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WHAT’S NEW? The Introduction of the Virtual Tour

We have so many technological advances happening as a result of the current pandemic and one of the most interesting are virtual tours. It is a travel experience of various landmarks right from the comfort of your own home.  You can explore the Great Wall of China, even take a tour of Mars with Google Earth or my favorite, as I am longing clear blue waters and serenity is a visit to Wakiki Beach in Hawaii .

You can also visit Volcanoes, National parks and some of the options include New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum. The Louvre, based in Paris, is also offering its own virtual tours online for free.

We cannot be there in person, but we can absolutely take advantage of what is there for us and fulfill a bit of our adventurous side with this super fascinating tours.

Have a look and let me know what you think!

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Southern Italy VIP Retreat

October 15th – 23rd, 2020

Let’s Take a Look at the Cuisine Gloria Coppola has lined up on this Creative Writing Retreat!  Gloria learned a long time ago: you feed the body, nourish the soul.
Breathe in the mouth-watering aromas floating from the numerous restaurants, coffee bars, bakeries, and farmers’ markets. You’ll be enticed by an array of delectable treats throughout the journey- beginning with our welcome gathering when you arrive.

Awaken your culinary genius with cooking classes! Expert chefs will share their secrets and teach us to make cooking fun. Let the creativity come alive as we create mouth-watering meals and enjoy them together. 

Take part in a 3 hour Farm to Table cooking class where you will first visit an authentic masseria and learn about the history and architecture. The rooms date back to the 16th century. A masseria is a “fortified” farmhouse that has been renovated into a comfortable, simply elegant space for guests.You will learn authentic recipes and techniques of the past and appreciate the authentic aromas, flavors and wholeness of  local tradition.

Choose the option to take part in a once in a lifetime experience of dining at a very special and elegant world class grotto restaurant.

Imagine this back drop serving as a chapter in your next book.  A divine evening awaits you, as the waves crash along the limestone walls, the pink skies creating a magical hue through the ripples of the water.  

What an amazing bucketlist adventure to write home about!!

It will have you thinking to yourself, am I really sitting here in this one moment of time, having a lifetime experience that I did not even imagine. I realize that saying Yes was the easiest thing to do. I have been shown more about myself and living adventurously and creatively. Who knew? I guess your host did.

This is just a nugget of the experience Gloria will share with you on this VIP Retreat, find out more below.

Trip Tuition: Double Occupancy $4,190 USD, Single Occupancy $6,185 USD – limited to 6 participants.


Details for Italy

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Meditation Script for Letting Go
by Michael W. Taft

Your life is filled with too much business, too much hurry, too much stress. Just for a moment, let go of all that.

There are too many machines vying for your attention with rings, beeps, blinks, flags, and badges. Just for a moment, turn them all off and put them away.

Your body is tense with too much caffeine, too much anxiety, too much sense that you have to move, move, move. Just for a moment, let go of all that and sit quietly.

Emotions move through your body, each seeming crucial and compelling. But these emotions are simply some physical sensations. You don’t need to do anything about them right now. Just for a moment, let them be.

Thoughts rattle around in your head, in a never-ending stream of words. But these thoughts are nothing but some sounds in your mind. You don’t need to do anything about them right now. Just for a moment, let them be.

There is an urgent sense that you must do something, that there are actions to take. But you will be able to get things done in a little while. You don’t need to do anything about them right now. Just for a moment, let them be.

If anything else arises in your experience, that too is just some content. You don’t need to do anything about that right now. Just for a moment, let it be.

If any insights, visions, feelings, communications, memories, or other experiences arise, that’s fine. That is just some content. You don’t need to do anything about that right now. Just for a moment, let it be.

If at any point you feel like you’re doing something on purpose, just let that be.

Let it be.


With all my love! Sheri

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