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WHAT’S NEW? Want to join me in Ft, Lauderdale April 29th-May 1st?

ft-lauderdale-smFor those of you who have always wanted to run your own transformational destination retreats OR uplevel the retreats you are currently doing – I’d like to invite you to a special 3 day event in sunny Ft. Lauderdale!

We’ll be going over the basics of how to Plan, Fill, and Profit from destination retreats while having a great time meeting new like-minded people and possibly finding some awesome folks to team up with for your next retreat!

If you’d like the whole low-down on the event you can find it here:

I’d love to be able to meet you in person too – I hope to see you there!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Connecting with Divine Consciousness
Uxmal + Chichen Itza
March 24—April 2nd, 2015

Video of MexicoJoin inspirational speaker and author Susan Gregg for a very special journey to the Mayan Heartland for 10 days/9 nights of deep clarity, inner peace + fierce self-love. You’ll gently illuminate the sneaky inner dialogue that’s limiting your success in your life. On this powerful journey you’ll experience the sacred sites of Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Kabah, and Oxkintok along with the amazing Grutas de Loltun (caves) and the stunning Cuzama Cenotes!

Uxmal was a university of sacred spirituality and cosmic harmony whose information is stored in the stones ready for us to access and embody. Through powerful ceremonies and spiritual practices we’ll connect with universal wisdom and truth residing within – beautifully reflected in the design and purpose of these ruins.

Viewed as a whole, the incredible complex at Chichen Itza reveals much about the Maya and Toltec vision of the universe—which was intimately tied to what was visible in the dark night skies of the Yucatán Peninsula. If you’re looking to explore your current life direction and transform it with passion + purpose and experience some of the most striking Mayan ruins + cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula – this trip is for you!

Watch the video for a glimpse of amazing Uxmal!

Trip tuition: $2995 USD based on double occupancy, Single occupancy supplement: $460 USD. All meals included.

Details for Yucatan here!


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Connecting With The TRUTH Of Creation!

It was a cool dark night and they all huddled close to the fire. The Grandmother’s gaze drifted as she began to speak…

uxmal4The longest journey you will ever take is from your head to your heart. Your mind believes the words it speaks. It tells you stories about everything yet it seldom stops to ask if they are true. Love or fear – the mind knows mostly fear – your heart remembers the love. You can train your mind to see the love but first you must connect with your spirit and the spirit of all others.”

You must let go of the stories your mind tells you. I am a teacher and I teach through stories. What if I told you stories of fear? What if my stories distracted you and made you look only at the illusion of physical existence? That’s what the words you speak to yourself do. They distract you from what is real, they stop you from being able to feel the energy all around you.”

Our best hunters are able to feel the energy of the animals, they can become a deer or a buffalo. The hunters walk as the animals walk, there is a sense of oneness and harmony. They don’t talk to themselves or listen to their mind, they listen to the silence within.”

Labna, 2012 Spiritual JourneyClose your eyes, take a deep breath and go within. Go beyond the noise of your mind and feel your body, feel the energies about you. With your eyes closed look all around you with your heart. What do you feel?”

A young boy softly said, “I feel the warmth of the fire and the peace of the night.”

The Grandmother looked at him and asked, “How do you feel warmth? How do you feel peace? How do you know what you are feeling?”

Before the boy could answer the Grandmother continued. “As soon as you talk to yourself about what you are feeling you are no longer feeling. Your mind can interrupt the energy and distort. Quiet your mind and feel. Practice until you can feel the energy and then let the energy teach. You can’t fill a gourd that is already full. Empty your mind, stand in the place of creation by knowing you don’t know and then let the world teach you anew.”

Cenote 2012 Spiritual JourneyThe Grandmother became very still and stared at the fire for a long time. “Follow your breath. Breathe and feel. Your breath is your connection to your spirit. When you want to connect with the energy of the earth – breathe the earth. When you want to connect with the spirit of your friend – breathe your friend. When you want to hunt a deer – breathe the deer. See yourself breathing them in your mind’s eye and feel your breath become one with theirs.”

The Grandmother turned, looked at the fire and took a very deep breath, “Now just breathe, know you don’t know, and feel.”

Blessings & love, Susan Gregg

Susan Gregg
On Susan’s up-coming journey you’ll experience the sacred sites of Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Kabah, and Oxkintok along with the amazing Grutas de Loltun (caves) and the stunning Cuzama Cenotes!

Details can be found here!

Susan Gregg Ph.D. is the author of nine books including her two most recent are The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters and The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants. Her book Mastering The Toltec Way won the 2004 award for best New Age Book. Born and raised in NYC she has a BA in Math and a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Susan lives on the beautiful island of Hawaii with an assortment of rescued animals and has dedicated her life to helping people find their happiness and live a life fueled by passion.


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Uxmal + Chichen ItzaConnecting with Divine Consciousness
Uxmal + Chichen Itza
Trip Leader: Susan Gregg
March 24—April 2nd, 2015


Assisi, ItalyCommunicating with Animals – Following in the Footsteps of St. Francis
Assisi, Italy
Trip Leaders: Lisa Tully, Cheri Harris + Pea Horsley
May 17th – 23rd, 2015

Journey to AvalonA Women’s Journey to Avalon
Sacred Britain
Trip Leader: Cameron Broughton
May 21-29, 2015


WalesThe Land of Legends
Wales, Celtic Britain
Trip Leader: Glenn & Cameron Broughton
June 17—27, 2015


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