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WHAT’S NEW? Deepening Your Connection With Your Inner Knowing

Some news before we get into this weeks guest article on accessing your inner knowing!

I’m writing you from Maui where I am really enjoying a group of fabulous women here on retreat. Lumeria is a stunning place and the energy here is…so relaxing that I feel like I could melt into the earth. The food is yummy here too and I can understand why people want to live here all year long. 🙂

IMPORTANT: This is LAST CALL to sign up for our Sedona retreat March 29-April 5th if you are interested.

Sedona, Az

A Week of Sacred Renewal
Sedona, AZ – LAST CALL!!
Trip Leader: Susan Gregg
March 29-April 5, 2014

Also, if you are thinking of joining us in Peru April 22-May 1, registration is NOW! Your internal flight from Lima to Cusco is included in the price of the trip and we may not be able to get you a flight with the group if you sign up less than a month out (you may incur a surcharge too).

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Joint Ventures: The Most Important Way to Build a Heart-Centered Business!

I’ve been in business a long time now and one of the most critical strategies in building a successful business for me is joint ventures. I don’t know where I would be be without them.

Rich German and Milana LeshinskyWhat’s weird to me is how many spiritually minded businesses don’t use joint ventures because they don’t get why they should align with other like-minded business, after all that’s competition isn’t it?

No. Truly there is no competition – and if we can’t get that at the deepest level as spiritual people – we’re pretty hopeless!

If you’ve been curious about Joint Ventures I recommend you attend this upcoming webinar on the subject by my friends Rich and Milana.

Rich and Milana have each done 100’s of joint ventures. They’ve tapped into the power of joint venture partnerships to add tens of thousands of people to their email lists, become top players in their niches, and sell millions of dollars worth of products and coaching.

I can tell you that I am intimately familiar with what Rich and Milana have created because I’ve been part of their JV Circle since it’s inception and I couldn’t be prouder to be a member of their group.

By signing up for this webinar you will learn all about why you should be doing joint ventures and what the JV Circle is – it is truly worth your time to be there.

FREE Webinar: Instant Clients Formula:
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FREE TELECLASS: Get off the emotional rollercoaster…
get unblocked…
and re-center yourself!

Do you ever:

  • Tamara MessengerFeel like you’re on an emotional roller-coaster and you can’t get off?
  • Feel like no matter how much inner work you do, you’re still stuck?
  • Find yourself taking actions you don’t like – over and over again?

On this special teleclass you’ll learn:

  • Why we have so many blockages in the first place.
  • Why some blockages are so difficult to remove and what to do about them!
  • How you can release inner blocks and re-center yourself.

I (Sheri) will be interviewing Tamara on this important subject! So if you can relate to any of the above situations you won’t want to miss this call.

Tamara is going to be addressing issues which are critical for your personal evolution, in a fun, heart-centered and engaging style.

Register here!


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Deepening Your Connection With Your Inner Knowing

Amara MuruHave you ever wondered how to connect more easily with your intuition, or as we like to call it, the voice of the universe?

The universe has a voice and it speaks to each of us in a unique way. In this way, humans are no different than other animals. Animals know to listen to the whispers of the universe; they don’t question it. Feeling the slightest change in barometric pressure all that is needed to move an animal to shelter.

So why are humans different?

We confound what the universe tells us with lots of judgments, thoughts and interpretations. We are the only animals that question our innate messaging system!

We question even getting “the message.” Is it real? What message is she or he getting that I’m not? We have learned many judgments, many doubts, little trust, and little belief regarding our intuition.

View from Machu PicchuHere are a couple of simple practices that can help us connect more readily to our intuition.

First, we can let go of the mind’s interpretations.

When we cannot easily hear the voice of the universe, it is likely we have learned to focus on and trust our mind’s interpretations more than our inner voice. The mind interacts with the world around us based on interpretations we have about the meaning of our experiences.

With our minds, we take life’s experiences and translate them into concepts and words, which we then share with others, and then even use them to remember our own experiences.

In this way we relate a current experience to something similar, and group the new and old experiences based on outcomes, feelings of similarity, or our mood at that time. Imagine if we did not automatically believe these interpretations?

Here are some ways to let go of our mind’s interpretations:

  • Spiritual Journey Machu Picchu Peru Watch yourself with every experience and try to be aware of how quickly you describe it to yourself. Try taking one second to refrain from creating words, and just be present with the experience. With practice, see if you can stretch the time to three, or even five seconds.
  • Be aware of any judgments you might be making. Instead of judging or interpreting, try observing. Observe as directly as possible. You can even imagine you are watching a movie: thoroughly engaged, but with a level of detachment.

Second, we can precisely sense what we feel.

Intuition is an inward experience which is sensed with the body and feelings. It needs no agreement, no concept, and no interpretation. How it manifests is different for each of us.

Once we realize that the universe communicates with us through feelings rather than concepts, we can shift our senses to develop our ability to feel and hear. Be aware that we each sense differently: some hear, some see, some visualize, and some just know.

How can we develop our ability to feel?

  • Spiritual Journey Peru Notice how you feel in different situations. How does your body feel when you are happy, joyous, or silly? How does it feel when you are mad, angry, or sad? Not your interpretations of each experience (which is what will happen first – we guarantee!) but how your body actually feels. If this is a challenge, then use your breath, and feel again.
  • Invite yourself to feel it all: “good”, “bad” and everything in between. Feeling something “bad” might the universe telling us to get out of there! All feelings are important to live a complete, full life. Hint: what we can leave behind is all the stories we tell about those “bad” feelings.

With practice of these awarenesses, we can withdraw our faith from interpretations and concepts, and reinvest it in our feelings.

At first, this may be uncomfortable, having put our faith in opinions for so long that we trust them more than our own intuition! It takes faith to feel our intuition and belief in ourselves to trust it.

So give it a go! Every one of us has a unique gift to share with the world – and yours is waiting for you. All that is required is you believing in you!

Blessings + love, Laura Pirie

If you want to deepen your connection with your inner knowing and visit the stunning sacred ruins of Peru (all the lovely pictures above are from Peru) – I highly recommend signing up for Luca + Laura’s upcoming DREAM YOU 2.0 PERU – April 22–May 1, 2014. (Jorge Delgado will be your Peruvian guide and he is not to be missed!)


Laura + LucaFor over 25 years Laura Pirie has drawn from extensive training in Environmental Design & Awareness, Elemental & Energy Healing, and Indigenous Traditions to work with individuals, groups and communities. She shares energy awareness, movement, healing and insight with those on a path to creating lives built from their innate wisdom, passion & purpose.

Luca DiMatteo has studied healing traditions for over 25 years, and for the past 9 years has been in leadership roles on retreats to Italy, Ireland, Peru, England and Mexico. Luca uses his keen ability to “See” that which is not visible, his nurturing, compassionate nature, sense of humor, and his gifts as a healer to support others on their path of discovery.

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Machu Picchu, Peru

Dream You 2.0!
Trip Leaders: Laura Pirie + Luca DiMatteo + Russ Jones + Jorge Luis Delgado
April 22-May 1, 2014



Highlands and Mystical Islands
Trip Leaders: Glenn + Cameron Broughton
May 11-18th, 2014

Sacred Britain

A Women’s Journey to Avalon
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders Cameron Broughton
May 29-June 6th, 2014


Maya Lands

Sacred Energies of Maya Lands, Awakening Our Freedom To Be In Perpetual Bliss
Yucatan, Mexico
Trip Leaders: Erika Licón + Miguel Buenaflor
June 1-7th, 2014

Wild Dolphins

Blessings of the Wild Dolphins
Bimini, Caribbean
Trip Leader: Brandt Morgan
June 15-20th, 2014

Sacred Wales

The Heart + Wonders of Wales
Wales, UK
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
June 18-29, 2014


Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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