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Dear Friends,

WHAT’S NEW? What is the price of destroying a culture’s spiritual traditions?


I have to say, I was very excited to be able to watch the Shen Yun Preforming Arts troupe when it came to Tampa this past weekend (BTW: Shen Yun means the beauty of divine beings dancing).

What surprised me however, was how deeply spiritual and rich Chinese culture was (even though I did know Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism was practiced in the past) – as compared to how the country functions today.

It had me pondering whether the Chinese would have taken over Tibet if they were still practicing Buddhism and had “respect for the divine.” I took a quote from their website that I felt was interesting and if you would like to learn more do take a few moments to explore the Shen Yun website.

Sophisticated dance techniques, an orchestra joining instruments East and West, beautiful costumes, and a stunning back drop—this is Shen Yun at first glance. But digging deeper, one discovers a sea of traditional Chinese culture. Mortals and divine beings merge on stage as one. Principles such as benevolence and justice, propriety and wisdom, respect for the heavens, and divine retribution, all come to life, washing over the audience. Originating from Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, these ideals are the essence of traditional Chinese culture.

Forcing atheism upon society, the Chinese Communist Party has for decades launched various campaigns—most notably the Cultural Revolution—to destroy not only cultural sites, temples, and relics, but also the Chinese people’s belief in virtue and faith in the divine. Today, on the surface, the Chinese Communist Party claims to be reviving traditional Chinese culture. But no matter how its efforts are framed, they are ineffectual. For the Chinese Communist Party removes the cultural essence of respect for the divine, thereby extracting the heart and soul of traditional Chinese culture. Shen Yun seeks to revive these virtues the world over.”

So I’m curious as to what you think – what do you believe happens when government destroys the spiritual heart of a culture? Do post below!!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Reconnecting to Truth through Horse Wisdom: Tucson, AZ
Sept 19-23rd, 2012

Equine Healing Retreat

This expansive journey compels you to reconnect with the truth of who you are through the mirror of the horse. You’ll discover how these amazing equine guides are naturally dynamic and gifted spiritual teachers, revealing powerful insights that enable us to make life changing personal transformation.

Experience the infinite wisdom they offer us by providing instant, non-judgmental feedback, reflecting back to us our inner-landscape and how we are moving through the world.

During this profound time you will have the unique opportunity to explore how horses act as incredible guides and teachers, reflecting back to us what we are projecting out to the world. We will meld a keen understanding of horse language, with powerful and dynamic personal growth work, leading to profound and immediate results!

Our home for this journey will be the lovely White Stallion Ranch a 3,000 acre retreat at the foot of the awe-inspiring Tucson Mountains. The ranch is adjacent to the Saguaro National Park, a beautiful and biologically diverse region, containing desert grassland, oak woodland, pine-oak woodland, pine forest and the famous Saguaro Cactus a universal symbol of the American West. Black bear, Mexican spotted owl, and white-tailed deer range throughout this amazing wilderness.

The 2012 trip cost is: $1985.00 USD per person double occupancy, meals included.
And do watch the video on the right for more information! –>

~Details for Equine Healing here~

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4 Reasons Why I Want To Be Like A Horse!

First of all, I want to be like a horse because each time they get new shoes, they get two pairs! Okay – I’m only kidding – but having shared that, there are more meaningful reasons.

1- Horses naturally possess life enriching, beneficial qualities.

Horse therapy

They’re willing to teach us how to incorporate these into our daily lives in a profound and fun way, if we are willing to receive their wisdom. Horses detect our “issues,” and mirror our internal landscape using non-verbal communication and body language. Furthermore, the moment we make a change (mentally, emotionally, or spiritually) the horse recognizes this and immediately reflects that change back to us.

2- Horses are not judgmental about themselves, or others – including you!

They don’t waste time and energy being concerned about how others are judging them: how they look, how you look, or whether they’re doing something “right” or “wrong.” Nor are they thinking: “The way I am, and the way you are, just isn’t good enough.” What a relief!

Imagine spending time learning about yourself with a magnificent being that holds no expectations about you and mirrors back honest information about your choices. That’s precisely why it’s so easy to accept their feedback about ourselves than it is to hear it from another person.

When you’re witnessed without judgment, the beauty of your being is fully received. You experience your authentic self as perfect and not needing to be “fixed.” You can’t help but want to spend less time and energy judging yourself and others because it simply doesn’t serve! You’re free to be in the inquiry of your choices and explore them with childlike curiosity and playfulness, without self imposed pressure.

3- Horses Can Only Live In The Present and “In The Now.”

Equine healing

Go ask a horse what day it is or what time it is. If they could speak, they would say: “Why, it’s NOW!” If it’s not happening right now, it’s not happening! Horses connect with you when you are present and disconnect when you are not. They reveal this through their unique nonverbal communication.

Horses become disinterested until you physically, mentally, and emotionally bring yourself back to the present moment. It’s important to learn how to re-ground yourself and to breathe deeply and fully. When you take an authentic, relaxing, long deep breath, your horse will do the very same thing! It’s like they are saying: “Thank you! You needed that!”

4- Horses Are Always Honest, Authentic and Connected to Self.

“Horses do not lie.” Unlike humans, horses cannot feel one way and act another. We may mask our true feelings and thoughts and fool some of the people around us, but you can never fool a horse. Horses are prey animals and we are predators.

The horse’s survival depends on their ability to read a predator’s intentions and energy. When we interact with them, they’re “reading” us and mirroring back to us whatever we are putting out. They detect and reflect our inner landscape using body language, telling us when we are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in or out of alignment.

I’d like to share some examples of how horses have given our clients guidance that they’ve used to make significant changes in their lives. (Please keep in mind that no two participants will have the same experience.)

On one retreat, a participant’s horse began to gently nudge her with his head. So we asked her what she was feeling and thinking and she replied: “I think he really likes me!” Before long, the horse managed to nudge her 15 feet from the group. When asked if she still thought he really liked her, she said: “No! He’s pushing me all over the place!”

When asked if this kind of behavior shows up anywhere else in her life, she declared: “Yes! At work, I’m the human doormat. I can’t say no to people.” Ah ha! Her horse, was reflecting her boundary issues to her in a clear honest way. We were then able to teach her how to begin setting and maintaining boundaries with her horse, a skill she felt she could transfer back into her life.

Therapeutic horseback riding

In a recent workshop we were working with a couple headed for divorce. During one session, their horse felt uncomfortable around their hostile energy and refused to stand between them. It insisted on moving out of their shared space. Their horse was reflecting a clear breakdown in their communication.

After participating in a guided exercise where each person is fully heard and received without interruption or judgment, this couple made huge strides in their relationship by opening the lines of connection. The practice was so powerful that they both broke into tears and had an immediate healing around one of the biggest issues in their marriage. They took what their horse had revealed, and created an opportunity for an amazing breakthrough.

Now, don’t YOU want to be more like a horse? Blessings, Judy Askins


Ezra, Briana, and Judy of Equus Elemental have witnessed profound results and astounding insights in their clients from working with horses.

So if you’d would love the opportunity to learn from these majestic and powerful creatures – put their Tucson, AZ: Reconnecting to Truth through Horse Wisdom Retreat on your calendar for Sept 19-23rd, 2012.
It’s an experience not to be missed!

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Sedona Spiritual Journey

Goddess Healing Spiritual Retreat
Sedona, Arizona
Trip Leader: Shanti Gilbert
April 29-May 4th, 2012


Chichen Itza

Shamanic Healing Techniques in the Heart of the Mayan Lands
Chichen Itza, Mexico
Trip Leader: Ernesto Ortiz
May 17-22, 2012


Oregon Coast

Soul*Full Women’s Photography Retreat
Oregon Coast FILLING FAST!!
Trip Leader: Catherine Just
June 6-10th, 2012


The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile
Dharamsala, India – NEW DATES!
Trip Leader: Lisa Tully
June 5-21st, 2012


A Women’s Sacred Journey to Avalon
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal & Cameron Broughton
June 14-22nd, 2012


Isla Espiritu Santo

Sisterhood, Sand & Sun!
Isla Espiritu Santo, Baja, Mexico
Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal
July 1-7, 2012


Akashic Records Intensive

Akashic Records Intensive – Opening the Secrets of the Stones
Teotihuacan, Mexico
Trip Leader: Ernesto Ortiz
August 9-19th, 2012


Equine Therapy

Reconnecting to Truth through Horse Wisdom
Tucson, AZ
Trip Leaders: Ezra Marrow, Briana Lorenz-Marrow & Judy Askins
Sept 19-23rd, 2012

Bali Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Empowerment! Female Entrepreneur Summit
Bali – NEW!
Trip Leader: Deborah Skye King
Sept 29-Oct 1st, 2012

Santorini, Greece

Inspire Your Creative Soul! (Painting Retreat)
Santorini, Greece – NEW – DATES COMING!
Trip Leader: Linda Jacobson
Sept 2012


Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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