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Dear Friends,

Tepoztlán market

WHAT’S NEW? End Media Fear-Mongering! The reputation and image of Mexico is under attack by a negative corporate media campaign focusing almost exclusively on drug violence and US immigration issues. Relentless coverage of these problems is only increasing xenophobia, stoking racism, polarizing politicians, and ruining international commerce and tourism.

The world needs to hear the positive news of the Mexican people – which vastly eclipses the negative in relevance but not in coverage – to inspire these countries to work together to solve their mutual problems.

So many people ask me if it’s safe to travel to Mexico because of this – and it’s hurting the everyday Mexican people when we sit in fear and don’t visit their beautiful country.  Of course here at JOTS we don’t choose to go to parts of Mexico that have issues any more than any of us travel within the US to places that are known for violence!

So I signed a petition to Roger Ailes, President of the Fox News Channel, Ken Jautz, President of CNN (Cable News Network), Phil Griffin, Presidents of MSNBC and Anne Sweeney, President of ABC News, which says: “Moderate the US media’s sensationalistic and damaging reporting on Mexico to promote a healthier relationship between these important neighboring countries.

Will you sign the petition too? Please add your name today: http://signon.org/sign/mexico-matters?source=s.fwd&r_by=401519 . Do let me know what you think about all this below!


If you intend to join us for our Sedona, Zion, Havasupai Falls,
or our Dolores, Colorado retreats please let me know asap!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal
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DAY OF THE DEAD, Oaxaca, Mexico: A Celebration of Life! Oct 29th – Nov 6th

Are you looking to…

  • Have a culturally authentic Day of the Dead experience?
  • Create from the heart, and your deepest desires, rather than from the mind?
  • Create your own altar to those you love (or even an old version of yourself, a relationship that has ended, or to someone you would like to forgive)?
  • Take your life to the next level and infuse your dream with joy, creativity and audaciousness?
  • Explore Monte Albán, one of ancient México’s most impressive ceremonial centers?
El Día de los Muertos

El Día de los Muertos

Join author Sheri Rosenthal for the heart-centered holiday of Day of the Dead and learn how to enjoy life as it is, cultivate your joy and vitality, and explore your manifestation as a true “Artist of the Spirit.” On this amazing week long journey, we’ll celebrate one of the most beloved Mexican holidays – in Mexico’s most beautiful culinary and artisan center. Here we’ll be connecting with the feeling of joy deep in our souls and to using that feeling to stir the flow of creative juices within us!

Explore Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s shining colonial jewels & a culinary and artistic center . Build your own altar – a profound, deeply moving experience and help a local family prepare their grave in the Xoxocotlan graveyard. Watch families build private altars honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed. Experience the San Miguel Cemetery as 10,000 candles are lit for the holiday. And of course fun, food, and sacred ceremony are the order of the day on this journey! The 2011 trip cost is: $2395.00 USD per person double occupancy. Sign-up by Sept 1st – the trip price is going up to $2757.00!
Details for Day of the Dead here.

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~Feeling Stifled, Overwhelmed & Disconnected?
Activate your Creative Soul!~

Linda Jacobson

Linda Jacobson

Join join renowned shaman-ess, artist, & teacher extraordinaire Linda Jacobson and I – Saturday, July 23rd at 12:00 noon eastern, 9:00 am pacific time for a wonderful teleclass on: Feeling Stifled, Overwhelmed & Disconnected? Activate your Creative Soul!

Linda is facilitating the Zion National Park: Art & Spirit Painting Retreat – Sept 14-18th and Santorini, Greece: Inspire Your Creative Soul! – October 14-21st Retreats.

Linda believes: Each one of us has untapped creative abilities that can deepen our understanding and connection to the world. Enhanced levels of creativity make us flexible and able to cope with the uncertainties of our changing world. They can help us to have insights and breakthroughs as we navigate our way to higher levels of expression and actualization. Don’t miss this class!


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The Art of Uncertainty: How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It

art of uncertainty

This book by Dennis Merritt Jones offers practical, spiritual tools that will help anyone who is brought to the edge of uncertainty to lean over with faith and confidence, knowing there is something within them that knows how to transcend any fear about the future. There is no area of our lives where we are not forced to step onto the pathway of uncertainty at one point or another whether it be in our relationships, our careers, our physical health or our finances.

The purpose of the book is to assist the reader in entering the mystery consciously and intentionally every day. With its “Points to Ponder” and “Mindfulness Practices” at the end of each chapter, Dennis hopes you will consider The Art of Uncertainty the perfect guidebook on how to step into the mystery of life and love it. So, don’t wait, get The Art of Uncertainty today! When you purchase a book through Amazon.com a small percentage of your dollars come back to JOTS to support our free teleclass series.

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Take a moment to watch this video!

Is there something you’ve always meant to do, wanted to do, but just – haven’t? Matt Cutts suggests: Try it for 30 days. This short, lighthearted talk offers a neat way to think about setting and achieving goals. I really love his story and how he changed his life by repetitively challenging himself every 30 days. So – what might you decide to do for the next 30 days????

PS: Matt Cutts works on search at Google, specializing in search optimization. He’s a friendly and public face for helping webmasters understand how Google’s search actually works, making hundreds of videos that answer questions about SEO.

I’m curious what you think about this message – please post below and let me know! PS: If this video is glitchy – press the button to see it directly on their site.

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Unity pendant

Dr. Steve McSwain is an author (of The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God), speaker, thinker, interfaith activist, nice guy and spiritual teacher. He encourages people to embrace a new kind of spirituality, one that connects people to God and to other human beings, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religious persuasion.

“The survival of humanity,” says Dr. McSwain, “requires an end to the insanity of assuming, ‘We’re in; You’re out!’ ‘We’re Right, You’re Wrong!’ ‘We’re the Chosen Ones, You’re Not!”

He created this beautiful pendant (that I adore) to be worn to promote a more conscious, compassionate, and charitable world, especially among the great religions of the world. As the Dalai Lama has often said, “When there is peace among the religions, there will be peace in the world.” You can pick up a Unity Pendant on his website for $49.99 in silver (sale!!) and $19.99 for stainless (and no, I’m not benefiting in any way from this suggestion) While you are there – take time to read the text on the pendant page – it’s really interesting!

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ZION NATIONAL PARK: Art & Spirit Painting Retreat
Trip Leader: Linda Jacobson
Sept 14-18th, 2011 (price goes up August 1st!)

Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal
Sept 20-26th, 2011

SEDONA: The Aramaic Breath of Life: Awakening in the Desert
Trip Leader: Dale Allen Hoffman
Sept 22-27th, 2011

DOLORES, CO: Revolution! Intuitive Awareness & Communication Retreat
Trip Leader: Kathy Knowles & Joy Valenti Kochmer
Sept 24-28th, 2011


PERU & MACHU PICCHU: The Heart & Soul of Pachamama
Trip Leader: Carol Rydell
October 13-23rd -Lake Titicaca extension Oct 23-25th (price goes up Aug 1st!)

SANTORINI, GREECE: Inspire Your Creative Soul!
Trip Leader: Linda Jacobson
October 14-21st, 2011 (price goes up August 1st!)

DHARAMSALA, INDIA: The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile NEW!
Trip Leaders: Lama Buga Tire & Lisa Tully
Oct 21-Nov 7th

DAY OF THE DEAD: Oaxaca Mexico: A Celebration of Life!
Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal
Oct 29th-Nov 6th, 2011 (price goes up Sept 1st!)


MAYAN RIVIERA: Prayer Beads & Altars
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal & Kathy Benson
Nov 9-15th, 2011 (price goes up Sept 1st!)


TULUM, MEXICO: Atmananda Yoga Retreat NEW!
Trip Leaders: Jhon Tamayo
Dec 3-10th, 2011 (price goes up Sept 1st!)

PALENQUE, MEXICO: A Shamanic Portal to 2012
Trip Leaders: Fu-Ding Cheng & Linda Jacobson
Dec 8-13th, 2011 (price goes up Sept 1st!)


ANGKOR WAT, CAMBODIA: Unconditional Love in Action
Trip Leader: David Ault
January 30 – February 9th (price goes up Oct 1st, 2011!)

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