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Dear Friends,


WHAT’S NEW? Silence! In this world of constant external noise pollution, TV, cell phones, etc – it is a rare moment to be able to have a shred of silence. But silence is exactly what we need to be able to get clarity on life – and to be able to feel the deep inner wisdom that our heart is always channeling to us.

If there’s any way you can carve out at least 15 minutes of pure silence to just sit and be – you will find that this has an incredible centering effect on your sanity. Also, it’s important to make sure your home is a sanctuary rather than a zoo – the idea being that when you come home from all that external stimuli you find respite in your sacred space.

If your home has the TV blasting, phones ringing, dogs barking and more – you are not going to be able to connect with source effectively and this is going to increase the amount of separation from spirit we so often experience in our busy world. Perhaps this little article will encourage you to re-evaluate your home situation and make it a healthier and happier place to be. Let me know what you think (post below) and do share what you do to make your home a sacred place!

If you would like to learn more about creating sacred space in your home – do join me November 9-15th in the Southern Yucatan for my Beads & Altars retreat!


If you intend to join us for our Sedona, Zion, Havasupai Falls,
or our Dolores, Colorado retreats please let me know asap!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal
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SEDONA: The Aramaic Breath of Life: Awakening in the Desert– Sept 22-27th

Are you looking to…

  • Gain wisdom from the sacred teachings of Yeshua in the ancient Aramaic language?
  • Discover stunning insights from the Aramaic scriptures about the awakening consciousness of humanity?
  • Experience the exhilarating purification of a Sedona morning sunrise desert river baptism & StillPoint/Samadhi Breathing?
  • Reawaken your conscious awareness of what Yeshua referred to as mlkootha d’Alaha (realm of God) and mlkootha d’Shmaya (realm of Heaven)?
  • Expose the rich spiritual wisdom that has been veiled beneath almost two millennia of misunderstandings & skewed translations?

Sedona Spiritual Journey

Join international Aramaic spirituality mystic Dale Allen Hoffman as he takes you on a profound journey into what the ancient Aramaic culture of Yeshua/Jesus – called Madbra. Madbra, translated in the King James Bible as “desert” or “wilderness”, is the space within our consciousness that holds our deepest yearnings, fears, judgments and temptations. Left ignored and unacknowledged, these “shadows” can literally take over and run our lives. Yet, when we recognize and embrace these shadowy aspects of our consciousness, we experience a reintegration and balance of energy that participants acknowledge as “a shift that was greater than any in my life.”

Dale offers a living, breathing vision of Yeshua’s most misunderstood teachings through clear interpretations in English, and with prayer, breath work, and vocal intonations. Discover stunning insights from original Aramaic scriptures and other ancient manuscripts about the seemingly miraculous capacity of the human mind and the awakening consciousness of humanity.

We’ll be gathering at the charming Briar Patch Inn located along beautiful Oak Creek in Sedona which vibrates at a high frequency. Experience the exhilarating purification of a morning sunrise desert river baptism, StillPoint/Samadhi Breathing and more, as Dale Allen Hoffman brings the sacred teachings of Yeshua to life from the ancient Aramaic language in which He first spoke them. Trip costs for 2011: $1575.00 – $2360.00 per person breakfast included.
EARLY BIRD extended to July 15th!! – the trip price is going up $250.00 in each category!

Details for Sedona here.

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Sheri Rosenthal


This past Monday I had the honor of chatting with Rev. Temple Hayes from the First Unity Church in St. Pete, Florida on her radio show “From Good To Amazing.”

It was a great conversation and it was recorded – you can actually download the mp3 to your phone or iPad to listen!


~Feeling Stifled, Overwhelmed & Disconnected?
Activate your Creative Soul!~

Linda Jacobson

Linda Jacobson

Join join renowned shaman-ess, artist, & teacher extraordinaire Linda Jacobson and I – Saturday, July 23rd at 12:00 noon eastern, 9:00 am pacific time for a wonderful teleclass on: Feeling Stifled, Overwhelmed & Disconnected? Activate your Creative Soul!

Linda is facilitating the Zion National Park: Art & Spirit Painting Retreat – Sept 14-18th and Santorini, Greece: Inspire Your Creative Soul! – October 14-21st Retreats.

Linda believes: Each one of us has untapped creative abilities that can deepen our understanding and connection to the world. Enhanced levels of creativity make us flexible and able to cope with the uncertainties of our changing world. They can help us to have insights and breakthroughs as we navigate our way to higher levels of expression and actualization. Don’t miss this class!


~5 Keys to Living Your Truth and Loving Your Authentic Life!~

Carol Rydell

Carol Rydell

♥Join Carol and I – Thursday, July 14th at 8:30 pm eastern, 5:30 pacific time for a powerful free teleclass. We’ll be talking about: Living Your Truth and Loving Your Authentic Life! Carol is considered by many to be one of the world’s leading experts on living a passionately authentic and vibrant life. Having deeply transformed her own life she expertly guides others to living their dreams and passions.


On this call we’ll share the 3 vital keys to maintaining integrity in your life, how to create inner calm and safety to support the life changes you desire and the one question you can ask yourself to instantaneously shift your awareness! She will also share about her upcoming Journey to Peru – October 13-23rd.

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Hurtigruten Cruise Line

Hurtigruten Cruise Line

Whenever I write for our newsletter I like to choose a destination that will stir your soul, inspire you, and leave you in awe. This month it’s Norway! I’ve had many occasions to spend time in this beautiful country, traveling up and down the breathtaking Norwegian Coastline from Bergen to Kirkenes.

With just over 25,000 kilometers of coastline, one of the best ways to see this Norway is by ship. Hurtigruten, Norway’s famous cruise line, travels up and down the coast regularly from Bergen to Kirkenes. These coastal ships are the lifeline of many small villages along the coast and you’ll have an intimate experience of the locals how life is lived this far north!

You’ll have plenty of time to stop along the way and explore some fascinating inland locations. For example, why not spend a night or two in stunning Alesund and use it as your base to visit the Geiranger Fjord – a Unesco World Heritage Site? As you make your passage through the deep blue fjord you’ll be mesmerized by its wild waterfalls and snow covered mountain tops.

Sogne Fjord

Sogne Fjord

If being on the water is not your thing, Norway has some of the most amazing and beautiful rail journeys in the world. The Bergen Line, connecting Oslo and Bergen, will take you over Europe’s highest mountain plateau; the Hardangervidda. This is an awesome way to journey through Norway.

Halfway to Bergen you can change trains to the Flam Railway which will take you along steep mountain sides and deep ravines, passing countless waterfalls on the way. You’ll end up in the village of Flam, which lies in the innermost corner of the Aurlandfjord, an arm of the mighty Sognefjord, and from there you can either continue by ferry boat to Bergen or continue your journey by train.

Norway is the perfect place if you are looking for a “Back to Nature” experience and when you need some food for thought, cities like Bergen and Alesund will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the friendly Norwegian culture and interesting cuisine! Each town has a very unique character.



Bergen is almost 1,000 years old and Bryggen, the oldest part of the town, is a Unesco World Cultural Heritage site. Whether you walk through the narrow cobbled streets or hike one of the nature trails high above Norway’s fjords, it’s as if time is standing still, giving you a respite from life.

Last but not least, there is something utterly magical and unique about seeing Norway in the winter. As you sail or travel north the days become shorter and you can see the Northern Lights dancing in the sky and reflecting off the snow capped mountains. I get goose bumps all over my body each time I see the Northern Lights, an experience that is simply impossible to put into words.

It’s as if Spirit is putting on the most incredible light-show in the universe and the mind is so overwhelmed by the beauty that the heart simply explodes with joy and wonderment! Truly, if seeing the Northern Lights in not on your bucket-list – it should be!

Please let me know if you would like to know more about Norway and if you’ve already traveled there, please share your experience with me.

Blessings & love, Ales Stuna, Director of Custom Travel.

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ZION NATIONAL PARK: Art & Spirit Painting Retreat
Trip Leader: Linda Jacobson
Sept 14-18th, 2011 (price goes up August 1st!)

Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal
Sept 20-26th, 2011 (price goes up July 15th!)

SEDONA: The Aramaic Breath of Life: Awakening in the Desert
Trip Leader: Dale Allen Hoffman
Sept 22-27th, 2011 (EARLY BIRD EXTENDED to July 15th!)

DOLORES, CO: Revolution! Intuitive Awareness & Communication Retreat
Trip Leader: Kathy Knowles & Joy Valenti Kochmer
Sept 24-28th, 2011


PERU & MACHU PICCHU: The Heart & Soul of Pachamama
Trip Leader: Carol Rydell
October 13-23rd -Lake Titicaca extension Oct 23-25th (price goes up Aug 1st!)

SANTORINI, GREECE: Inspire Your Creative Soul!
Trip Leader: Linda Jacobson
October 14-21st, 2011 (price goes up August 1st!)

DHARAMSALA, INDIA: The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile NEW!
Trip Leaders: Lama Buga Tire & Lisa Tully
Oct 21-Nov 7th

DAY OF THE DEAD: Oaxaca Mexico: A Celebration of Life!
Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal
Oct 29th-Nov 6th, 2011 (price goes up Sept 1st!)


MAYAN RIVIERA: Prayer Beads & Altars
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal & Kathy Benson
Nov 9-15th, 2011 (price goes up Sept 1st!)


TULUM, MEXICO: Atmananda Yoga Retreat NEW!
Trip Leaders: Jhon Tamayo
Dec 3-10th, 2011 (price goes up Sept 1st!)

PALENQUE, MEXICO: A Shamanic Portal to 2012
Trip Leaders: Fu-Ding Cheng & Linda Jacobson
Dec 8-13th, 2011 (price goes up Sept 1st!)


ANGKOR WAT, CAMBODIA: Unconditional Love in Action
Trip Leader: David Ault
January 30 – February 9th (price goes up Oct 1st, 2011!)

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