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Dear Friends,



I have such a calling to go back to Bhutan – one of my favorite places on this glorious planet of ours and I want to know if YOU are interested in joining me next year. The people, philosophy, and spiritual traditions of this little country so touched my heart – and I know it will do the same for you.

Timing revolves around the festivals and those dates are set by the Lamas once they agree on the auspicious days. But it will be around November 2014.

This trip always involves quite a bit of planning and I would like to create a list of folks who are interested in the journey.

Trip pricing will probably be $5499 USD for 14 days, all meals, teachings, ceremonies, your flight from Bangkok to Bhutan (a value of approx $800 USD) + much more included! (Does not include your international flight to Bangkok).

If you’re interested and want to be on the list email me now!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Kick Start your life with a 3-day Personal Intensive!

Sheri Rosenthal
You know you’re a good person and deserve the best in life. And you know that life shouldn’t have to be so difficult. But even though you know that deep in your heart, do you still:

  • Wake up wondering whose life you’re living? Feel like you’re lacking clarity?
  • Find yourself short-tempered, frustrated or unhappy?
  • Wish your relationships were more supportive and loving?
  • Want to forgive and move on, but can’t?

If this sounds like you – join me (author Sheri Rosenthal) for a Personal Intensive. It’s a powerful experience and is a great way to jump-start your life.

Imagine what life could be like if you were calm and centered no matter what situation you faced in life, rather than emotional and unclear. What if you no longer took people’s actions personally? Or if forgiveness came easy to you? Or even if you never got in another argument for the rest of your life?!

Believe me – it is possible. Details for Intensives here!

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Mists of Avalon
Stonehenge is arguably the most famous sacred site in the world. One and a half million people a year visit this pile of stones in the English countryside, why? Reasons are many and varied, but behind them seems to be a desire deep within the human experience to reconnect with source/spirit. People have needs beyond the physical and emotional and many people know intuitively where to go to satisfy those needs.

Stonehenge is normally out of bounds except for certain hours and yet each year the demand from people to gain access to this temple at sunrise on the summer solstice is so great that the great stones are opened up freely to all comers. Thousands of people enter the normally off-limits inner sanctum to watch the sun rise and bless the earth once again. This is an experience most people will never forget.

Stonehenge was part of a much larger Neolithic complex of structures spread out across the landscape of Wessex. It was built in several stages over a period from 2800-1500 BC. We still know so little about the people who constructed it, how they did it and the all-important question of why they erected it in the form they did.

Archeologists provide some evidence that can help us with such things as “when,” and where the stones came from. The relatively new field of archeo-astronomy is shedding light on the alignments of many sacred sites including Stonehenge to celestial events and the traditional Celtic festival dates.

The most obvious alignment at Stonehenge is to sunrise at Summer Solstice. On this morning the rising sun causes the shadow of the outlying Heel Stone to be cast right into the center of the temple. It penetrates the outer stone ring and reaches deep into the horseshoe-shaped arrangement of trilithons to kiss the altar stone.

Much has been written about the sexual symbolism of this act and how it honours the sun bringing life to the Earth, the Divine Marriage. Avebury stone circle, which was the center of the Neolithic landscape temple complex of which Stonehenge was a part, has Summer Solstice and Beltane alignments, both also celebrating this cosmic union.

Avebury Circle

John Michell shows how the ground plan of Stonehenge and that of the Mary chapel at Glastonbury Abbey are laid out to the same design and indeed that the original “wattle and daub” church of Joseph of Arimathea and Stonehenge can be superimposed on one another without altering the scale of either. He further demonstrates how geodetic information is encoded in the proportions of Stonehenge, that is the builders of Stonehenge knew the sizes of the Earth and the Moon!

Dowsing and earth energies research helps us understand some of the “why” in relation to possible uses of the structure. Stonehenge was located above an upwelling of natural earth energy or electro-magnetism; this was common practice with all ancient sacred sites.

The stones chosen for all stone circles contain a large amount of crystalline material and so they attract and conduct the electro-magnetism that is present in the ground. The layout of the potentized stones creates a “cauldron” containing a remarkable mandala pattern of energy, which can be utilized for various purposes – facilitating spiritual initiations and rites of passage, empowering ceremonies or healing.

Stonehenge Britain Sacred Sites

Two archeologists have recently been promoting their theory that it may well have been a place of healing. Professors Tim Darvill and Geoff Wainwright were aware that the bluestones came from the Prescelly Mountains in Wales, close by sacred springs that were revered for their healing properties.  Darvill and Wainwright believe that Stonehenge was like a Neolithic “‘Lourdes.” They recently conducted the first archaeological dig within Stonehenge for nearly 50 years.

An ancient text would seem to support this view; it records that the legendary Merlin tells King Aurelius:

Laugh not so lightly, King, for not lightly are these words spoken. For in these stones is a mystery, and a healing virtue against many ailments. Giants of old did carry them from the furthest ends of Africa and did set them up in Ireland what time they did inhabit therein.

And unto this end they did it, that they might make them baths therein whensoever they ailed of any malady, for they did wash the stones and pour forth the water into the baths, whereby they that were sick were made whole. Moreover they did mix confections of herbs with the water, whereby they that were wounded had healing, for not a stone is there that lacketh in virtue of leechcraft.”

The truth may well be that it was a multi-purpose center, one used for healing, connecting to the world of spirit, performing various ceremonies, predicting cosmic events as well as the earthly seasons and a place for honouring the ancestors and those newly departed. Each person’s own intuitive response to being inside the stone circle may give him or her some insight into the mindset of our distant ancestors.

If this very brief introduction to the purpose of Stonehenge has wetted your appetite to know more – consider joining Cameron and I on our upcoming Crop Circles and Sacred Sites journey July 20-29th, 2014. And ladies – Cameron is very excited about her annual Women’s Journey to Avalon May 29-June 6th, 2014. We would love to share Sacred Britain with you. 🙂

Blessings & Love, Cameron + Glenn Broughton

Glenn & Cameron Broughton

Glenn Broughton, who is English, has been researching and visiting ancient sacred sites for twenty years and is drawn to explore their energetic properties and how such places of power affect us today.

Cameron Broughton’s life path has taken many directions; adventurer, seeker of spirit, functions and conference organizer, group leader, entrepreneur, massage therapist, healing facilitator and mother. Following her passion brought her to England in 1996 where through a serendipitous unfolding of events she met Glenn (her life partner) on the first tour that he led visiting the Sacred Sites of the Southwest of England.

It gives them both great pleasure to share there enthusiasm and love for the magic of the UK, its legends, myths and mysteries.


Volunteer Journey to Siem Reap

Unconditional Love in Action: Volunteer Journey to Siem Reap, Cambodia
Siem Reap, Cambodia – LAST CALL!!
Trip Leader: Rev David Ault
Jan 22-Feb 1st, 2014


Travel to Ladakh

Mystics, Oracles & Shamans of Ladakh
Ladakh, India
Trip Leader: Lisa Tully
Mar 6-19th, 2014

Maui, Hawaii

The Enliven + Energize Women’s Retreat
Maui, Hawaii
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal and Deborah Kagan
March 18-23rd, 2014


Machu Picchu, Peru

Dream You 2.0!
Peru – NEW!
Trip Leaders: Laura Pirie + Luca DiMatteo + Russ Jones + Jorge Luis Delgado
April 22-May 1, 2014


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