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WHAT’S NEW? Mastering the Buddha Nature Within

bhutan11I know it’s only the beginning of the summer – but truly this is the perfect time to think about coming to Bhutan with me this December 7-18th. Especially if…..

  • You’re longing for an infusion of inspiration in your life
  • You’re dreaming of a deeper connection with your passion and purpose
  • You need clarity in your personal and business life
  • Your heart needs to stretch it boundaries and burst open
  • You want to learn how to apply Buddhist teachings to your life
  • You want to experience one of the most beautiful countries on earth

Read more about Bhutan here!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Crop Circles and Sacred Sites: Sacred Britain
July 20-29th, 2014

Crop Circles JourneyThere are few mysteries more remarkable (yet accessible) than crop circles. Each spring and summer these enigmatic patterns appear overnight in crop fields, particularly around the Avebury landscape temple in Wiltshire, England. Whenever possible we enter these beautiful creations within hours of their forming, when the energy of a genuine formation is at its strongest.

Join us in late July at the height of the crop circle season, and explore this amazing mystery for yourself. Cosmic works of art, ET communications in sacred geometric format, pranksters’ hoaxes, spiritual guidance or a warning voice from Gaia, whatever your opinion crop circles are fascinating and truly amazing.

We have access to the information network that provides breaking news on the latest formations. This magical landscape includes not only the majority of crop circles, but also some of England’s most remarkable and ancient sacred sites like Avebury, Glastonbury and Chalice Well.

If all this makes your heart sing then join Glenn and Cameron Broughton and their guest researchers for this magical exploration of Sacred Britain and it’s mysterious Crop Circle formations. We’re also offering a pre-tour extension to attend the prestigious Summer Crop Circle Lectures where you will hear fascinating presentations and meet the presenters as well as all the other ardent “croppies.”

Trip tuition: £1995 based on double occupancy, single occupancy supplement: £300 – many meals included.

Details for England here!

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How to Connect to Your Abundance & Vitality
By Lauretta Zucchetti

Antico Borgo di TignanoI see abundance as that never-ending current of well-being that produces all the tangibles and the intangibles we always crave to have. If our abundance is generated from within, like a fountain running fresh water at all times, our well-being is guaranteed for life in every way.

This flow is intrinsic to our Essence and never leaves us, however it is often buried, disguised and/or rejected entirely when we are met by challenging people and situations as we develop into fully functioning adults. We often become completely disconnected from it, losing the most vital part of ourselves, and growing into someone we are not.

In my work and life I see many individuals whose expressions and behaviors betray a lack of connection with their true Self – I for one used to be that way. Raised by rather ignorant caretakers who believed into beating me into a pulp or telling me how bad I was, I grew up accepting I had nothing to offer and utilized only my brain to survive (as my intuition could not be trusted).

Antico Borgo di TignanoThe people who raised me kept me alive, but they didn’t provide me with the much-needed lessons of self-love and/or self-approval. I sought the acceptance I believed I needed outwardly and made choices that pleased those around me, and inhabited a lifeless shell, devoid of vitality and passion.

Regardless of our past circumstances, there is a way to reconnect our true self to that fountain of vitality and purpose where creativity and joy spur forth naturally and imagination reigns supreme. In this space we feel calm, centered in truth, connected to an endless stream of self-love, and tolerant of human imperfections and unfortunate happenings.

We trust in the Universe and its ability to assist us on our journey, and often are able to generate solutions spontaneously even without much effort. Some students of mystical matters may even say that, by embodying Love above all, we become Gods in our ability to manifest our highest Self and goals.

Getting to this point is a process that begins with quieting our minds and finding spaces of silent acceptance within. We accept our past mistakes with compassion, recognizing that it is thanks to them that we have come thus far. Then we begin the practice of connecting to our deepest self.

Antico Borgo di TignanoOur ego, will fight us to death as it loathes being set aside for the healthy choice of love and yielding to what is (years of conditioning have created a rather opinionated, strong ego-self), but with practice we will be able to resurrect those parts of ourselves that we have shut down for so long.

The reward is an immense feeling of joy, contentment and the desire to do more and more, as if the clock had been reset to zero on our calendar years. At once, we will have a massive amount of vitality and the willingness to explore uncharted territories, in full certainty that our new path is the right one.

Whether we choose to change minor aspects of our situations or to restructure major parts, we will feel that we are fulfilling our destiny at last. If you are feeling like you are ready to explore connecting with your deep source of abundance within – I invite you to join me on a very special women’s journey to Tuscany this September.

You’ll leave the retreat with a heightened sense of inner awareness, a deeper sense of your life purpose, a stronger connection to your true Self, the desire and the energy to change your life, and a plan on how to do it!

Blessings & Love, Lauretta

Join Lauretta in Tuscany Sept. September 20-27 for her Transcend-Transform-Thrive Women’s Retreat. In this healing and nourishing environment, surrounded by stunning views, you’ll unwind, rejuvenate your body, rekindle your imagination, and foster creative expressions.

Lauretta Zucchetti

After completing a degree in Women Studies, Lauretta obtained a Masters in Psychology and a certification in Life Coaching, all the while seeking more meaningful answers to the question of why women in Western cultures are expected to fulfill so many roles often at the expense of their own health and priorities.

With her daughter now in college, she spends her time traveling between Bali and Italy where she enjoys the rejuvenation that derives from the nurturing that Italians bestow on others – and the United States – where she helps women make sense of their pasts and reshape their future.

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Sacred Britain

Mysteries + Sacred Sites of England
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
August 6-15, 2014


The Heart Wisdom of Whales & Wild Dolphins
Trip Leader: Anne Gordon de Barrigón
Multiple dates: Aug 17-22, Aug 31-Sept 5, Sept 14-19, Sept 28-Oct 3, 2014

Sacred Ireland

The Magic of Celtic Country
Sacred Ireland
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
August 22-31, 2014


Tuscany spiritual retreat

Transcend-Transform-Thrive Women’s Retreat
Tuscany, Italy
Trip Leader: Lauretta Zucchetti
September 20-27, 2014

Sacred Tuscany

The Spirit of the Ancient Etruscans
Tuscany, Italy
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
Sept 25-Oct 2, 2014 – Pre & Post trip extensions to Venice + Florence


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