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Dear Friends,

Philip & Judith Toy

Philip & Judith Toy

WHAT’S NEW? Forgiveness! In 1990 three of Judith’s family members were stabbed and bludgeoned to death: her sister-in-law (who was also raped), and her two teenage nephews. The killer was a 19-year-old man living across the street, who had been in the top 2% of his high school graduating class and was headed to university. He dropped out of school two weeks before graduation and began prowling the neighborhood at night. He admitted to the crime and was sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison with no parole.

Six months after the murders, Judith found Zen. After five years of daily meditation and mindfulness practice with the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, she came to forgive him. But she never got to tell him so: he hung himself to death in his cell. Then, after being ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh, through an amazing set of coincidences, she started teaching mindfulness in a men’s medium security prison, and also co-created Cloud Cottage Community of Mindful Living in NC.

Judith & her husband Philip are thrilled to share this video of their book project, “Murder as a Call to Love, the Zen of Forgiveness.” They’re inviting everyone to join them to be a part of this project, to help them publish their powerful story. BUT THEY NEED PLEDGES TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN BY JUNE 8th! If you are touched by their story and want to make a pledge they would deeply appreciate it: watch it here!


SANTA FE, NM: Healthy, Spiritual & Conscious Relationships – June 17-22nd
SEDONA: The Aramaic Breath of Life: Awakening in the Desert – Sept 22-27th
Early-bird pricing special ends July 1st!

PERU & MACHU PICCHU: Spiritual Mysteries of the Incas – August 17-29th
Early-bird pricing special ends June 1st!

KENYA, AFRICA: A Woman’s Safari for the Mind, Body & Spirit! – Oct 3-15th
Early-bird pricing special ends July 1st!

Need a special trip for you or your family? Let Ales in Custom Travel design something for you!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal Connect with me: Email | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

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SANTORINI, GREECE: Inspire Your Creative Soul! – October 14-21th

  • Tap into the wellspring of your primal creative fire & inner visions
  • Enjoy individual guidance & group demonstrations of art techniques
  • Be inspired through guided visualizations, drumming, meditation & dreamwork
  • Absorb the splendid volcanic energy of the ancient island of Santorini!

Santorini, Greece

Join artist Linda Jacobson for an extraordinary Greek adventure in the midst of the Aegean Sea! Eight days of joyous painting, drawing, meditation and ritual on the magical island of Santorini, connected with the legendary civilization of Atlantis and ancient Minoan culture.

The clarity of air, the embrace of the water and the beauty of the light will rejuvenate and inspire you. The gods and goddesses of ancient Greece represent archetypal and elemental energies that live within each of our psyches which we will explore through meditation and art. NO ART EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Trip cost: $2799.00 USD per person double occupancy (early-bird special!). Sign-up by August 1st – the trip price is going up to $3199.00! Details for Santorini here!

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~Wish You Had More Trust in
Your Decision-making Processes?~

Kathy Knowles

♥Join intuitive coach Kathy Knowles, and yoga teacher extraordinaire Joy Valenti Kochmer and I – Tues, June 14th at 8:30 pm eastern, 5:30 pacific time for a free teleclass (they’re the facilitators for our DOLORES, CO: Revolution! Intuitive Awareness Retreat for Women – Sept 24-28th).

Joy Valenti Kochmer

We’ll be chatting about: Intuition in Action! 5 Ways to Start an Inner Revolution. On this heart-felt call, you’ll learn: How to detect when your intuition is signaling you, Joy’s special heart-centered meditation to connect to your true self, and how to open your awareness with Kathy’s “intuitive scan” – and so much more!
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~Calling all Couples Committed to Living an Awesome
“Level 10” Rock-Your-World Life Together!~

Greg & Tamara Montana

Join Greg & Tamara Montana and I – Tuesday, June 7th at 8:30 pm eastern, 5:30 pacific time for a enlightening teleclass on: Creating Divine Partnerships! (they are both facilitating the Creating Divine Partnerships Retreat – Sept 24-30th).

Drawing on wisdom found in Greg’s book, Unlock Your Heart Virtue, Greg & Tamara will share insights into how we can all create truly Divine Partnerships and connect with our loved one’s language of love. Bring a notebook – you’ll want to write down all the juicy information!
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Who do You Want to be in Life?

I have a challenge for you. Today, after reading this article, ask 5 people the following question: Who do you want to be in this life? I have a feeling you are going to be surprised, and in fact you might find your own answer to this question rather interesting. So before continuing on – write down your answer first and then proceed.

Divine light

It’s common to ask: What do you want to be in life – right? In fact, you might still be asking yourself that question as you seek to re-invent yourself in these uncertain economic times! Maybe you would answer by stating you want to be a doctor, artist, singer, author, parent, nun, or perhaps – simply retired. But of course these are all doings and have little to do with the who, only the what.

Since our society is mostly concerned with the doings of man – it is rare that we focus on the more esoteric aspects of life – in this case the question of who to be. A good percentage of people will name a famous person, movie star, hero, or a family member or friend they have great respect and love for. Some might say they want to be themselves first and foremost – which is certainly nice. But for me, I like to take the question to the deepest level. So here is my answer, and let’s see if any of this resonates for you.

Who I want to be in life is who I truly am.

  • A person who loves boldly
  • A person who is in service to life
  • A person who shares the “what is” rather than fear-based nonsense
  • A person who respects themselves and others
  • A person who does not argue or yell (I uphold peace on earth starting with myself)
  • A person who does their best to uplift others by example rather than with words
  • A person who treats themselves well and others in the same way
  • A person who smiles
  • …and ultimately and most importantly, a person who knows they are the divine and shares that grace with others

Divine light

Getting clear about who you want to be in life is profound – and hopefully the answer to that question is who you already arethe light, the love, and the living expression of the divine. (Rather than the expression of the fear-based belief system of your ego-mind.)

The key is coming to accept and know this truth so deeply that every time a situation comes up that challenges this knowing – you don’t fall asleep and forget who you are!

For example, I might be tempted to argue with a friend about some point of view I have. But if I desire with every cell in my body to be who I truly am, a divine light – then why would I do anything other than back away from the temptation to argue, be right and inflate my ego?

Good question! These are the kinds of questions all of us must ask ourselves until we are totally standing in the power of who we are. And ask you will – all day long, every day of your life until it becomes second nature to be the highest and most divine expression of yourself that you can be in this lifetime – and in turn,  treat every person as the divine entity that they are.

So to summarize: Who do I want to be?
The answer: Who I am – the “I am” in all my power, glory, and beauty.

I invite you to look deeply and be honest about the answer you gave to my initial question.
As usual, I’m curious what you think! Do post below and let me know what comes to mind!

With all my love & best wishes, Sheri
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SANTA FE, NM: Healthy, Spiritual & Conscious Relationships
Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal
June 17-22nd, 2011


PERU & MACHU PICCHU: Spiritual Mysteries of the Incas
Trip Leader: Romulo Castilla & Carrie Plocher
August 17-29th, 2011 (price goes up June 1st!)


ZION NATIONAL PARK: Art & Spirit Painting Retreat
Trip Leader: Linda Jacobson
Sept 14-18th, 2011 (price goes up August 1st!)

Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal
Sept 20-26th, 2011 (price goes up July 15th!)

SEDONA: The Aramaic Breath of Life: Awakening in the Desert
Trip Leader: Dale Allen Hoffman
Sept 22-27th, 2011 (price goes up July 1st!)

DOLORES, CO: Revolution! Intuitive Awareness & Communication Retreat
Trip Leader: Kathy Knowles & Joy Valenti Kochmer
Sept 24-28th, 2011 (price goes up June 21st!)

TEPOZTLÁN, MEXICO: Creating Divine Partnerships
Trip Leaders: Greg & Tamara Montana
September 24-30th (price goes up July 1st!)


KENYA, AFRICA: A Woman’s Safari for the Mind, Body & Spirit! REGISTER EARLY!
Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal & Melinda Johnson
Oct 3-15th, 2011 (price goes up July 1st!)

PERU & MACHU PICCHU: The Heart & Soul of Pachamama
Trip Leader: Carol Rydell & Romulo Castilla
October 13-23rd – Lake Titicaca extension Oct 23-25th (price goes up Aug 1st!)

SANTORINI, GREECE: Inspire Your Creative Soul!
Trip Leader: Linda Jacobson
October 14-21st, 2011 (price goes up August 1st!)

DAY OF THE DEAD: Oaxaca Mexico: A Celebration of Life!
Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal
Oct 29th-Nov 6th, 2011 (price goes up Sept 1st!)


MAYAN RIVIERA: Prayer Beads & Altars
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal & Kathy Benson
Nov 9-15th, 2011 (price goes up Sept 1st!)

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