah Kagan (your Sensual Lifestyle Specialist) for 4 days of delicious spa services, serious mojo + unrestrained vitality.

We’ll be focusing on how to uplevel: Our inner vitality (what keeps us energized and alive) + our personal sanctuary (what allows us to deeply relax and recharge in our home) through heart-felt circles, ceremony, experiential exercises, and so much more!

If you’ve been feeling a bit down and dragged out – this retreat will have you recharged, centered, and ready to create magic in your life and business!

What’s Included (it doesn’t get much better than this ladies!):

  • Five luscious nights at the stunning Lumeria Maui Retreat Center (featured in O magazine).
  • Fifteen healthy meals.
  • Daily group women’s circles.
  • A delicious Lomi-lomi massage.
  • All transformational teachings & ceremonies.
  • Two mini one-on-one sessions (one with Sheri + one with Deborah).
  • Signed copies of both Deborah + Sheri’s books
  • …plus a special goodie bag (yum)!

Early Bird Special: All you need is $250 USD to hold your place! Save $500 USD by booking now.
$2995 USD per person double occupancy, all meals + more.
REGISTER for Maui here!

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“God is silent. Now if only man would shut up.”
~Woody Allan

Ladakh women

As I sit down to share with you the benefits of a silent retreat and why you might want to try one, I’m met with fierce resistance to the task.

My brain pushes against clichés like: “Your thoughts fall away to reveal a deep inner calm,” or “The peace you find in a silent retreat will help you next time the stress of life becomes overwhelming.”

While these benefits may or may not be true for you – my brain tells me it’s the kind of thing people want or expect to hear, although not necessarily what will be most helpful to them.

The truth is that inner silence does not come easy.

Ladakh Festival

These retreats are often physically demanding due to the long days of sitting. They can also be mentally excruciating with your mind tempting you to quit.

You will spend no small amount of time creating elaborate excuses to get you out of sitting and silence. For many days you may simply hate it.

You may or may not get to a place of constructive work with the silence. When you leave, what you gain may or may not go with you.

But I will tell you this. Silence isn’t about stopping the incessant internal dialogue. It isn’t about de-stressing from an overworked life. It isn’t a way to become a super you (though the physical effort can feel like a super human accomplishment!).

Silence is about connection with God.

Ladekh Himalayas

Silence brings you into direct connection with infinite  conscious awareness. Silence is how you make contact with your real self, your divine nature, your God-ness, if you will.

In Buddhism, silence is an essential component on the path to enlightenment. So is regularly retreating from daily life, both individually and in groups.

The key is to think less about the ego-driven accomplishments of silence and the mental goals you wish to reach, and more about re-establishing your direct connection to “The Oneness of the Universe.”

It’s about opening yourself in the moment, to The Divine. Opening yourself to receive powerful pure love, acceptance, and beauty. This is the real gift of silence; why you sit for fifteen hours a day for ten days.

To remember what it feels like to be touched by God plainly, simply, and lastingly.

When life’s challenges, obstacles, and doubts arise, this is how God shows you what you need to address in your inner and outer life in order to be able to be open enough to remember your most profound connection.

My lesson is to remember the need for regular silence in my own life.  To remember to wake up each morning with a vow on my lips and a prayer in my heart to feel my God-ness and live my truth.

And to remember the real power of silence lies in my connection with The Divine every second of every day of my life.

Blessings & Love, Lisa Tully

Lisa Tully & Lama Buga

If you’re looking for an unusual and very special spiritual adventure I recommend Lisa’s upcoming Mystics, Oracles & Shamans of Ladakh, India – March 6-19th. On this trip you’ll attend two winter festivals of the oracles, the Stok Guru Tsechu festival and Matho Nagrang Festival – as well as attending a local shamanic session with a female lay oracle (where you’ll have the opportunity for personal healing).

Lisa is your gracious tour host – her background is Irish and her travels to India first began when she was 21. Her spiritual journey began over 10 years ago and she is now a practicing Tibetan Buddhist having sought refuge with the Dalai Lama in his hometown of McLeod Ganj, India. When she is not running tours in India she spends as much time as possible there on personal retreat and attending Buddhist teachings and initiations to further her own personal practice.


Uxmal, Yucatan

The Enlighten + Empower Women’s Retreat
Uxmal, Yucatan – LAST CALL!!
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal + Rev Frankie Timmers
November 9-16th, 2013


Volunteer Journey to Siem Reap

Unconditional Love in Action: Volunteer Journey to Siem Reap, Cambodia
Siem Reap, Cambodia – LAST CALL!!
Trip Leader: Rev David Ault
Jan 22-Feb 1st, 2014


Travel to Ladakh

Mystics, Oracles & Shamans of Ladakh
Ladakh, India
Trip Leader: Lisa Tully
Mar 6-19th, 2014

Maui, Hawaii

The Enliven + Energize Women’s Retreat
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal and Deborah Kagan
March 18-23rd, 2014


Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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