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Dear Friends,

WHAT’S NEW? The Magic of Glastonbury & the Mystery of Avalon

Mists of Avalon

I am so excited to be writing to you all from Sacred Britain – all misty, lush, beautiful and most of all fascinating!

Surrounded by marshland, it is believed that Glastonbury was the mystical island of Avalon where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged and where he went to rest after being wounded by Mordred.

In the end it doesn’t matter if these magnificent stories are true or not – what’s most important is what these stories represent in the great mythology of our own lives.

Each of us has slayed dragons, waged wars and transcended evil. Only we can decide if we are the hero in our personal story or a victim. Perhaps the time has come in your life to change your character’s role, and if so – who will you be? Post below and let me know who you are in your story!



Santorini, Greece

Join artist Linda Jacobson for an extraordinary Greek adventure in the midst of the Aegean Sea! Eight days of joyous painting, drawing, meditation and ritual on the magical island of Santorini, connected with the legendary civilization of Atlantis and ancient Minoan culture. The clarity of air, the embrace of the water and the beauty of the light will rejuvenate and inspire you. Her Inspire Your Creative Soul! (Painting Retreat) is Sept 7-14th, 2012.

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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What if you could completely forgive yourself and others?

What if you could gain all of the insight, tools, and support needed
to completely release the past?


Forgiveness is one of the most misunderstood concepts in our spiritual traditions. It’s not a high-in-sky idea, it’s not really difficult, and it most certainly does not mean that just because you are forgiving you are making the other person right. NO! NO! NO! Forgiveness is not condoning under any circumstances! Forgiveness does not make hurtful actions correct.

Sheri Rosenthal

But what is truth is that our lack of forgiveness is the biggest obstacle we have in our lives and it affects us energetically on all fronts. I don’t care how large or small the incident is.

  • If you are not going as far as you would like in your business, I bet something needs to be forgiven.
  • If you keep picking crappy partners in your life, I bet someone needs to be forgiven.
  • Parents pissing you off? For sure someone needs to be forgiven!
  • If someone abused you in the past and it makes you sick to your stomach to see them or think about them, absolutely forgiveness is needed!

If you’re ready to make a difference in your life, to feel good and to be free, keep your eyes OPEN! I’ve got a special program you are going to love and it’s coming soon!

xoxoxo Sheri

MAYA 2012 – Portal to the New Humanity

My friend Fu-Ding Cheng – who is also one of the facilitators here at Journeys of the Spirit, has co-created (with some incredible people) a most interesting video game. Maya 2012 is designed for players that are fascinated with the Mayans or with Don Miguel’s shamanic teachings.

Playing this game will inform you in a most entertaining way about the mysteries of the Mayan civilization, a culture as rich and profound as the Greeks or Romans. Also, by playing this game, you will be immersed in a culture that discovered a balance between the physical and spirit dimensions of life.

Fu Ding Cheng

They’ve actually put together a video about the project and are working to raise enough money to finish what they have started and birth it into being. They’ve put in over $200,00.00 of work and time already each person giving deeply of themselves – but now is the time to get the coding done and other tasks that require funding.

I invite you to watch the video they have created about the game and if in your heart you find this resonates with you – please visit their page on Kick Starter and learn more about what they are doing.

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5 Ways to Open to Your Inner Knowing!

Intuition is a great gift, something which must be honored. Many times we don’t feel as if it’s a gift at all. Especially when we don’t know what to do with it or how to process it. For many years I felt as if there was something wrong with me. I was definitely different. What saved me were the “angels” that appeared along the way. Mentors and teachers who have traveled this path before me shining their light of wisdom, encouraging me to believe in myself.

I’d like to share five of the most important intuition tips I’ve gleaned over the years:

  • Trust yourself: Easier said than done, right? Let go and just be with it. Intuition is something you already know. It’s automatic information the we experience all the time. Just like driving without consciously thinking. How many times have you ended up at work not remembering the drive at all?
  • Become an observer of life: Be proactive rather than reactive. Step away from the drama and see situations for what they really are.
  • Listen to your body: Especially your gut! A tense or tightening feeling is an indicator that something is not right. An open, expansive feeling is what you are looking for. Check your breathing shallow and stifled? That’s a no. Calm and deep? That’s a yes!
  • Meditate: Intuition lives in the present moment. When you meditate your mind becomes quiet and your vibration increases. Meditation opens you up to possibilities.
  • Journal: Just write.  Allow your writing to become a stream of consciousness. Don’t censor or judge it. Get out of your head. If you become stuck – start with what you are grateful for. Journaling helps you to get in touch with who you are deep inside.

When you start to live guided by intuition there’s a shift in the direction of your life. Relationships have a deeper understanding. Business decisions are clearer. Opportunities are easy to identify. Conflict can quickly be anticipated and resolved. Your intuition is your “fail-safe” go-to assistant who will always lead you toward the answers you need to create success in your life.

Intuitively yours, Kathy

Kathy Knowles

Kathy Knowles is a Certified Professional Coach, receiving her credentials through the International Coach Academy. She’s also a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Light Karuna Master, and studied with with Laura Day, Intuitive and New York Times bestselling author of “Practical Intuition.” She delights in helping others find their intuitive powers and inner trust.

**Ladies, you can join Kathy and Joy Valenti Kochmer (an amazing yoga teacher!) Sept 29-Oct 4th, 2012 in the serene and rejuvenating setting of the Sedona Mago Retreat Center for The Awakening! a Women’s Intuition, Yoga & Life Mastery Retreat.

Unveil the truth of your spiritual awareness as you embark on a journey beyond traditional workshop techniques into the depth of your being.

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Swimming with Wild Dolphins

Awakening Your Divine Joy – Wild Dolphin Trip
Bimini, Caribbean – NEW!!
Trip Leader: Joe Noonan
July 14–20, 2012


Spiritual Journey Peru Willka Tika

Awaken in the Andes
Trip Leader: Carol Cumes
August 19-27th, 2012


Santorini, Greece

Inspire Your Creative Soul! (Painting Retreat)
Santorini, Greece
Trip Leader: Linda Jacobson
Sept 7-14th, 2012

Spiritual Journey Peru Willka Tika

Journey to Machu Picchu – Authentic Spiritual & Cultural Wonders
Trip Leader: Carol Cumes
September 13–24, 2012

Equine Therapy

Reconnecting to Truth through Horse Wisdom
Tucson, AZ
Trip Leaders: Ezra Marrow, Briana Lorenz-Marrow & Judy Askins
Sept 19-23rd, 2012

Sedona Women's Yoga Retreat

The Awakening! a Women’s Intuition, Yoga & Life Mastery Retreat
Sedona, AZ
Trip Leaders: Kathy Knowles & Joy Kochmer
Sept 29-Oct 4th, 2012


Costa Rica Spiritual Retreat

Mayan Vibrational Alignment – Embracing the Cosmic Shift
Costa Rica – NEW!
Trip Leader: Ernesto Ortiz
October 14-20th, 2012


The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile
Dharamsala, India LAST CALL!!
Trip Leader: Lisa Tully
October 16-Nov 1st, 2012

Ghost Ranch Spiritual Retreat

Heaven on Earth – the Creative Path for Embodied Spirituality
Ghost Ranch, New Mexico – NEW!
Trip Leaders: Licia Berry & Teresa Husband
October 19-23, 2012

Big Sur California Artists Retreat

Sacred Relationships & Sexuality – Tantra for Couples
Machu Picchu & Peru – NEW & VERY FUN!
Trip Leaders: Richard & Diana Daffner
Oct 26-Nov 5, 2012


Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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