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WHAT’S NEW? Ooooooo……Greece!

Unbinding ​the Heart Yoga Retreat: Santorini, Greece
May 27 – June 3rd, 2017

Join Sherry Smith & Roni Sloman (Yoga Teachers and Life Coaches) for a week in Santorini, where you’ll come away relaxed, refreshed, inspired, and openhearted. You’ll come away filled with the passion the island has ignited in your soul and ready to live the life of your dreams!

See yourself participating in daily yoga, meditation and inner and outer explorations. And finally, feel yourself sinking into a space of such deep authenticity that you begin to embody the profound healing energy of this transformative oasis itself.

Over 7 magical nights and eight days you experience a sense of joie de vivre and lightness of heart you never have before. Play and connection is the focus of our retreat so you’re able to let go and totally immerse yourself in the beauty, food and culture of the island and take this dedicated self-discovery time.

Trip tuition: $2650-$2950 USD per person double occupancy – all breakfasts included and four dinners.

Details on Sherry’s website

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Miracles and Magic on the Big Island of Hawaii
With Pat Tallman and Other Sci-Fi Celebs!
Sept. 10th – 19th, 2017

Are you a heart-centered spiritually-minded nerd craving a tropical adventure filled with fun, thrills and out-of-the-norm experiences?

  • Ready to live a bigger, more adventurous life?
  • Tired of hiding your enthusiasm for the things you really love?
  • Does the world of science fiction intrigue you more than your everyday life?
  • Ever wish that you were around people who really GOT you?
  • Want to have some bragging rights that would impress even Sheldon?

If so join Pat Tallman, (star of Night of the Living Dead, Babylon5, Star Trek, Army of Darkness) for a fantastic adventure on The Big Island of Hawaii! Together we will see the real Hawaii, going where tourists don’t go, AND you’ll have a VIP pass to the best Sci Fi Convention in the west – Hawaii Con!

Plus there will be time to do a night snorkel or dive with Giant Mantas, go on a gorgeous cruise as the sun sets over the ocean, take in beautiful local waterfalls – Akaka & Rainbow Falls and hike the cauldera of Kilauea!

Trip Tuition: $5,500 USD double occupancy, many meals included.

Details for Hawaii on Pat’s Website!

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Tap Into Your Terrific in Tuscany!: Italy
September 4-14, 2017 or
October 3-13, 2017


Imagine enjoying 10 days where you can have fun, eat incredible food, get pampered, learn in depth about another culture and travel with like-minded women. Each trip is designed to be as luxurious, and adventurous as possible (within parameters), with a strategic infusion of personal development that relates to the theme of the trip. We try to plan for up close and personal, in-depth, authentic experiences that also allow for spur of the moment activities that may arise.

This experience is for you if:

  • You are a Baby Boomer woman who wants to enjoy life with a group of fun loving women.
  • You enjoy the finer things in life – quality wine, delicious food,natural beauty & magical experiences.
  • You have a dream inside of you that’s been set aside for years.
  • You need to recharge your body, mind and soul and need an infusion of inspiration in your life.
  • You love combining learning and travel and Tuscany is on your “Dream List!”.

11 days/10 nights of total immersion in the magnificence of Tuscany. Unwind from the daily grind of the 21st century, and embark on this rejuvenating adventure. Rediscover your Terrific under the Tuscan sun.

Trip tuition: $4,136 USD per person double occupancy – breakfast and dinners included.

Details for Tuscany on Holli’s Website!

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Change as Your Lover

One of the hardest things for us humans to grock is change. From the minute we are born we are subjected to it, surrounded by it and experience the results of it. Yet, we are resistant to change, afraid of the impact of it, and in general simply abhor it. You would think that by the time we reached adulthood, change would be a welcome life partner, considering that change normally brings with it the opportunity for self-realization and personal-growth. But no – we kick, scream, and complain our way to adulthood allowing ourselves to be intimidated by something that is as part of us as breathing.

Well, the truth is our tiny little ego minds cannot seem to get a grip on change – even if the mystery within us embraces it. It’s simply a matter of what point of view you choose to see life from in any moment. If the eternal aspect of you is viewing life – it is sure to see your current circumstances with neutrality, objectivity and detachment. However, if you are observing your life from your ego-mind, you are sure to be stressed, troubled and engaged in fighting life – doomed to be caught up in the minutia of your circumstances and judging them to be good or bad from one moment to the next.

The result of this kind of resistance is suffering, something which we are all too familiar with. So how can we lift ourselves out of our suffering and learn to embrace change?

The first step is to learn to embrace the truth. The truth is that there is only change and that change is initiated either by actions taken with awareness or without awareness. Even if you take action without awareness – you are still going to create a reaction – so why be surprised or pass blame? This is simply how the universe works.

Now let’s talk about the second step – detaching from internal judgment. Once you let go of your judgment of yourself and others – you’ll be able to see your world with your spiritual eyes and have neutrality regarding life. You totally lose your neutrality and clarity when you start judging your actions and the reactions that result from them.

Any time you choose to see your reality through your program/ego-mind you will experience pain. Sure it’s nice if you could judge all the circumstances in your life as good – but you would be experiencing happiness secondary to your judgment. That means that you are not centered and at peace – you are still on an emotional rollercoaster due to your judgment even if that judgment is “good.”

That is why it’s important to seek neutrality or equanimity on our spiritual path – it’s good practice so that we can learn to see with our spiritual eyes rather than our filters. I encourage you to embrace change as your life partner and lover. It will have you enjoying your life a lot more and you’ll become excited about living rather than being cautionary and fearful. Go ahead – give it a try…

As always, I wish you the best on your path.

With all my love! Sheri

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