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WHAT’S NEW? Acts of Kindness..

Being in service is such an important part of a spiritual and heart-centered life – but so many folks get concerned because they don’t necessarily have the funds to donate and give back in these recessionary times.

But giving back and being in service doesn’t have to be about donating money – it can simply be about showering the world with random acts of kindness – just because you can!

Maybe you’ve already seen this video – but if you haven’t – please take a moment to watch it and make sure you grab a couple of tissues on the way.  I hope the video inspires you to get out of your own concerns and simply help another human being in need.


Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Unleashing Your Power, Purpose & Audacious Success!
Teotihuacan, Mexico
Oct 8-12th, 2014

Spiritual retreat TeotihuacanIs your soul calling for a new direction and plan in your life? Do you feel the need for a serious renovation of your mindset and limiting beliefs? Ready to let go of that mental baggage you’ve been carrying around? Does it seem like you’re sabotaging your career or life in some way? Do you feel like you’re at a crossroad in your life and need to make a change?

If so, now’s the time to embrace the success you’ve been dreaming of, create or uplevel the business that is your true passion and purpose, and design the lifestyle that truly makes your heart sing. Now’s the time to let go of anything that’s in the way of making that audacious life a reality!

We’ll spend 3 intense days exploring and moving through the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon using the lay of the land to support our process work. A critical component of this trip will be time spent working in group and individually.

Truly the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon are two of the most amazing sacred structures in the world – pyramids designed to focus and transform energy and light. You can’t help but feel the energy here vibrating within your body as you explore the land! And that energy is perfect to support our personal growth and development. And it’s perfect for illuminating the things that have been preventing us from expressing ourselves fully and authentically in this lifetime.

Trip investment: $1795 per person double occupancy, all meals included for this co-ed journey with Sheri Rosenthal. This trip will fill quickly as there are only 12 spots. If you are not sure if this trip is for you ring me at 727-421-0849.

Details for Teotihuacan here!

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Are You Suffering From Terminal Mediocrity?
By Sheri Rosenthal

I believe audaciousness is the key to a well lived life. I know that some of you think being audacious is a bad thing – that it’s over the top, obnoxious or shameless behavior. But not so!

For me – to be audacious is an act of boldness or daring. It’s the total disregard for conventional thought or restrictions. And I believe that most of us are suffering from the deadly and contagious disease of terminal mediocrity. And as a physician that’s my personal diagnosis.

Each one of us came into this world with specific talents and gifts. It’s simply the result of being the ray of light that each of us are. From the time we were small we’ve been squelching that uniqueness just to be loved, validated, and approved of, and most folks don’t even realize they’ve been doing that. However – a good many of us feel a constant gnawing feeling in our center telling us that we’re not living in our integrity or to our fullest potential.

So what’s the cure? Action. Action is always the cure especially if it’s in the form of a not-doing! So let me explain. Here are three steps you can take to start your journey to living an authentic and audacious life:

  1. Identify one behavior that you’re doing right now in your life that makes you feel a bit sick inside when you act that way.
  2. Get clear on why you’re taking that action. For example: Is it because you don’t want to make waves? Or you don’t want all the attention on you? Maybe you feel if you behaved otherwise people would judge you harshly? Or maybe you feel like you’d be acting out of the box – not like others expect you to behave and you’re concerned about the ramifications of your actions? Whatever. If you need to journal a little about it or get clear by chatting with a good friend – go right ahead and do so. It’s important to get clarity before moving on to the next step.
  3. Purposely craft a “not-doing” – the perfect anti-action to the way you’ve always behaved. Not doings can be challenging because you’re breaking old habits – so even if you don’t feel good doing a not-doing – do it anyway – you won’t die and you’ll be on your way to a better and happier life. Remember – a not-doing is meant to take you up a notch in your level of consciousness – so no mean-hearted actions, passive-aggressive nonsense or sleazy behavior allowed here!

Now that you have the formula – give this a try and report in and let me know how it worked for you by posting below!

And please don’t worry about what others think – a really genuine not-doing will throw others off in the very best of ways.

Blessings & love, Sheri

If you’ve going through some major challenges in your life – consider joining Sheri in Teotihuacan for her Unleashing Your Power, Purpose & Audacious Success retreat. If you’re feeling trapped or stuck in your own life, in crisis, or just unclear about what steps to take next – this is the perfect solution for you.

Sheri Rosenthal

Sheri stands for the right for every human to live an audacious life. To stop feeling trapped by jobs, relationships, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve them and are holding them back from being everything they can be in this lifetime.

To be free to create the business of their dreams, to travel, to explore the world, to have supportive amazing relationships, to be healthy and happy, to have time freedom, to learn deeply about themselves, to honor themselves spiritually, to give back, to serve the world in a huge way, to get their message out there, and to stop playing small.

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Sacred Britain

Mysteries + Sacred Sites of England
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
August 6-15, 2014


The Heart Wisdom of Whales & Wild Dolphins
Trip Leader: Anne Gordon de Barrigón
Multiple dates: Aug 17-22, Aug 31-Sept 5, Sept 14-19, Sept 28-Oct 3, 2014

Sacred Ireland

The Magic of Celtic Country
Sacred Ireland
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
August 22-31, 2014


Tuscany spiritual retreat

Transcend-Transform-Thrive Women’s Retreat
Tuscany, Italy
Trip Leader: Lauretta Zucchetti
September 20-27, 2014

Sacred Tuscany

The Spirit of the Ancient Etruscans
Tuscany, Italy
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
Sept 25-Oct 2, 2014 – Pre & Post trip extensions to Venice + Florence


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