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Dear Friends,

WHAT’S NEW? Let There be Peace on Earth

Peace on earth

Two peace promoters caused quite a stir on the internet when their Middle East peace photo went viral this month – thanks to Facebook. A Jewish man from Israel and a Muslim man from Palestine held up a cardboard sign that said “why can’t we all get along” on a street corner in Midtown Manhattan.

Shared on Facebook by Do Something, youth social cause non-profit organization, the photo had over 40,000 shares, and over 19,000 “likes” – not to mention all the comments!

So perhaps this holiday season each of us could commit to bringing peace into our hearts and minds, forgiving those we are angry with or who we do not agree with, and embracing unconditional love. Don’t forget to read my article below on unconditional love and post a message for me below!


Yoga retreat Guatemala

Skanda Yoga The Art of Transcendence🙂 Dec 9-15th, 2012. Join Ken von Roenn III (ERYT 500) and Lina Vallejo for 7 days of Transformation at the Villa Sumaya at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Each day they will lead inspiring, challenging, and informative asana classes. There will be meditation sessions and ceremonies to prepare for the most pivotal time in the history of humanity. You will leave feeling renewed and empowered with new skills to take your life and your community to the next level of possibility.

spiritual journey to Peru

Awakening Solstice at Willka T’ika Peru – Dec 13-24th, 2012. Join us at Willka T’ika Guesthouse in Peru’s Sacred Valley to celebrate the high energies of 2012 at the winter solstice. This program includes Solstice ceremonies and Andean Christmas celebrations, Cusco, Machu Picchu and many more surprises. During this transformational journey for conscious sojourners, nurture your spirit and immerse yourself in heartfelt, spiritual offerings along the pathways of Peru’s ancient civilizations.

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Teotihuacan, Mexico: Dreaming Heaven!
Jan 28-Feb 2nd, 2013

Teotihuacan Dreaming Heaven

We invite you to experience the mysterious essence of transformation revealed in the profoundly life-changing film, Dreaming Heaven. Your guides, Gini Gentry, Francis Rico, and Lee McCormick will share ceremonies and practices from the Toltec wisdom tradition that Teotihuacan was built to serve – a dream filled with peace, grace and love.

As don Miguel Ruiz says: “Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive – the risk to be alive and express what we really are.”

Our journey into this sacred city of plazas, temples and pyramids follows this path devised by the ancient masters – illuminating those places in our minds where fearful beliefs limit our happiness, peace and joy. Reborn with expanded awareness, we learn to choose love over fear – awakening to the truth of who we really are – and restoring the innate magnificence of our authentic selves.

Trip cost: $1195 USD per person double occ, meals meals included. Details for Teotihucan here!

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Unconditional Love in Action


One of the most powerful and beautiful resources we have as humans in this reality is our ability to express unconditional love. This is probably why every spiritual tradition or philosophy that I’ve experienced uses unconditional love as the foundation for its teachings.

Yes, our spiritual traditions give us guidance as to how to live and be in the world, but most significant is the aspiration to express universal love as divine beings. Of course it’s one thing to have the ability to express love in this way – and another to actually use that ability in our daily lives!

Many folks have told me that experiencing and expressing unconditional love is not possible in today’s world. Well, I imagine it’s never been easy – not even in Jesus’ time. There was plenty of war, discrimination, hunger, disease, and injustice back then just like there is today. Nope, I don’t think we can use the injustice of the world as a justification or rationalization for our ego’s unwillingness to love in the face of adversity.

People who live their lives expressing unconditional love do so because they are aware of something that most people are not. They understand that when they project their inner anger based on their perception of injustice – they are increasing the presence of fear-based energy in our reality.

This is something they do not want to do under any circumstances. They know that when they put out fear-based energy, that someone else is going to take that energy in – and that energy could empower them to hurt another person. That is truly “karma” in action.


Instead they look to transform any anger that might exist within themselves and turn it into “positive” energy that they can use to take “positive” action in our reality. At the same time they focus on projecting unconditional love and compassion in hopes that the people who are taking those actions based in fear take in their energy and be empowered to make different choices.

It’s possible to live a life of unconditional love if you’re willing to stop judging everything you perceive in life. Once you start practicing seeing the “what is” in life you’ll notice that you begin to become more and more neutral in life. When you see a mother screaming and beating her child – you can recognize the child is suffering, but you also recognize the mother is suffering.

This realization helps you have compassion for her rather than anger. I’m not saying that the mother’s actions are right – or wrong for that matter. I’m choosing to see that two humans are suffering – rather than standing in judgment of the circumstances. I’m choosing not to put any more anger into the reality due to my judgment.

I recognize that what I’m saying may be challenging for many folks, even if your childhood religious training has drilled the concept of unconditional love into your head! Despite that training, we still cannot believe it’s possible to put this concept into practice. That’s because the ego-mind so enjoys being right that it’s loath to give up it’s addiction to judging everything it can perceive. In the end though truth prevails – we are unconditional love and always have been.

Blessings & joy, Sheri

The picture of the pink heart thanks to marc falardeau, The picture of the Chinese character thanks to metaxin.

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Guatemala spiritual journey

Skanda Yoga, The Art of Transcendence
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala – Register NOW!
Trip Leaders: Ken von Roenn III & Lina Vallejo
December 9-15th, 2012

Peru spiritual journey

Awakening Solstice at Willka T’ika
Trip Leader: Carol Cumes
December 13-24th, 2012

Swim with the dolphins

Awakening Your Divine Joy – Wild Dolphin Trip
Bimini, Caribbean – ONLY A COUPLE OF SPOTS LEFT!
Trip Leader: Joe Noonan
Dec 19-23, 2012

The Mapuche Experience

The Mapuche Experience
Patagona, Chile – NEW!
Trip Leader: Walter Lema
Dec 16-Dec 23rd, 2012


Cambodia Volunteer Journey

Unconditional Love in Action
Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Cambodia
Trip Leader: Rev David Ault
Jan 23-Feb 2nd, 2013

teotihuacan spiritual journey

Dreaming Heaven!
Teotihuacan, Mexico – NEW!
Trip Leaders: Gini Gentry, Francis Rico, and Lee McCormick
Jan 28-Feb 2nd, 2013


Peru spiritual journey

A Journey of Light to the Heart of Peru: Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca
Trip Leaders: Pat Crosby, Reverend Mel Morishige, Karen Yue
Feb 18th-Mar 2nd, 2013

dharamsala spiritual journey

The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile
Dharamsala, India
Trip Leader: Lisa Tully
Feb 23-Mar 10th & May 12-31st, 2013


Bali spiritual journey

Spiritual Empowerment! Female Entrepreneur Summit
Trip Leader: Deborah Skye King
April 5-15th, 2013

women's retreat sedona

Soul*Full Women’s Photography Retreat
Sedona, Arizona – NEW!
Trip Leader: Catherine Just
April 5-15th, 2013


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