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WHAT’S NEW? Last Call for Swimming with the Wild Dolphins in Bimini!

Wild dolphin flyingJust wanted to remind any of you dreaming of swimming with the wild dolphins that it’s last call to register for Brandt Morgan’s trip June 15-20th. 🙂

During our time with the dolphins you’ll have the opportunity to open your heart and practice unconditional love and acceptance, for these marvelous creatures and for yourself.

These are wild dolphins and when we approach their pods they make the choice to come and join, swim and connect with us. Connecting with their wondrous spirits can be a profoundly moving, deeply healing and life altering experience. Their immense peace, joy and playfulness will touch your heart and awaken your spirit to the magic of your own magnificence.

Trip tuition: $2399 USD per person double occupancy, all meals, and four day workshop. Brandt mentioned he was willing to offer ONE person a discounted trip and if this person is YOU email me IMMEDIATELY.

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Ayahuasca & Ayni in the Andes with Dennis McKenna
Peru, August 7-17th, 2014

ayahuasca spiritual journey

We invite you to join us in Peru for a very special Ayahuasca & Ayni in the Andes program. We are honored and excited to present this week-long ayahuasca gathering – featuring three transformative ayahuasca ceremonies and a series of fascinating lectures by the well-known ethnobotanist Dennis McKenna, PhD – all in the luxurious rejuvenating spa environment of Willka T’ika Guesthouse.

August 7-9 includes a special pre-conference excursion to Cusco and Machu Picchu. August 10-16 will include the Ayahuasca Conference and optional visits to P’isaq, Ollantaytampu, the Urubamba local market, and the Maras Salt Farms.

Informed by over 30 years of research experience in the field of ethnopharmacology, Dr. McKenna’s lectures will include: An overview of ayahuasca – its botany, chemistry, pharmacology, and its traditional uses, Shamanic Medicines – an overview of the major psychedelic plants and fungi used in shamanic practices. Includes discussions of their botany, chemistry, pharmacology and current “state of the art” research on their therapeutic applications and so much more.

Trip tuition: $3375 USD per person double occupancy, most meals included.

Details for Peru here!


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Igniting the Dormant Spiritual Energies Within Us!
by Sharee James

Nepal Spiritual JourneyAs a leader of transformational retreats in the Himalayas of Nepal, I am a big believer in the potential that certain natural places have to inspire, awaken and ignite dormant spiritual energies within us. The Divine Intelligence manifests itself everywhere in nature. Trees, leaves, water, flowers, sky, they all resonate with the vibrant energy of Life.

Though it is easy to forget in our modern, urbanized lives, we humans are part of this natural world, this energy is also a part of us. The more time we spend in nature, whether walking in the woods, swimming in the ocean, gardening, or gazing at the sky, the more we are reminded of who we you are at a deeper level. We are a part of this inter-connected web of life, and like the cycles nature, we too have the potential to transform.

While we may not always have the luxury of jetting off to a far-flung retreat, we can always seek out the power of healing places closer to home, here are some of my favorites:

The Ocean

Whether it is the negative ions in the air, or simply the salty sea breeze, for many people the ocean is a place of cleansing and tranquility. The constant lapping of waves helps us to reconnect with the reliable pattern of our own breathing, and reminds us how life always moves in a state of ebb and flow, and it’s much easier to embrace that inherent rhythm rather than resist it.

Forests and Trees

Nepal RetreatWhether you have access to a whole forest or just a few trees in a park, spending time with these leafy giants can be truly rejuvenating. Taoist energy master Mantak Chia recommends sitting with your back against a trunk and allowing your energies to merge with that of the tree, after 10 or 15 minutes you will feel more grounded and energized.


One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to lay out on a huge rock on a spring day and feel the warmth radiate through my body. Rocks are strong and stable, and according to inspirational writer and author SARK, rocks remind us that “growth and change can be microscopic and result in something solid”.


There is something magical about waterfalls; I especially love feeling the silky surfaces of rocks near flowing water that have been perennially pounded smooth. It reminds me that even the hardest things in life can be softened with time.


Nepal Spiritual journeyFrom seedlings to leafy stems and flowers, working in a garden is immensely therapeutic. In our rushed lives, watching and tending to growing things brings us back to the cycles of nature and the changing seasons of life. Many people find even weeding to be highly therapeutic, there’ s a certain pleasure in getting your hand’s dirty and putting in a hard day’s work out in the elements.

Hilltops and Lookouts

Maybe one of the reasons I run retreats in the Himalayas, is because I love the feeling of being on top of the world and seeing how small everything looks down in the world below, it gives me a whole new perspective on everything. When not in Nepal, I like to seek out hilltops and lookout points and just gaze at the horizon and the tiny towns and cars.

The Starry Night Sky

Travel to NepalPerhaps one of the most mystical aspects of nature is the shining constellations that turn above us each night. It is so easy to think are own lives are the center of the universe and our own problems are so huge, but when we look at the night sky and see the immense magnitude of the universe, the perfection and the divine order of our massive solar system, we are reminded that we are part of much bigger, more mysterious divine plan than we could ever have imagined.

When is the last time you have allowed yourself time to just enjoy nature? What are your favorite healing places and why? And most importantly, when will you be returning to one next?

I invite you to Sharee in Nepal for
Kindfulness – a Healing Retreat in the Himalayas
– October 22-31st, 2014!

Sharee James

Sharee James, has been leading tours in the Himalayas of Nepal for the past 4 years. Trained as a naturopath, yoga teacher, pranic healer and massage therapist, Sharee caught the travel bug in her early twenties and spent 6 years traveling the world on her own.

Out of the 20 countries that she visited on her travels, the spirituality, fascinating culture and ancient healing traditions of Nepal captured her heart and drew her back again and again. Her passion for this incredible destination led to the creation of highly specialized tours and retreats that bring together a team of Nepalese and Tibetan teachers and healers to share sacred Himalayan wisdom and practical tools for transformation.

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Wild Dolphins

Blessings of the Wild Dolphins
Bimini, Caribbean
Trip Leader: Brandt Morgan
June 15-20th, 2014

Sacred Wales

The Heart + Wonders of Wales
Wales, UK
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
June 18-29, 2014


Sacred Britain

Crop Circles and Sacred Sites
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
July 20-29th, 2014


Sacred Britain

Mysteries + Sacred Sites of England
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
August 6-15, 2014


Ayahuasca & Ayni in the Andes with Dennis McKenna
Trip Leader: Dennis McKenna
August 7-17th, 2014


The Heart Wisdom of Whales & Wild Dolphins
Trip Leader: Anne Gordon de Barrigón
Multiple dates: Aug 17-22, Aug 31-Sept 5, Sept 14-19, Sept 28-Oct 3, 2014

Sacred Ireland

The Magic of Celtic Country
Sacred Ireland
Trip Leader: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
August 22-31, 2014


Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year? Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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