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WHAT’S NEW? Ever hear of a spiritually-minded retreat for Sci-fi Geeks? Yes it exists!

Miracles and Magic on the Big Island of Hawaii
With Pat Tallman and Other Sci-Fi Celebs!
Sept. 10th – 19th, 2017

Are you a heart-centered spiritually-minded nerd craving a tropical adventure filled with fun, thrills and out-of-the-norm experiences?

  • Ready to live a bigger, more adventurous life?
  • Tired of hiding your enthusiasm for the things you really love?
  • Does the world of science fiction intrigue you more than your everyday life?
  • Ever wish that you were around people who really GOT you?
  • Want to have some bragging rights that would impress even Sheldon?

If so join Pat Tallman, (star of Night of the Living Dead, Babylon5, Star Trek, Army of Darkness) for a fantastic adventure on The Big Island of Hawaii! Together we will see the real Hawaii, going where tourists don’t go, AND you’ll have a VIP pass to the best Sci Fi Convention in the west – Hawaii Con!

Plus there will be time to do a night snorkel or dive with Giant Mantas, go on a gorgeous cruise as the sun sets over the ocean, take in beautiful local waterfalls – Akaka & Rainbow Falls and hike the cauldera of Kilauea!

Trip Tuition: $5,500 USD double occupancy, many meals included.

Details for Hawaii on Pat’s Website!

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Movement Medicine – Eco Yoga Retreat: Bali
Mar 26 – Apr 2nd, 2017  LAST CALL!!

If you’re a YOGI, dancer or lover of MOVEMENT who wants to experience a DEEPER relationship to the union of BREATH and motion and fall in LOVE again with the FLOW of the BODY, then join Delamay Devi and special guests for this UNFORGETTABLE eco-yoga retreat in beautiful Bali!

We start and end each day gathering together in the yoga shala. Setting intentions, writing, breathing and moving as one. Our morning practices are more dynamic with the intention of energizing and waking up the body and our evening practices are more restorative and meditative with lots of reflection and witnessing the relationship between the body, the mind and the breath.

Along with the daily yoga, movement and meditation practices Delamay will be offering a optional 36 hour Movement Medicine Teacher Training module. This is a experiential exploration into Movement as a Medicinal practice with the theme movement as non verbal language. It is a journey into self-enquiry with a variety of kriyas and movement pathways connected to the Elements, the Vayus and the Chakras plus hands on assists and a choreographed sequence to make your own during the week.

Trip tuition: From $1799 USD per person double occupancy depending on the room you choose – breakfasts included.

Details for Bali on Delamay’s Website!

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Retreat Mastermind Morocco: Marrakesh, Morocco
A Retreat for Retreat Leaders
May 14-20th, 2017

jemaa-el-fnaaIf you’re a transformation retreat leader who’s ready to travel the world, make a difference AND make more money – then join Sheri Rosenthal for a retreat planning + marketing mastermind adventure!

Marrakesh is the PERFECT place to spend 5 delightful days (and 6 nights) brainstorming, planning and marketing your transformational destination retreat while learning the finer details of retreat management and best practices.

So why should YOU join us? Simple, this is the PERFECT environment to get your retreat plan and your marketing strategy nailed down. There’s no need to do this alone, worried about whether you’re doing things the right way or not – or whether you’re going to be able to sell out your event!

The Retreat Mastermind Morocco is JUST what you’ve been looking for to get the help you need to create amazing retreats in your business! Plus we’ll be exploring the fabulous city of Marrakesh, eating incredibly delicious food, shopping in the souks, and availing ourselves of some of the most body-melting spa services while staying at the legendary 5-star hotel, La Maison Arabe.

Details for Morocco on Sheri’s Website!

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The Easter Challenge Returns

Traditionally, the Easter lent fasting period has been a time when don Miguel Ruiz challenged us to reflect upon the aspects of ourselves that were no longer serving us. So rather than giving up your favorite food for lent –you would focus your attention on letting go of a habit behavior that was no longer working for you.

In essence, the challenge is about developing focus, patience, discipline, and the ability to detach when necessary in life. Perhaps the best way to approach the Easter challenge is to separate the process of “fasting” into three levels. The first level would be the physical one. If you have any physical issues in your life – this would be the perfect place to start.

An example of a physical challenge would be giving up your habit behavior of smoking. To end any harmful habit behavior you must practice exercising your will power. Most of us have very little will power because we spend so much time draining it in fear-based emotional reactions all day. The idea is to commit to changing that in the next 40 days.

Practicing loving your body if you have been anything other than kind to it – would be another perfect example of what I am suggesting. This is an especially wonderful challenge if you have spent your life resenting the body you have been given in this life time. Accepting life on life’s terms and detaching from seeing life the way your mind has expected it to look is a noble warrior’s task. If you have always seen yourself in your mind’s eye as “Twiggy” and you have a large frame, you can diet and hate yourself all your life but you will not be able to change the “what is.”

Same thing if you are dealing with some kind of physical illness in this lifetime. You may wish that your physical body would be “normal” but instead you must deal with pain, side effects of medication, symptoms that interfere with your favorite activities in life, or the embarrassment that comes from worrying about the way you believe people are perceiving you and your own self-judgment. Learning to love your body no matter what, and to stop standing in judgment of the way it should be, is a perfect choice for this challenge.

The second level involves an emotional fast. Most humans are eating a steady stream of fear-based emotions throughout their day. Every time they perceive something happening in their lives they judge it and eat the emotional reactions that result from their judgment. When we start taking responsibility for our judgment we can change our emotional diet from fear to love. In essence then, we are not stopping ourselves from having emotions, as we would never want to stuff our emotions and hurt ourselves in this way. Rather, we are fasting from the fear-based judgments and thought-forms that cause the emotional reactions that drain our personal power and happiness.

So for example, if you keep getting upset or irritated about the same things everyday in your life, ask yourself if you really enjoy feeling the way you do. If you do not enjoy feeling this way, then you must change the way you interact with life and change the judgment and expectations you have about what people are doing and saying. When you start seeing the truth rather than focusing on the way you want things to be, you will find your peace and calm, and this is a great use of the challenge.

The third level is a spiritual fast. The ultimate position to take in life is that of “I am.” However, most of us are functioning from the place of “I am not.” We have a million excuses for why we cannot accomplish our dreams in life and why we cannot to this or that in life. When we practice taking absolute responsibility for life we no longer blame anyone or anything for what is happening to us. This is the most challenging level since most of us dread giving up the ability to blame others for our state of affairs. The ego-mind will do anything to get out of aligning with our higher selves.

Whichever level you choose – I encourage you to participate in the challenge this year and every year. By nature we are lazy and if it takes a challenge to motivate us to be our best – than so be it!

With all my love! Sheri

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