For me Peru has always been a magical and mysterious place.

Although it’s only 5 hours by plane from Miami, or 8 hours from Los Angeles, it’s truly a world away, a ticket to another reality. There is so much history and ancient spiritual practices and rituals for you to experience, making it a truly transformational journey.

We’re grateful to personally know amazing guides and shamans who are happy to share the deep wisdom of their sacred Peruvian sites, special rituals and ceremonies with you.

Each journey begins with your arrival in Lima and flying onward to Cusco, the center or navel of the Peruvian universe. Even before traveling onto Machu Picchu (everyone’s favorite!), there are so many sacred sites to experience and see, places less known, but no less spectacular!

Cusco has so much to offer, like the pre-Inca sites of Sacsayhuaman, high above the northern edge of the city, and Quenquo, the labyrinth and astronomic observatory. At Kusillucchayoc, the Temple of the Moon, you can feel the power of this sacred cave as you return to the womb, the beginning, a rebirth of your sacred self. Your journey then continues through the Sacred Valley, with its breathtaking vistas of the Urubamba River and Ollantaytambo (The City of Dawn) an incredible ancient Inca city.

If after a day of discovery and enlightening experiences you need some pampering, most of the hotels we use for this journey have wonderful spa treatments prepared for you to soothe your body and soul.

The highlight of every journey to Peru is Machu Picchu, also called the “Lost City in the Clouds,” where you will visit the 7 places of power. This entire stone complex is said to be a high voltage magnetic focal point and every intent set at Machu Picchu is amplified to incalculable proportions. Merging your energies with this sacred site and deepening our understanding of the Inca mythology is the focus of your time in this breathtaking place.

This is where a spiritual journey is so different from a regular sightseeing trip to Peru. You are able to go far beyond historical dates and facts and immerse yourself in the spirit and intent with which these sacred sites were created, allowing yourself to evolve in the process.

This journey can be done in group or solo. Whichever you choose, it will be a transformative journey you’ll remember for a lifetime. If you have any questions regarding a journey to Peru, please feel free to chat with me anytime.

With Love & Blessings,
Ales Struna – Director of Custom Travel Services

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