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WHAT’S NEW? Happy Easter & Happy Passover!

Spring is now in full swing (for many of us) and along with the change of seasons comes the celebration of two major holidays – Easter, and Passover.  To those of you who celebrate may your holiday be filled with love and joy.

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Shifting with Shaman, Seeing with your Heart in Peru
June 28th – July 7, 2018

Are you ready for REAL transformation? Yearning to reclaim your health, vitality and connection with Mother Earth? Ready to embrace your infinite potential through ancient and modern shamanic ceremony?

Sensing the powerful crystal-grid energies beneath your feet, your heart pounds with excitement. In this moment, surrounded by the magical qualities of the sacred site of Machu Picchu, you can feel yourself absorbing the potent light that is beginning to awaken all of humanity.

Inhaling the sweet, pungent scent of sage as the smoke is swirling around you cleanses your auric field. You take in the light and the steady beat of the drum and rattle, as you begin to travel within yourself, deep within your heart. There, aligning with your own truth, you clearly feel for the first time the very source of your own personal power and intention. If this resonates with you then join Cara Andershock in Peru!

Trip tuition: $4497 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy: $5192 USD.

Details for Peru!

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A Journey of Remembering in the Heart of Celtic France
October 21st – 30th, 2018

Take the journey of a lifetime to the heart of Celtic France and its many inter-dimensional portals. Through guided meditation, astral travel, and shamanic work, you will reignite your Heart Fire, reclaim more of your True Self, and release negative programs and blocks. Step into your Self Sovereignty, realign with your Soul Purpose, and surrender to your Divine Will.

You’ll reactivate forgotten aspects of self at powerful sacred sites, such as the Cairn de Barnénez (Europe’s largest megalithic monument). Step out of time where legends were born in the Huelgoat Forest and atop Menez Hom (a small mountain sacred to the Celts, who worshiped their sun god here).

Trip Tuition:  $5,780.00 USD includes some meals

Details for Celtic France

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Well, I’ll admit I’m one of those people. Over the years, many of my friends and family have felt that I have abandoned my faith and beliefs in GodAlthough many of us are deeply spiritual, we would be hard-pressed to say we were religious – in other words, that we were adherents of a particular belief system and practice.

Growing up, you may have found aspects of your family’s religion that didn’t sit well with you, seemed conflicting or even down-right insane. The inconsistencies in what you were learning may not have aligned with what you felt deep in your heart.

As a result, you may have decided to let those structures go and simply be “spiritual” allowing yourself the freedom to explore and discover for yourself, rather than being instructed “on the way it is.” Sound familiar?/Spirit/Infinite Consciousness and of course they are correct.

pensive-girlIn fact I am extremely happy to rid myself of all faith and belief when it comes to both spirituality and religion and I’d like to share why.

To start, let’s take a moment to define both faith and belief so we can be VERY clear about our communication together!
Faith is a belief that is not founded in any evidence.
A Belief is simply something you have a conviction about which may or may not be truth.

Hummm. I don’t see why it’s necessary to take it on faith or have a belief that God/Spirit/Infinite Consciousness exists. Doesn’t it make more sense to have the experience of Spirit ourselves than to believe a religious or spiritual system on blind faith?

As a society, do we believe that it’s only possible for the great masters to connect to the very thing that is inherent to us all? No religion actually says that an intermediary is necessary between us and Spirit (although at times that might seem to be inferred). Because if that is so – then we are saying that we believe “I am not” rather than “I am” divine consciousness.
The key is to make that connection with infinite consciousness for yourself. Then it’s no longer necessary to have faith or a belief. But if you have memorized your religious beliefs and there is nothing behind them – that is simply being attached to a belief for the sake of feeling safe in the world.

When given the opportunity to detach from our ego-minds, it is our very nature to have communion with divine consciousness. Only our rigid attachment to our ideas, beliefs, rules and “knowledge” about God, keep us separate from God.
It’s challenging to put religious or spiritual principles into action when we haven’t had the experience to ground them into our daily lives. That’s why many folks who follow a religious or spiritual belief system don’t live the teachings and appear hypocritical.

It’s tough to live what you have never experienced, and really it’s not their fault as they are doing their best at the level of consciousness they are functioning from – it’s the system’s error.

I feel blessed to have a teacher who did not want me to believe him but instead pushed me to practice quieting my mind and making that connection myself.

I am so grateful because now I know with every cell in my body that such a consciousness exists (because that exists within me and in every living being) – even though I cannot tell you what that entity is – as we will never be able to define that which is infinite in nature.

What I recognize is that the last thing we need is more mind and behavioral controls, more belief systems, and more egoic structures to take us away from truth.

And what I pray for is more experienced teachers, and their unconditional love and encouragement that this communion is possible for all – regardless of what tradition they hail from. Please share your thoughts with me – I am curious as to what you feel!

Blessings, Sheri

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