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WHAT’S NEW? New to Hawaii!

Hawaiian Gratitude Retreat: Big Island of Hawaii
November 22-29th, 2016

Hawaii turtle

This will be a powerful journey of transformation and healing. A shamanic journey of love with author and healer Susan Gregg to guide you, support you and facilitate your journey. You will be surrounded by many natural wonders, flowers, hummingbird moths, owls, lava fields, lotus ponds, water lilies, ponds and above all else the power of the volcano. Pele, the goddess of the volcano will help you bring up and release any hidden issues that limit your experience of life.

During the retreat you will: Release old beliefs that stop you from experiencing your limitless self, embrace your true self so you can see life through the eyes of love, breathe new life into your mind and body, take that leap of faith into a new, more expansive way of being in your life and leave with a new perspective that will help you see what really matters and is possible.

This retreat will be a time of renewal, gratitude, grace and reconnecting to the love that always surrounds you. You will work with archetypes, the three Toltec masteries, and you will receive a Reiki I attunement so you can use this powerful healing modality to do energy work on yourself. It will help you to quiet your mind and release anything that no longer serves you.

Trip tuition: $1,100 USD – all meals included. Accommodations in spacious, comfortable 6′ high tents with cots surrounded by tropical plants.

Details for Hawaii on Susan’s Website!

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Sacred England: Mysteries of Sacred Sites Tour
July 20th–28th, 2016

StonehengeAre you dreaming of participating in a sunrise ceremony at Stonehenge? Are you searching for the Holy Grail at Glastonbury? Would you love to connect with the energetic waters at Wells and explore the Avebury Landscape Temple? And how about experiencing crop circles and other ancient mysteries? Well thankfully you don’t have to choose – because on this beautiful journey with your guides Glenn + Cameron Broughton you will visit them all!

Our travels take us through a remarkable span of five thousand years, where we will discover some of the secrets of enigmatic stone circles, the geometry of cathedrals, holy wells’ potent waters, and the powerful earth energy currents that connect them all. Your expert guides will distill the essence of our ancestors’ beliefs, spirituality, myths, legends and history and share some of the wisdom of the ages with you.

The pace of the tour will allow you time to also wander the lanes and shops of some of England’s most historic towns and cities (it’s only a city if it has a cathedral!) and to enjoy an English cream tea or meal in a traditional pub. Trip cost: £1995 based on double occupancy (approx $3400 USD).

Details for Sacred England here

Crop Circles + Summer Lectures Intensive: Sacred Britain
July 28–August 1, 2016

Crop Circles Journey

There are few mysteries more remarkable (yet accessible) than crop circles. Each spring and summer these enigmatic patterns appear overnight in crop fields, particularly around the Avebury landscape temple in Wiltshire, England. Whenever possible we enter these beautiful creations within hours of their forming, when the energy of a genuine formation is at its strongest.

Join us in late July at the height of the crop circle season, and explore this amazing mystery for yourself. Cosmic works of art, ET communications in sacred geometric format, pranksters’ hoaxes, spiritual guidance or a warning voice from Gaia, whatever your opinion crop circles are fascinating and truly amazing. We have access to the information network that provides breaking news on the latest formations. This magical landscape includes not only the majority of crop circles, but also some of England’s most remarkable and ancient sacred sites like Avebury, Glastonbury and Chalice Well.

If all this makes your heart sing then join Glenn and Cameron Broughton and their guest researchers for this magical exploration of Sacred Britain and it’s mysterious Crop Circle formations. You’ll attend the prestigious Summer Crop Circle Lectures where you will hear fascinating presentations and meet the presenters as well as all the other ardent “croppies.” Trip cost: £1195 double occupancy – many meals included. Single supplement £170.

Details for Crop Circles here!

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rainyToo lazy to be ambitious,
I let the world take care of itself.
Ten days’ worth of rice in my bag;
a bundle of twigs by the fireplace.
Why chatter about delusion and enlightenment?
Listening to the night rain on my roof,
I sit comfortably, with both legs stretched out.

by Zen Master Ryokan, From Dewdrops on a Lotus Leaf translated by John Stevens


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