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WHAT’S NEW? The Four Agreements in North Georgia!

If you LOVE The Four Agreements – you’ll want to hop on up to Ellijay, Georgia in the mountains north of Atlanta, May 18-20th for an awesome mini-retreat focusing on “Living The Four Agreements: Attaining Personal Power and Freedom.” My fabulous friend, Joann Antonelli owns the absolute coolest property called The Martyn House where the retreat is going to be held.

There are glamping tents (glamping is short for “glamorous camping”) and also regular housing options. Personally I adore the tents – so fun! The retreat is $495 USD and includes a meal package (dinner Friday night, breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday, and breakfast Sunday). Lodging is separate depending on what you choose – with either single or double occupancy in our various accommodations.

Prominent thousands of years ago, The Toltec were known throughout southern Mexico as women and men of knowledge. At the heart of the Toltec teachings on personal freedom are “The Four Agreements” by don Miguel Ruiz.  He believes that everything we do is based on agreements we have made – agreements we have made with ourselves, with other people, with God, with life – and these agreements control our lives.

Our personal power is tied up in our faith in what we believe about ourselves and our world and in upholding these agreements. The result of this is that we often feel powerless to change our life, with just enough energy to survive each day.

I’ll be revealing this powerful code of conduct and sharing this profound philosophy of immediate, radical transformation, which is at the cutting edge of transformational work in the world today.  If you’re ready to be liberated from old, restrictive patterns, I’ll expertly guide you through these four very powerful agreements.

By adopting these four new agreements, you will create enough personal power to change the entire belief system of your old “contractual arrangements.” By the end of this retreat you will have a deeper and more complete understanding of this masterful book and have taken your first steps toward your personal freedom!


Blessings & love, Sheri

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Altered Books in Portugal:Exploring Words and Images
September 12-16, 2018

An altered book is an enjoyable type of mixed media artwork. On this creative retreat you’ll transform a book from its original familiar shape into something quite different in appearance and/or meaning – something rich and expressive, filled with your personal creative choices and styles. Come and experiment with papers, paints, texture, words, and symbols.

If you’re an artist but don’t know it yet – or it’s been way too long since you dug out your art supplies ~ then join Kat Kirby and Linda Woolfson for a soul-nourishing, 5 day creative retreat in beautiful Tomar, Portugal.

The charming “Vila dos Castanheiros” (Chestnut House, named after its beautiful old sweet-chestnut trees), will be our home and studio, surrounded by woods, fields and bright blue lakes just 2 hours from Lisbon airport.

Trip tuition:  $1,125 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy:$1,195

Details for the Portugal trip!

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Sacred Spirit Journey to The Bosnian Pyramids
September 30th – October 10th, 2018

Harness The Energies of the Bosnian Pyramids to accelerate your ascension process, Ignite Your Soul With Passion And Purpose; Awaken To Greater Consciousness. Imagine standing on top of the Sun Pyramid, the tallest Pyramid in the world, where it has been scientifically proven an energy beam spirals up into the sky. Standing in this vortex of electrifying and transformative energies they’ll infuse your mind, body and energy field with the highest vibrations.

Spend time exploring and meditating inside of Ravne, a network of tunnels and chambers running under Visoko Valley believed to connect the pyramids. The Ravne Tunnels contain a high concentration of negative ions which help the body to move into a natural state of health and wholeness physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality.

Trip Tuition:  Approximately $3,897 USD double occupancy, many meals included

Details for Bosnian Pyramids!

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Feeling Stuck in the Muck!

There are times along our spiritual path when we just feel stuck – it seems like we can’t get out of our own way. We’re irritated with ourselves and with others, and we can’t begin to imagine how we’re going to move past where we currently are – as if it were a permanent destination rather than a temporary point of view. And even if we’re fully aware that we’re clinging to a point of view, a narrow life perspective – we can’t deviate from that position or find our way out. Often we’ll fall into a pool of our own poison blinded to the light of infinite inner wisdom and divine consciousness.

The natural response to this situation is to pull back into ourselves, reject any chance of joy life offers us, and continue on a path of suffering and separation. We’re angry at our inability to shift and in response we lash out at others for the simplest things. We’re blinded by ignorance, depression and fear, judgment and self-loathing. So how can we move past these tar pits of pain and liberate ourselves?

Simple. First take some time to meditate on your feelings. Instead of projecting your feelings outward, breathe them into yourself, feeling them deeply and imagining them transforming as you breathe them out into the light. The tendency is to push away what is painful – so this exercise may seem to be the exact opposite of what you want to do! That’s okay, proceed as directed – make the time to sit and be your own alchemist transforming your fear into something lighter.

A second approach is to add levity to your life. Purposely look to find the humor in the human condition – especially yours. Watch a funny movie, do something lighthearted, purposely get out of the house even when your mind is giving you every reason and justification to sequester yourself. The fact that we are choosing to suffer by holding on to our position is funny – even if it doesn’t feel that way in the moment.

Third – make time to journal what you’re thinking. Write as if you were telling a story to someone else, explaining everything. Do that for a couple of days and then take a break. Go back and read what you wrote and ask yourself if your point of view is that important to you, important enough to cause you so much suffering. Ask yourself – what would happen if you gave up that mental position and wrote a different story? Is there really a difference between stories – are any of them absolute truth? What is your attachment to your viewpoint costing you?

In the end, all things do pass and in all likelihood life will push you out of your funk even if you do not. But it’s much more powerful if you learn to do it for yourself! Give these suggestions a try and let me know how you do. And remember – whatever you do, do it without judgment and self-loathing and make an effort to find the gratitude in your situation always.

Blessings, Sheri

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