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WHAT’S NEW? A Wonderful Summit to Learn From!

 I’d like to ask you to join me for an event that’s important for both of us…

My colleague Alison Palmer invited me to join a discussion with an extraordinary group of other courageous and powerful leaders, difference makers, world changers, and entrepreneurs who have lives of purpose.

The event Alison is putting together is designed to show you how to embrace your inner power, passions, and beliefs and turn them into a profitable business—strategies that will be shared by people who are making a difference with their businesses right now AND living without financial pressure.

This telesummit event, called Wildly Courageous FinanciaI Freedomis focused on giving you the power to serve the world by finding your courage and following the path to making empowered choices that result in complete freedom from the chains of money that hold you back.

I’m excited to participate for two reasons. First, I get to share the methods I use to make money helping other people and following a passion that I love, AND I get to hear the methods other financial freedom experts are using in their businesses. I hope you’ll join me there!

Go to: bit.ly/wildlycourageoussummit

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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The Land of Legends: Wales, Celtic Britain
June 17—27, 2015 – LAST CALL!

Llangollen WalesWales is majestic and otherworldly – lush green valleys filled with morning mist, craggy mountain peaks reaching to the clouds, a coastline to stretch the imagination to the horizon and a formidable reputation founded on legends of druids, wizards and witches. As the last retreat of the inhabitants of ancient Albion, the Welsh are still connected to the “olde ways.” Even today this depth of history and tradition is present in the very fabric of the land.

Our spiritual journey to Wales takes us across this small but diverse country. In eleven days we travel through breathtaking countryside, see stunning coastline, take a train ride up Mount Snowdon the highest mountain in Wales and visit memorable sites. Ancient dolmen and cairns, a legendary Abbey, cathedrals, village churches, a truly unique village, traditional historic towns, the capital city, wells, waterfalls and two castles, including having a medieval banquet in one of them!

We travel a circular route leading us through five millennia of history, culture and varied ancient sacred sites! Although the Welsh language is spoken in some areas everyone speaks English so its a very traveler-friendly country to visit.

Trip cost: £2195 based on double occupancy, Single occupancy supplement: £300 – many meals included.

Details for Wales here!


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Accountability and Responsibility


woodsOnce of the most challenging aspects of any spiritual path is that it asks us to take responsibility and to become accountable for our lives. What makes this so difficult for us is that we have been domesticated to do just the opposite – to blame everything we possibly can on others.

The reason for this is that we have been taught to judge everything we perceive, and as a result are in constant fear of our own self-judgment in case we do anything “wrong” in life. If our minds are going to engage in the process of judging – it’s better if we can find someone to judge other than ourselves!

As a result, we are always looking for someone to blame our circumstances on rather than having to deal with that horrible feeling of beating ourselves up and dealing with that sick feeling we get in our stomachs. Even when we believe we are doing well at taking responsibility for our lives, we still persist in finding things that we feel are going wrong in our lives and pinning them on others.

For example, if you feel you are unhappy at work and see the cause of your discomfort to be the behavior of your boss, the attitude of your co-workers, the amount of hours that you are working, etc – is your discomfort the result of these situations?

If you are uncomfortable with your partner because he or she does not do what they are supposed to do, you do not get respect from them, they always want things their way, or you always feel like you are giving in – is your upset the result of these scenarios?

railwayIf you are irritated with your parents because they are always telling you how to run your life, how to take care of the kids, how to manage your money or who you should or should not date – is your frustration the result of their commentaries?

If you are recapitulating your life and you discover some painful childhood memories, are they still painful because you feel that you were hurt by the actions of others?

I am asking these questions because they are all common situations where we believe that something outside of ourselves is responsible for making us feel a certain way. When we choose to see our circumstances this way we are making ourselves victims of life.

If we feel victimized by something happening in our lives that means we are saying that someone is in charge of our emotional state of mind and that others can make us feel in a certain way. In this case we are not taking responsibility for ourselves and we are making someone else accountable for our feelings. (Forgiveness is a great tool to stop the blame game.)

nature-leafAs spiritual warriors, we know this cannot be truth. We know with all our heart that we are creating our reality by what we are projecting from of our minds and by the way we are choosing to interpret what we perceive. When we no longer give away our personal power to others (so they can be in charge of the way we feel) – we are taking responsibility for ourselves. I invite you all to become “accountable” warriors on the spiritual path of life!

With all my love & blessings, Sheri Rosenthal


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WalesThe Land of Legends
Wales, Celtic Britain
Trip Leaders: Glenn & Cameron Broughton
June 17—27, 2015


Sacred BritainMysteries + Sacred Sites of England
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders: Glenn & Cameron Broughton
July 21—30, 2015

Sacred BritainCrop Circles + Summer Lectures Intensive
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders: Glenn & Cameron Broughton
July 30-Aug 3, 2015



Ayahuasca & Ayni in PeruAyahuasca & Ayni in the Andes with Dennis McKenna
Trip Leader: Dennis McKenna
August 5-15th, 2015

Spiritual Journey to TurkeyDive Into the Ancient Magic + Mysteries of Turkey
Trip Leader: Rev David Ault
August 17th–26th, 2015

Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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