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WHAT’S NEW? The White Nights Festival in Russia!

The White Nights Festival is a unique cultural event centered around a natural phenomenon in which the sun does not fully set for around a month, leaving the Saint Petersburg, Russia open for exploring at all hours of the day (and night). During the festival people have the opportunity to indulge in ballet performances, opera, theater shows, a variety of musical performances and the ever popular Scarlet Sails show. In addition to the added performances it’s an amazing time to visit a gorgeous city and truly make the most of your time there!

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Finding YOUR Way on El Camino de Santiago:
A Magical, Mystical, and Miraculous Healing Journey
September 14th –25th, 2018

Has walking the el Camino been on your bucket list way too long?

But you can’t take the 2 months off from work and truth be told… you really have no desire to walk 500 miles and yet you want the sacred experience.

Walking the el Camino de Santiago is the perfect way to illuminate key areas of your life – including health, self-care, relationships, career, creative expression, and even your relationship with the Divine that are calling out to you.

Make no mistake this will be a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to connect with your soul’s deepest longing and truths. Offering you time away from the stresses of everyday life to breathe, think, feel and gain fierce clarity.

Surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful and fragrant lavender that lines your winding path, you release a deep sigh of relief as the fragrance soothes your body and your shoulders drop away from your ears. Bright sunlight warms your hair and you feel all the tension that you’ve been carrying for years leave your body. You smile, knowing you have an entire day to cover the next 6-10 miles. You start walking again, happy, content and contemplative. Ready to go? Then join Cara Andershock on this special journey of the heart.

Trip tuition: $4,497 USD per person double occupancy – many meals included.

Details for El Camino on Cara’s Website!

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Mastering the Tao Nature Within:
Wudang Mountain, China
November 5th – 17th, 2018

Spend two weeks learning the method to ultimate balance with the most prestigious spiritual leaders in the Eastern world. Join Terry Hodgkinson for a powerful journey focusing on the art of Tai Chi, which will bring clarity and calm to your mind. The art of Qigong will be introduced into your lifestyle, enabling you to find your true self and place in this world. Taoist meditation will clear your energy body and have you feeling more rooted to the earth.

Wudang is located in Central China’s Hubei Province and this location houses thousands of years of Taoist practice. The atmosphere is an equal balance of man and nature, sure to awaken your inner Tao.  Experience the summit monasteries, inhale the aroma of medicinal herbs and indulge your spirit into the birthplace of martial arts, surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and old growth forest.

Magnificent buildings of ancient Chinese design and thought are located all over the mountain and there are more than 2,000 Palaces and Temples, making this complex the world’s largest Taoist Center. Delicious chinese cuisine based on Taoist principles nourishes your body as you soothe your mind-leaving your anxiety and stress behind you. Finding the happiness, balance and peace you have been searching for.

Trip Tuition:  $2697 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy: $3397 USD

Details for Wudang, China

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The Secret Life of the Spiritual Rebel

Recently I had an experience that almost every one of us has had to deal with – having one’s email account hacked. My luck, it happened while I was out and unaware, so by the end of the day every human I know received a wonderful link from me to a porn website – complements of someone who I imagine has too much time on their hands!

The whole event in and of itself was no big deal, and I set out to apologize to as many people as I could (sorry if you were one of those folks!). However, what surprised me was the number of extremely nasty notes from people. Not from the people I know well – they realized what had happened and that I would never do such a thing knowingly. But my email account is filled with thousands of people who have written me for advice over the years, or to comment about one of my books, or simply to vent something stressful in their lives – who do not know me well.

The largest number of folks in my email account have come to me through my connection to don Miguel Ruiz having read and enjoyed The Four Agreements. So I know that they are aware of the First Agreement: Be Impeccable With Your Word, and the Second Agreement: Don’t Take Anything Personally. But that doesn’t mean anything – what we say we believe and how we actually translate those beliefs into our lives is a totally different story.

No matter what path you study, it’s one thing to resonate with your spiritual teachings and another thing to put them in into practice. It’s amazing how often people will recite The Four Agreements and then justify with all their personal power why they have the right to be angry, curse, project onto others, and be disrespectful. That’s when the spiritual teachings are great in theory but somehow don’t apply to “their life or situation.”

So it was for the people who felt it was acceptable to curse at me and send me flaming emails for something I never perpetrated upon them. And even if I did – there is still no reason to take anything personally. Either you believe this agreement is truth and will bring you happiness or you don’t – but you cannot agree with it when it suits you and then not agree with it when you feel like being pissed off!

That’s what I call the secret life of the spiritual rebel. It’s the person who looks all nice and spiritual on the outside but is still justifying their right to live as a victim, still secretly enjoying their righteous indignation, and still exercising their ability to blame others.

Truly I understand – I was one of those people too in the past. I loved to share all the wonderful new ideas I was learning on my spiritual path – but look at me the wrong way – and forgiveness, compassion and not taking you personally were out of sight and out of mind faster than you could blink.

Having been a spiritual rebel myself, I can say with all my heart that there is no excuse for treating others in a less than godly way. It doesn’t matter what happened, what the story was or the outcome, how hurt you were, or inconvenienced – there is no excuse, period. There is understanding: yes, unconditional love: yes, forgiveness: yes, but condoning – no.

So today I challenge you to look deeply inside and see if a spiritual rebel exists within you. Ask yourself if you justify falling back on old ways when you think you have been wronged. Do you allow all your spiritual truths to fly out the window in the need to be right? I’m curious what you think. Do post below and let me know what comes to mind! ♥

Blessings & love, Sheri

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